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happy friday + 5 years…




Happy Friday all! Today I celebrate my five year wedding anniversary {and 15 years together in total!} with my husband, best friend, and biggest supporter of all. Don't we look so young in this wedding photo? It's funny to think back on our wedding when wedding blogs weren't around and there was a fraction of the amazing inspirations that are around now. It's still so fun to look back on that day and see how far we've come in our relationship since then {and still believe these things are so important}. Hope you all have an amazing weekend celebrating life and love and all those you hold dear… — Joy

{top photo from our wedding by Karen Wise, bottom photo from our baby shower by Bonnie Tsang}


  1. Joy its any anniversary for me as well exactly one year ago I began my career as a graphic designer and the first day I started following your blog! Oh Joy was marked as a favorite on my computer from a previous owner and I’ve followed your blog everyday since. Thank you for all of the amazing inspiration you have provided me in the first year of my design career I look forward to more!

  2. Yay! Happy Anniversary, you guys!
    I love your list things for a good marriage. I’m not married yet, but I’ve been with the bf for almost 8 years?! And I needed to be reminded of a thing or two.

  3. joy, you and bob look beautiful and so happy. congratulations! and btw, neither one of you looks a day older. looks like you got married last year. ;p

  4. Joy, was your wedding really five years ago? I remember commenting on those posts…anyway, take good care and all the best for the imminent arrival!

  5. Congratulations! You guys inspire hope in us single gals that there are still great men out there in the world. And also, true lasting love. Hope you guys share many more happy years together!


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