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lovely layering…



One thing I've always wished I was better at is layering. Not just a top and a bottom, but lighter layers, jackets, scarves, and other pieces that make an outfit look more complete and more fun. Inspired by a trip down the California coastline, Club Monaco's spring collection {out in January} totally inspires some layering ideas while mixing gorgeous pale shades of flowy fabrics with more tailored pieces as well. — Joy


  1. Wow, you read my mind about wishing I was better at layering. I was just thinking that this morning while getting dressed. I guess I don’t get that much practice here in SoCal where it’s never terribly cold. But it’s definitely a way to make one’s wardrobe go further, not to mention add depth to one’s style. (layering also has an added benefit of hiding baby spit up) Thanks for including a post on it. Hope to see more for those of us who need a little inspiration.


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