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The other night, I got a serious craving for a slice of fresh strawberry pie. So, what's a pregnant lady to do? Find one ASAP and have it delivered! Luckily, I Heart Pies {who has an awesome logo!} is near me and offers delivery, so I ordered a few mini pies right away which I enjoyed last night {and for breakfast this morning} with a tiny scoop of ice cream. I'm really going to miss when strawberries aren't as in season because eating this pie was like frolicking in a strawberry patch in the middle of summer… — Joy

{photos by Oh Joy}


  1. Ooo Oooo! I immediately forwarded this to my guy. A pie place that delivers?! How do you find this heavenly stuff?!
    Most impressed with you mama mia!

  2. How is that company located in Toluca Lake, and I had never heard of it til now?! Thank you very much for the tip – it looks delicious, and the couple that runs the store seem like great people to support. I’ll definitely have them deliver sweet little something somethings to us in Glendale/Burbank at some point in the not-too-distant future!


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