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Since I'm currently rocking a baby bump, belts have been my go-to accessory to cinch dresses and tops to make the most of my ever-changing waistline. I'm enjoying a mix of thick and thin and love that these will make the transition into fall for post-baby time too… — Joy

{1. Heart belt by DVF, 2. DVF ava belt, 3. J.Crew skinny bow belt, 4. J.crew glitter belt, 5. Roberto Cavalli metal belt, 6. Liberty belt from Net-a-Porter, 7. Missoni striped belt, 8. B-low the Belt tassle belt, and 9. Zara metallic stretch belt}


  1. belts were the first thing to go when i was pregnant! (close second: high heels, and they are only just coming back 3 years later.) well done for keeping stylish while pregnant. 🙂 it can get really tricky towards the end. x

  2. I’m sooo jealous that you can rock belts during your bump. Ms. Infanta would not HEAR of something invading ANY of her space — including my stomach, lungs, I think a pancreas… I became heavily invested in other accessories like scarves, bracelets, and earrings to add a little flash to my outfits. (And to distract my friends from realizing I only had three knit jersey dresses in heavy rotation!)


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