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love these…



As a graphic designer with plenty of things that need to be plugged in, cables kind of take over my life. So when I saw these leaf tie cable organizers from Jet Pens, it was like the best of both worlds…techie, yet pretty…as if the sweetest blooms are growing from my massive piles of cables! I kind of want to stick them on everything… — Joy


  1. These are brilliant! I feel like they can maybe be used for other crafty stuff too…like maybe napkin rings or cute bow alternatives on packages. I’d love to use these on party favors somehow…the wheels are turning!

  2. I used these on the cables hanging from my flatscreen in my bedroom. I have it on a rotating arm so it was difficult to hide the cables in the wall. Everyone loves them…a bunch of leaves all the way down. I haven’t seen different colors though, when I bought mine, there was only green.

  3. These would be great to hold a mini monochrome bouquet of flowers as well (especially the turquoise and pink)!


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