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happy friday + lots of hearts…


Happy Friday guys! I've been thinking about hearts a lot lately…mostly because there's a tiny little heart growing inside me. It's so amazing and so surreal all at the same time. So while I don't normally get this matchy-matchy…had to wear this heart-y outfit for my belly update {especially after this Daily Candy video with my girls from} as this tiny heart within gets bigger everyday. Hope your weekend is full of things that make your heart pitter-patter, too. — Joy

{photobooth photos on iMac at 29 weeks, tee by Wildfox (similar here and here), and an ode to Bri with this scarf by


  1. you’re too adorable! It looks like you’ve popped since the Philly Rx. Enjoy everything about this time – swollen ankles and all!
    continued health and happiness
    best – d.

  2. Joy- You are such a cute pregnant lady!!! Is that little girl coming close to your anniversary- or right after? Hope you are feeling as great as you look!

  3. I was nowhere as cute as you when I was pregnant with my daughter over 6 months ago! I hope you’re feeling good.

  4. So cute! I need to get a shirt like that! Yesterday, I had to have a fetal echocardiograph at 23 weeks, and fortunately everything’s just fine with my baby’s heart. It’s fun to check in and see your pregnancy posts – thanks for sharing your journey!

  5. oh my goodness! such an adorable post!
    i am having a little mini only two weeks after your due date!
    would LOVE to have this tee… where did you find it?

  6. You are wearing love! Happy thoughts and baby blessings to you and that luckies of little girls in your belly.

  7. Joy, you look so great! I just sent you a tweet about a cute dress that I saw today that you might like for your little gal. If I had a daughter I would totally buy it right now. Actually, I wish they made a more modest version in my size. 🙂

  8. adorbs! can we please wear matching head scarves and enjoy some kale coconut smoothies in the very near future please?! xx


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