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{oh joy eats lunch with} maria alexandra vettese…



Who  Maria Alexandra Vettese, a freelance Art Director

Where  Portland, Maine

Time 2pm

What's a typical lunch for you? I make all our studio lunches. It's part of my job, and I love it! Today, it's a lettuce mix, some basil, radishes, avocado, and feta. Everything here—with the exception of the avocado—is from the farmer's market right up the street. This is a wonderful time of year for salad!

What's your dream/ideal lunch? I make what I like to call, a "Snack Plate." I just look around at whatever I've got out and about, and I gently slap it all onto a platter. Add some lemon, olive oil, salt and pepper {and usually a good chunk of crusty brown bread}. Perhaps, finish it off with a little white wine or rosé followed by a really good espresso.

Dessert with lunch?  In my real world: No, I save dessert for dinnertime. But in my dream world: Most certainly! I'd likely opt for a small cookie fresh out of the oven or an ice cream come {preferably gelato}.

Thanks Maria!
— Joanna

{photos by Maria}


  1. Amen sister. I think I may need to go get some crusty bread, and rose wine this weekend. Farmers market was already on the schedule.


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