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  1. Hi Joy
    If you love kimono-inspired items, I urge you to check out The owner, Jo, works directly with artisans in Japan to design and create bags, totes, accessories and tablerunners from authentic kimono fabric (and she does it all from her home!). Every item is one of a kind. She mostly does craft shows, but sells through her site as well. I’m an addict, have several of her bags (I happened to meet her when my family lived in Ohio) and thought you might be interested.
    Hello to Little Lady Cho!

  2. thanks for sharing these joy! i’ve been looking for a new casual bag and these are perfect, bought one just now!

  3. I love kimonos and I love purses! This is such a great way to have the best of both worlds! Haha I would like to say thanks to for introducing me to this site! Def saved in my bookmarks now!


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