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{closet & casa} with shoko wanger…



who: Shoko Wanger, Writer + Blogger

why shoko rocks: Shoko is one of those gals with awesome, quirky style that comes off ever so effortless!

in her closet: During the winter months here in New York City, I find myself wearing a lot of black and gray—colors that are easy to layer and match. This season, however, I'm thrilled to add this mustard yellow, polka-dot dress from Shareen Vintage into my neutral-heavy rotation. Everything about it—the colors, the cut, the squareness of the shoulders—makes me so happy. I keep it at the front of my closet just so I can look at it.

in her casa: I bought this horseman on a trip to India my senior year of college. It's a time in my life that I remember with so much joy, and this little guy, who lives on a shelf right next to my well-worn india guidebook, is a constant reminder of what an unforgettable experience it was. Much like my polka-dot dress, it's an instant pick-me-up!

Thanks Shoko!

{photos by Shoko}



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