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happy friday + a pretty mess…




Alright guys, you might need to cover your eyes…but guess what this room is? It's was Bob's "man room" and will now be making its transition into the baby's room. I wanted to let Bob have his manly place {video games, guitar, extra tv} for as long as possible, but it's crunch time now. I know, it's a bit of a mess with an explosion of gifts and clothes, all which will find there way into the proper place once the furniture arrives very soon. Hopefully, in a couple weeks it will look more like this and this…so stay tuned. I'm pretty excited to get this little project going! Have a great weekend! — Joy

{photos by Oh Joy}


  1. Ohhh have fun!! I love that I can spot certain awesome items in that pile! Love all the baby goodies. If you haven’t gotten that elephant hamper yet, you totally should! Its so cute. This room is going to be amazing.

  2. Hi there,
    I really enjoy your blog! Can you tell me what type of stroller you have pictured here…I saw a similar one recently and it looks like it has great coverage from the sun (love the color too)! Thanks!

  3. Ha ha, that’s how my baby’s nursery looked 4 weeks before delivery! And that was during the Christmas holiday too! I know youcan do it; the nursery will be simultaneously adorable and chic I’m sure!

  4. glad to see that you are in the same place with your nursery as we are! i follow your blog and am 37 weeks preggers (i believe just a few weeks ahead of you) with our little baby beckett. we have the space laid out with lots and lots of presents spilling out for our little one. the crib and rocker are due to arrive in the next week or so! I hope the little one stays in my belly long enough to get his room set up. have a wonderful end to your pregnancy and a quick and easy birth. can’t wait to see your nursery pics.

  5. Hi Jamie Lyn,
    Oh, that note just made me feel so much better! Same here..just waiting for the crib and furniture and hope to have it set up in the next couple weeks! 😉
    Best to you!!

  6. I was going to say KUDOS on the orbit! I got one too! mine is in red, but i’m having black remorse. our kid room looks like that too, but I have 7 weeks left… plenty of time to get it done right!??!

  7. Hi, long time watcher, first time commenter here.
    I just wanted to bring up the phrase “man room” and “manly place” used in this post (and in the subsequent comments). Reading this post actually made me feel super uncomfortable, since the types of things you’re identifying as manly actually aren’t exclusively so at all (which may not have been your intention, but it comes across that way, however jokingly), and using phrases like that just propagates this idea that men need to have their own space, not because people in general need space sometimes, but because they are manly men! Their interests cannot coexist with the rest of the home!
    I have the same problem with this that I have with an Australian IKEA’s recent “Manland” addition:
    Though at the core this language gives undertones of segregating male and female “inherent” interests. As a woman who loves the types of design and fashion things you post on your blog, but also loves video games and such, the idea that these things coexisting is abnormal is sad, excluding, and absurd.
    This got a little off track, but I guess what I’m getting at here is that regardless of intent, phrases like “man room” and “man cave” are buying into this bigger socially internalized idea of what exactly a “man” and a “woman” must be.
    Anyway, I love your blog, I love your taste in things, and I think your baby room will be adorable. Sorry for my lengthy and off-topic comment, and I hope you don’t take this as a personal attack. It’s a comment about language use, and not about the nature of your home or your relationship, though I can see the potential for it being misconstrued that way.

  8. Hi Emily,
    Thanks for your comment. I completely understand where you are coming from and sorry if the reference offended you. But yes, I meant no intention of saying that my husbands man room is the only place where he can do those things or that those activities are specifically meant for men. Really, it was an extra bedroom/guest room where our old living room furniture went, so he used it to keep all of his fun things like his guitar, video games, his favorite chair, etc…kind of like a den, but he enjoyed having a room (even if only short-lived) that had all of his favorite things in one place. I am certainly aware that women are into those things too..and by no means is he only allowed to participate in those activities in that room only. Hope that makes sense!
    Thanks for your note,

  9. JOy soooo hilarious. My husband is a vintage surfboard collector, and he is also losing his MAN CAVE!!!! We need to connect our men bc they can process and therapize together…. Kris’ has 23 surfboards, oh where oh where will they go…!? Keep me posted, we’re only 18 weeks, but love your pregnancy updates and pics!!


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