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oh baby shower…



Last month, my dear friends Audrey, Bonnie, and Kelley threw us the best co-ed baby shower. Full of our favorite people and our favorite foods, it was a day of fun in the sun as we prepare to welcome our little lady into this world. I decided to keep the photos of our friends and family private, but I still wanted to share a few details from the day with you guys. The summer picnic was full of our favorite fried chicken from Cube and Broome St. General and pies from Magnolia Bakery thanks to Bonnie's keen knowledge of our love of summer comfort food. Kelley made the tastiest lemonade concoctions while Audrey's backyard was decked out in pops of yellow, orange, and patterns of sweet summer treats. We had the best day, and I feel so grateful to have such thoughtful people in my life… —Joy

{photos by Bonnie Tsang}


  1. Oh what a lovely party! You look so great too! I love the vintage feel and a couples party is always so great (cant leave the guys out 🙂
    xo Allison
    Spicer + Bank

  2. Lovely party. I love all the details. Nothing beats good food and friends on a nice day celebrating the soon to be arrival of your little lady. Congrats!
    There’s just something about being pregnant and eating fried chicken. Mmmm fried chicken. haha

  3. Seriously, everything is so cute down to all the little details. Joy, you look amazing and both of you have that glow goin’ on. It’s great that the men are involved in the shower as they should be. Congrats!
    Could Kelley share punch/lemonade recipes?

  4. I swear I’ve never before seen such a snazzy creative group of people all clumped together like you and your friends.
    Y’all are the not-so-secret society of taste makers.

  5. Where did you or your friend get those blankets? They’re great.
    Girl…you are so blessed to have such thoughtful, creative friends.

  6. Amazing. And where oh where did they find those yellow outdoor pillows? I have the hardest time finding outdoor pillows that are also cute!


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