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{guest post} with jordan from oh happy day…



Mom of two and DIY extraordinaire, Jordan Ferney's blog, Oh Happy Day! is one of my favorites. I've asked Jordan to share a DIY project and gift idea befitting for a new baby…and maybe for a baby whose mama likes sweets too? — Joy

Congratulations to Joy and Bob on their new arrival! What a lucky baby! 

While Joy takes some maternity leave I thought I'd share and easy DIY baby gift. It is very easy to make your own custom baby onesie with freezer stencil paper. You can get freezer paper at the grocery store next to the saran wrap. Freezer paper is plastic on one side and paper on the other. When the plastic is touching fabric and you place an iron on it, it temporarily fuses to the fabric making it so paint can't seep through the edge. Easy peasy!

Materials Needed: freezer paper, exacto knife, iron, baby onesies, textile paint, paint brush, hairdryer

1. Choose a Picture. (The simpler the better!) We painted some ice cream cones by hand but you could also print out a design on the computer.

2. Cut it Out. Place the design underneath the freezer paper and cut out all the black marks. 

3. Time to Iron. First, iron the baby onesie so it is smooth, then place the freezer stencil on the onesie with the plastic side down touching the fabric and the paper side up touching the iron. Then iron into place.

4. Paint the Town Red, or whatever color you want! Put a piece of paper inside the onesie to prevent paint from soaking through. Paint the stencil with a thin layer of paint and then dry using a hairdryer. Repeat 1-2 more times until the paint has good coverage. Dry. Follow instructions on paint package to set. 

5. Voila! Adorable Baby Onesies! These fit perfectly in colorful Chinese food take out containers. Add on a label and they are ready to be gifted.

— Jordan of Oh Happy Day!

{photos and layout by Jordan}


  1. If you don’t want to iron on the paper, this idea also works well with contact paper (for lining drawers.) I love those little take-out boxes! That idea never gets old for me.

  2. Joy- She is gorgeous!!! She looks like you- lucky little girl! You are going to be a fabulous mom and I am sure that Bob will be her “love slave”. May you have great joy in your little gem! Love you!


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