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{guest post} with jamie of from me to you…



Jamie of From Me To You is not only a photography and cinemagraph genius, but her travels are out of this world. So, I asked her to share some recent traveling adventures with us so I could vicariously live through all the sights, sounds, and tastes she's experiencing! — Joy

I was so thrilled when Joy asked me to guest post especially as I was heading to visit my fiancee's parents in Kansas City, half way exactly between where Joy & I live. You see, since I'm marrying a man from Kansas City I've gotten to know quite a bit about this mid-west town and to be honest, I'm becoming more and more smitten with it! Here is a Texas-born-transplant-New Yorker's top ten things about Kansas City {so far}


1. The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art — it's big, beautiful and oh-yeah free!


2. Boulevard Beer — as soon as I get off the plane I have an unfiltered wheat which is just the tip of their delicious portfolio {and you know I like my craft beer}


3. Oklahoma Joe's BBQ — Anthony Bourdain said it was one of the 13 places to eat before you die, what else is there to know?


4. The seasons are so beautiful — between the Apple orchards and pumpkin patches, fall is just spectacular. 


5. Happy Gillis — A favorite lunch spot! A delicious seasonal menu and retro atmosphere {perfect for my vintage dress collection}.


6. Antiques — reasonably priced antiques! Favorite shops: River Market, Good JuJu, Re-Runs but let's just keep that a secret…


7. Heartland — you could always hangout on a Ranch with some real Cowboys


8. The Kauffman Center — amazing new house for two performance centers so well designed even the parking garage has musical art to experience.


9. Easy day trips — sometimes you just need to hang out in a college town, right? Lawrence provides just that (home of University of Kansas) where you can buy old records, drink good local cheep beer and eat at a favorite farm to table restaurant


10. Shopping on the Plaza — designed after the architecture from Seville, Spain {plaza image at the very top!} walking from store to store amongst fountains and statues really makes you feel spoiled!

Each time I visit I discover new wonderful things, I'd love to hear what your favorite Kansas City spots are! — Jamie of From Me To You

{all photos and cinemagraph by Jamie}


  1. Jamie’s a girl after my own heart! I’m a Kansas girl, born and raised just 45 minutes west of KC, so I know and love these places well. And I know it’s WAY too early in the morning for a Boulevard, but that photo is making me mighty thirsty …
    Thanks so much for sharing this!

  2. Congrats on your engagement! My dad was born in Kansas City, Kansas. As a kid, we’d return in the summertime to stay with my great uncle and great aunt who lived on a farm. Fond memories! Thanks for sharing. xo.
    p.s. I love Boulevard Pale Ale! And BBQ. We do our BBQ differently down South, here in Arkansas. But it’s all delicious to meeee! Great post!

  3. You hit a LOT of the great things about KC. I could give you a list of great places to eat, but I’ll just toss out a few. Next time check out the West Side Local (great local, seasonal fare and awesome beer list) and Lulu’s (best Thai food in town).

  4. I’m obsessed with photo 4. It’s the perfect combination of the most beautiful parts of the season–autumn foliage, apple picking, and pumpkins! Pretty photography and great guest post.

  5. I live in the KC area. Great List. I love the the city farmers market in the River market district and great small independent shops in the Westport area.

  6. I went directly to Jamie’s website after seeing the photo of the fountain. Her cinemagraphs are truly impressive. Thank you for introducing me!

  7. One of my favorite things about Kansas City is Loverbird in the Power and Light District. Such a super cute boutique and the owner is a doll! Check it out if you’re ever in town!

  8. Ah! I’m from Kansas City! I saw that fountain and was like heyyyy that looks familiar. What a small world. You captured my city beautifully.
    PS Joy is even a bigger honcho than I previously thought if you’re a guest poster. Sheesh y’all. You’re inspiring to boot.

  9. Thanks for the great post on KC, the town I grew up in and grew to love. So much cool stuff has been happening in the last several years, it’s exciting to be a part of. On your next visit try to make in on a First Friday and visit the Crossroads Art District…great artists, food and music.

  10. Thank you for the beautiful photographs of a wonderful city. KCMO is my adopted hometown and I am proud of it, for all of the reasons listed above plus one more: the gorgeous central branch library at 10th and main.

  11. it always makes my heart smile real big when i see posts about my home! i feel that this place has a ton to offer and is often times overlooked. your list is fabulous. that boulevard looks delish right about now – the brewery is actually another really cool place in kc, especially for events!

  12. Beautiful photos of Kansas City! Next time, try Westport Cafe and Bar, Arthur Brayants BBQ, the Kemper Modern Art Museum. If you venture a bit farther west to Manahttan, KS (home to Kansas State University) there is a brewery called Tallgrass Brewing Co. and a great coffee shop in Aggieville called Radina’s.

  13. I agree with above, looks fantastic. I’ve actually always wanted to hang out in the midwest, I’m from Alaska. Everyone is like, why the midwest? They do not understand. I want seasons, and American history! Not just AK history! Love it! thanks.

  14. I’m from Kansas! This post made me miss it so much.
    I went to the University of Kansas, and I could go on for days about how much I love Lawrence. My absolute favorite restaurants there are The Burger Stand at the Casbah, Genovese, La Parilla and Java Break. And my favorite bars were Henry’s, Eighth Street Taproom, and the Red Lyon Tavern.

  15. Birdies is a treat of a vintage lingerie boutique, you have to experience it in person!! I also have to give a shout-out to the awesome girls at Altar Bridal in Waldo neighborhood, worth a visit for a future bride!

  16. hooray! nothing stranger than waking up in the morning to see pictures of your hometown on a blog nowhere near home.

  17. My in-laws live in Lawrence and I too have become smitten w/ KS. I love First Friday art walk and the museum with the treasures from the sunken pre-war riverboat! That was fascinating all those pristine odds and ends buried deep and rediscovered. I love the Kaufman too! There are so many great spots to eat and walk outside… Great post for a great city : )

  18. Happy Gillis, the restaurant in photo #10, is one of my favorites, in the Columbus Park area. Todd’s soups are outstanding.

  19. Thanks for this beautiful post on my home town. I’ve been gone for many years, but visit often. Looks like I need to hunt down some more fun places. We always have to go to Jack Stack BBQ when we visit. I’m also going to have to link back to this post and share it around.

  20. Jamie, I love your photography and the beautiful imagery in Cinemagraph (I’m in love with and amazed by the work and concept). Can’t wait to see more! 🙂

  21. As much as I love Kansas City, I love this post! In particular, I loved the shout-out to Lawrence, the place that still makes me teary-eyed with homesickness, I miss living there so much. Sniff.
    This is a GREAT Top 10 list – seriously, well done. I would add eating on Southwest Boulevard to the list and definitely eating at the Blue Koi on 39th street. Afterward, I’d recommend grabbing a cup of joe at the Roasterie Cafe in Brookside. Also, Christmastime at the Union Station and Crown Center is a must for our family.

  22. i live in kansas city right now so this post is totally awesome!! i also love me some blanc burger~!! the antique and vintage shopping is amazing… so fun!! and so is the plaza!!

  23. This just left me a wreck. Grew up in KC, spent last 8 years in Chicago, now live in NYC. Sometimes I think I was nuts for leaving. People here usually don’t get how lovely and amazing that little midwestern city is….

  24. ah this is awesome!! beautiful pictures 🙂
    I really like westport and W. 39th street. there’s a cool hippie store called “It’s a Beautiful Day”…I think it’s honestly better than any hippie store on Haight-Ashbury St. in San Francisco!
    west 39th street has a bunch of ethnic restaurants (my favorite is rockin moroccan!) and a really cool resale bookstore called “prospero’s books” and you HAVE to check out the store called boomerang. funky resale vintage clothes that are really reasonably priced! it’s a good place to go for a halloween costume too 🙂

  25. Love seeing a post on Oh Joy’s blog about my hometown Kansas City! There are so many things to love about KC and many people don’t give it the credit it deserves – kudos to you for including our beautiful city! 🙂

  26. This is sooo awesome!!!! I live in KC, within walking distance of the plaza. OMG, I go to the Nelson almost everyday that it’s open, it is amazing. I love that you showcased the fountain. KC is the 2nd city with the most fountains, Rome is the 1st. Also, Westport is a great area too, lots of cool things there! 🙂

  27. Oh man! So good to see KC on here! Love the fountain gif. That was the prime prom photo spot for a lot us midwesterners. I’m actually from Lawrence, KS, which if you get the chance the next time you’re back in the middle, you should check out Lawrence as well…pretty wonderful university town. Thanks for the awesome post and shout out to KC!

  28. Great list! I’m a transplant to KC from Michigan/Ohio & have found it a great city. We also love Arthur Bryant’s & Jack Stack BBQ (the one in the Freighthouse is has some neat design elements). Union Station is lovely, especially around Christmas, when they have all the decorations up along with Christmas trees that charities decorate to sell. If you haven’t taken a Boulevard brewery tour yet, it is really fun. We were also pleasantly surprised by the Nerman art museum at Johnson County Community College. Not big, but some really interesting stuff. Christopher Elbow’s Glace ice cream shops are also incredibly good!

  29. I think you hit a lot of great spots but i was a bit unsettled that The Plaza was a highlight for KC shopping. While the history of the Plaza is an interesting one and there have been some every so often interesting things going on there, it exists in every single city in the country. There is a Gap. There is a Banana Republic. There is an Urban Outfiters. There is a ( plug in chain store here ). There are a lot of other interesting things in KC that do offer a little bit more of an interesting experience.
    Bon Bon Atelier, Birdies, Tufboy Antiques, Fresher Than Fresh Snowcones, Black Bamboo, George, Stuff, Standard ( on the plaza, yes i know ), Brookside Toy and Science, Spool, Wonderfair ( in Lawrence ). Anyway, you get the idea. The Plaza is where you take your parents when they come to town or if you need some socks.

  30. Several people have mentioned the Crossroads District on a First Friday for shopping. But since First Fridays have become an institution, the Crossroads District has cemented its reputation for great local finds. You’ll find unique and interesting boutiques, but there’s one in particular that you should not/cannot/absolutely must not miss the next time you’re in town: Christopher Elbow Artisanal Chocolates. Unbearably good stuff — and now he’s making ice cream!

  31. Great post, a lot of my favorites made the list and I discovered a couple of new places to check out in my own current hometown. Thanks for putting the list together, great photos!

  32. Wow this is a fabulous guest post! Im completely in love with your photography Jamie! Stunning in every way! 🙂
    Ginger and Lace


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