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…a chocolate chip cookie from I Heart Pies. This may be a huge statement to make, but this is the best chocolate chip cookie I've ever had…made by a pie company! The ratio of chocolate chips to cookie is perfect, and I love how the chips are incorporated into the cookie…kind of swirled in where the cookie and chocolate become one. The resulting cookie has a caramelized texture and just the right amount of salt and chewiness. — Joy

{photos by Oh Joy, cookies c/o I Heart Pies. Cookies can be ordered over email or phone & delivered across the US from I Heart Pies, contact them at [email protected] for more info.}


  1. Chocolate Chip Cookies are the best cookie of all the cookies. It’s just how it is. This one does look especially good! Pie companies know what’s up.

  2. those look so amazing! i have awesome childhood memories of my mom making them when i’d come home from school! finding a good chocolate chip cookies that compares to that is hard to find and these look delicious!

  3. Wow. That looks like one killer cookie! Chewy cookies are the best. I just finished a tuna melt for lunch and would love to finish off my meal with one of those babies.

  4. A Chocolate Chip cookie is perhaps the best cookie in the world! And yes, that is a HUGE statement to make but somehow I believe you! : )

  5. o_O you can order cookies OVER EMAIL?? the end of any sort of diet/productivity as i scour the net for baked goods…


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