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a soft pretzel egg sandwich…



Oh, yes, I did. I used a soft pretzel as bread when I found myself out of english muffins and toast and with a serious need for an egg sandwich this morning. But, you know what, it was kind of amazing…like a bagel sandwich but a little sweeter and more dense. Granted, it was a bit harder to eat, but my Philly roots are certainly loving this! Try it and let me know what you guys think!

{photo by Oh Joy}


  1. my family is german so i almost lived on soft pretzels when i was a kid. we used to make them in massive batches with the entire family helping out. the funny thing is that to make the best pretzels you dip them in lye before you bake them! yes, lye!!! crazy huh?!? x

  2. Amazing! I am a firm believer that pretzels make everything better (bacon is a close contender). Pretzel cones and ice cream, pretzel bun sandwiches, pretzels dipped in peanut butter/nutella… the list goes on. My favorite is a soft pretzel grilled cheese flatened like a panin with mozzarella cheese and tomato soup. Delish!

  3. nice work! gonna have to try that.. looks so yummy! maybe some franchise will pick it up.. lol starbucks pretzel egg sandwich anyone?

  4. There is an amazing restaurant here where I live that serves their burgers on pretzel buns! They are completely delicious and I owe it completely to the soft chewy pretzel on the outside. I guess I never thought to try it at home–thanks for the wonderful idea!

  5. Ten Stone on 21st and South in Philly has this amaaaaazing ham and cheese on a pretzel sandwich. It’s served warm and covered with this honey-concoction and I seriously have dreams about it. Next time you’re in town, you should definitely check it out.. it won’t disappoint.


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