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Located in Los Altos {in Northern California}, Bumble Cafe is a new concept cafe and play space created for families in downtown Los Altos to gather, meet other parents, enjoy a healthy meal with their children, and/or relax with friends while the children play. The menu serves farm-to-table fare for both parents and kids. As a new mom with my own business, I wish there was a place like Bumble Cafe near me to be able to meet up with friends or clients while having Ruby not too far from me. It's such a fun idea and hope they'll spring up in other cities soon! — Joy 

{photos by Bumble Cafe, designed by Kate Collins}


  1. It’s a nice idea… except parents must pay for children to play in the play area. One hour could easily cost $20… unless you become a member & buy hours in bulk. Also… children must be between the ages of 1 & 10… so unfortunately… Ruby would be too young 🙁 Sorry to burst your bubble!

  2. this place looks so awesome~~!! so bright and cheerful. i want to make our play space like this. have you heard of little prince cafe in buena park? ( similar concept~ not as nice but it’s one of my favorite indoor playgrounds. little prince is different from other ones because they’ll actually watch your kids for you while you eat and you can watch them on monitors and see them from where you’re sitting. you should definitely check it out when ruby is older! they have a big kid area and a little baby area too~! =)

  3. That would be amazing, right? So love that idea. And it seems like LA should so already have that- of all the stereotypes we have to live with- this would be worth it 🙂

  4. They’re not nearly this lovely, but you might want to visit Giggles N’ Hugs in Century City, or Treehouse on Robertson. Both serve quite tasty food in an indoor playspace. Most other indoor playspaces will happily let you bring your own food in while your kids play.

  5. there’s an awesome spot called padaro beach grill just outside of santa barbara that my husband and i were recently introduced to. picnic tables, great food, great views of the coast, and all the (fenced in) sandy and grassy areas a kid (and relaxing nearby parents) would need.


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