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{closet & casa} with alessandra aghilar…



who: Alessandra Aghilar, Party Planner

why alessandra rocks: Any gal that has brass horses running across her side table is cool in my book!

in her closet: I love this sequined bag I bought on ASOS for my 30th birthday. I wore it every time I want to add a little sparkle to my look as it's the pure definition of my style and personality…glittery and colorful!

in her casa: I spray painted these horses gold for my birthday party! I gave them as favors and used them as placeholders! So a spare couple ended on my coffee table afterwards. I have always loved and searched for funny gold figurines, and it turns out, I ended up making my own!

Thanks Alessandra!

{photos by Alessandra}


  1. Yes I agree, the golden horses look fantastic, im looking around now in my house to find something that needs a little touch of sparkle and that I could spray paint 🙂
    x Meriem

  2. This makes me want to get more bling in my life. I am seriously lacking in the bling department. And it doesn’t need to be spendy either. Bling basics if you will..


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