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{closet & casa} with boo the dog…



who: Boo, the world's cutest dog and author of his own book!

why Boo rocks: Come on, just LOOK at him!

in his closet: I recently met designer Tory Burch and she asked me to give this orange dog jacket a spin. I’m dreaming about wearing it this winter.

in his casa: My mom sets up little spots throughout the house where I can tuck in and feel cozy. I especially love my tent because it is soft and orange, my favorite color.

Thanks Boo!

{photos by Gretchen LeMaistre. See the Boo on the rest of his blog tour right here}


  1. Okay I’m in love with Boo lol. Boo has a blog. Boo wears Tory Burch. Boo’s life is cooler than mine!
    I want a pup so bad…unfortunately we just promised our landlord that we wouldn’t bring a furry one into the house. hmph.

  2. ohh, i giggled as i scrolled down to see whose closet & casa you were featuring.. i freakin love boo! he is the cutest dog in the world, and i wonder about those people who think he is not.

  3. hhm, is that a typo? ddori is the cutest dog in the world! oh, and she loves orange tory burch puffy vests for the cold.. 🙂

  4. Ahem, excuse me but I believe Mr. Winkle is the cutest dog in the world?! Ha, actually they look like they could be cousins 🙂
    I wonder if my kitty would sleep in that tent… loving the lighthearted twist you took on this one Bri!


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