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a cozy {giveaway} with castle…



You guys might remember this post last month on Castle's new neon polka dotted pillow cases that I just love! Well, today might be your lucky day because we've joined forces with Castle to giveaway two pillow cases + one penny round velvet cushion to one lucky reader {you choose the colors}!

To enter, simply visit Castle, then leave a comment below telling us which colors you'd choose for the pillow cases and cushion. Entries must be posted by this Friday, December 9th at 9am PST*, and one winner will be chosen at random. This giveaway is open to ALL readers {not just US this time}! Hooray! โ€” Joy

UPDATE: Congrats to Edith from Paris, France (#353) for being the winner this time!

{Please do not leave your email or web address in the body of the comment, only in the allotted boxes. $150 total value. Winner will be contacted by email once comments close and announced on the bottom of this post soon after. Good luck!}


  1. My love for neon pink is serious! I’d go neon pink for the round pillow and my pillowcase, while my boyfriend would probably prefer the white polka dot pillowcase. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Cobalt or teal, cobalt or teal… both are gorgeous! Think I’d have to go for cobalt for the cushion.
    As for the pillowcases, I’d order two Mrs ones ๐Ÿ™‚
    Beautiful shop. Thanks for opening this up to International readers too ๐Ÿ™‚ xx

  3. ooooh, they’re so lovely ๐Ÿ™‚
    Absolutely the fluro yellow for the pillow cases… and teal for the penny round cushion!

  4. i just visited their site about 2 days ago so this is easy… the yellow velvet pillowcases and the orange pillow…
    Such fun products!!

  5. I love the black random spot pillowcase and the grey penny pillow! Lovely giveaway, I’ve been lusting after these ever since you wrote about them.

  6. What fun!! I would totally love the yellow velvet cushions with the mid grey penny round, would look fabulous in my bedroom with its mauve walls.

  7. Ooo yellow! I’m currently redoing my room in grays, yellow and white and the yellow spot pillow cases would add the perfect touch of whimsey!

  8. I LOVE the Fluro Pink random dot pillowcase. Gray and pink have always been a favorite combo of mine… and it’s hard to choose a cushion color, because the colors are all so amazing, but if forced, I guess I’d go for the green velvet penny round. Such an awesome color!

  9. My bedroom is yellow and gray, and I’d like to incorporate teal. I’d definitely go with the yellow polka-dots and the teal velvet pillow. I’m so in love!

  10. loooove the orange in the spot pattern & the penny round cushion in pink! (But the fluoro pink random dots are also seriously fun…)
    Love you and Castle too!!

  11. So cute! I would choose the fluro pink pillow cases and cushion. They would look fantastic w/ the black & white quilt on my bed.

  12. Hi, great pieces and I love oh joy and all the fun giveaways!
    I would choose the fluro pink random spot pillowcases (although a mr. and mrs. would be perfect for my husband and I- still newlyweds!)
    For the cushion I would select yellow! What a great pop of color!

  13. The pink cushion, for sure. Wow! And, to match, the pink dotted pillowcases. I figure if you’re going to go pink, go for it!

  14. I’d chose the white spot and/or fluro yellow spot for the pillowcases, and yellow for the penny cushion. Though if I win, I’ll have to buy a grey one to go with it!

  15. Blue and orange spot pillow case would look sooo good on my bed. The blue and pink velvet sofa pillows would be fab on my orange sofa!!!!

  16. I would definitely love the {mr. and mrs.} pillow cases, they are so great! really great giveaway! Tanks!

  17. To quote a line from Steel Magnolias, “Pink is my signature color.” Would love to spice up my southern motif w/ these cool designs.

  18. What a great give-a-way!
    I’d love the pillow case in the grey/white polka dots… and the throw pillow in the mustard yellow…
    Grey and yellow, two of my favorite colors! ๐Ÿ™‚
    Thanks so much (here’s hoping i win!),
    [email protected]

  19. I just love the neutral white random spots pillowcases.. although it would be hard to choose between those and grey & yellow!
    Too cute!

  20. I would love the Fluro Orange Flower pillowcase and the Blue Flower Pillowcase and the Green Velvet Penny Round, for all my different rooms!

  21. the idea of a velvet pillowcase sounds divine!
    i’d choose a teal penny round cushion and ‘coffee spot’ pillowcase

  22. Hard to choose just one color–the pillowcases & cushions are all so fun! I need to brighten up my space so I’m going with the orange cushion and Fluro Orange Spot pillowcase.

  23. Just beautiful colors, it’s hard to choose! I think I like the light grey velvet pillowcases and the teal penny round velvet cushion best for our new apartment.

  24. I would definitely want the yellow dot pillow cases – LOVE them! And the teal velvet penny round. Obsessed.

  25. Thanks for doing the giveaway! I would choose the Charcoal Spot pillowcases and the Yellow Velvet Penny Round cushion.

  26. I’d choose the hot pink all around. It’s fun, cheery, and would brighten up my bland, white apartment.

  27. I would want the yellow and neon pink cases with a cobalt round pillow!
    WOW so adorable i can hardly contain myself

  28. Ooh, ooh, ooh….so hard to decide! But I think I woul dd have to go with the lovely yellow…for both the pillowcase and cushion cover.

  29. I would love two of the grey spot pillowcases, and a light grey penny round pillow! It might sound boring but grey is one of my favourite colours for a room!

  30. I think I would go with the cobalt cushion with one yellow and one pink pillow case! I like to mix it up. ๐Ÿ™‚

  31. I love the pink and grey case, and the teal pillow would look great w/ our current throw pillows

  32. I’m obsessed with polka dots! At a measly 5 foot tall and 9 months pregnant I feel like a great big walking dot too! Fluro yellow cases and green cushion for me – i need all the soft things I can get my hands on for my poor back at the mo ๐Ÿ™‚

  33. I would get the fluro pink random spot pillowcase, the fluro yellow random spot pillowcase, and the yellow velvet penny round cushion cover (though the light grey is a very close second)
    love it!

  34. Aw, the teal velvet penny cushion would fit perfectly to my bedroom and the white polka dots on the pillow case, too!
    Thanks for sharing!

  35. I’d choose Yellow and Light Grey! I love how those 2 colors look together ๐Ÿ™‚ Reminds me of spring.

  36. I like the ones you feature on your blog, tan with neon yellow and pink! And the pink penny cushion to top it off!

  37. These are beyond cute! Such a great way to add a pop of color! I’d go with the pink velvet pillow and the white random spot pillowcases!

  38. Absolutely the fluro pink for the pillow cases and yellow for the penny round cushion! ๐Ÿ™‚

  39. My BF & I just went ring shopping so I’d have to say the “Mrs. & Mr.” Pillow cases and the Orange Velvet cushion for a fun “pop” of color!

  40. The fluro orange pillowcases are divine! And the light grey penny round cushion and I could be lifelong friends.

  41. 94: Love the yellow! I am a neutral nancy and need to spice my living room up. Happy Holidays to the design*sponge team!

  42. so hard to choose! i love all the greys and the charcoal, but the teal and green really pop! i want them all!

  43. Neon yellow dots on grey pillowcase and pink cushion… but honestly all the colors are soooo lovely!! Thank you so much for this giveaway!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  44. I would choose the Fluor yellow pillowcase, and the teal penny cushion, then I’d have to order all the other bedlinen to make my bedroom over!

  45. Lovely giveaway, so happy its open to international readers! ๐Ÿ™‚
    I would pick the Teal Penny cushion and Fluro yellow pillow cases, love!

  46. i would totally go for the white and black spots and then a gray round pillow to match. Not the most exciting color choices, but they would fit my style for many years to come!

  47. I love how vibrant the pink velvet penny round cushion cover is, and I can imagine putting my head on the charcoal and yellow velvet pillowcases… hmmmm… ๐Ÿ™‚

  48. Super cute! I just LOVE polka dots! I would definitely choose the Fluro Pink random dot pillowcases and a pink Penny Round velvet cushion to spice up my Castle… ehm I mean Home :o)

  49. The white velvet pillow cases are totally gorgeous. For the cushion, so many of the colors are fun! I’d probably go with pink, teal, or light grey. Thank you!

  50. what a great giveaway… i <3 polka dots! i would choose one fluro pink case for myself, a fluro yellow case for the hubs and the orange round cushion ๐Ÿ™‚

  51. I think I’d have to go with the pink even though it doesn’t match anything I own. It’s too cute!

  52. Oooh, I love these. I’d go with the grey with yellow polka dots and the yellow round pillow. Thank you for the giveaway!

  53. I love the yellow and gray flower pillow cases and the pink velvet penny cushion! oh yah!

  54. Ooh I’d love the neon spot pillowcases and the light grey cushion. What a pleasure it would be to lie back and dream of great things!!!

  55. Sure do love the ‘Yellow Spot Pillowcase’ and the ‘Cobalt Velvet Penny Round Cushion Cover’ a lot!

  56. I love love love these! I think I’d have to go with yellow as well (popular colour!). So nice to think of the brightness as we go into winter cold.

  57. Thank you Joy for opening this up to everyone! I’d pick the Fluro Orange Spot pillowcases & the Light Grey Cushion. It’s pretty rare that I get to buy things from my homeland (shipping from Oz is sooo expensive!) so this would be such a treat for me & laying my sleepy head on those pillowcases would make the long Toronto winter a bit more bearable! ๐Ÿ™‚

  58. I’d love the yellow random spot or the orange spot pillowcase, and for the cushion definitely the yellow.

  59. Love these all! Yellow is my favorite collor so i’d have to go with yellow and yellow ๐Ÿ™‚

  60. I love the pink pillow cover. Our bedroom is all white, and the pink would give it the perfect pop to liven things up!

  61. Some fluro pink dot pillowcases and a green velvet penny round cushion would add some punch to my black, cream and gold room!

  62. Iยดd like 1 FLURO YELLOW and 1 black pillowcase and 1 green velvet penny round cushion. Of course now I would have to buy a new quilt. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  63. I love how they have three different shades of gray (my favorite color), but I would have to go bolder. Maybe yellow!

  64. I love the green velvet one! And the orange polka dot pillow cases. Such a cute shop. Thanks for introducing me to it!

  65. Charcoal penny cushion is so gorgeous!!!! and i adore the mr. and mrs. pillowcases and the coffeespot pillowcases!!!!!

  66. the light grey velvet pillowcases are so luxe! I’d choose two of those with the bold yellow velvet penny round cushion cover. It would be like sunshine in Portland… just what we need right now ๐Ÿ™‚

  67. I’ve been eyeing these up like a storm! They are super adorable. I would go with one pink and one yellow dotted pillowcase (like above…I can not choose between the two!) and the teal pillow.

  68. I would take the white on grey pillow cases and a green spot cushion (or maybe medium grey?).

  69. Lovely! I like the random black spot and the grey spot pillowcases. The pillow — so hard to choose! But I think I would pick the teal velvet.

  70. The penny cusion HAS to be the orange one and then the Fluro Orange Flower pillow cases to match!

  71. GENUINELY torn between the pink and the yellow polka dot pillow cases, also the green or teal cushion cover. I have no idea why I’m so indecisive today.

  72. oh golly. i just cant get over my polka dot obsession these days. i’d for sure get the blue spot pillowcases and the teal velvet pillow.

  73. I’d pick the teal penny cushion and charcoal flower pillow cases…although those pink random dots would be hard to resist!

  74. What a GREAT giveaway!! Thanks so much for hosting!
    I love the gray dot and the yellow dot pillowcases–it would be hard to choose. And I’d snag that smoky charcoal penny round cushion–it’d look great on my orange couch!

  75. i have been in love with castle for some time now after seeing one of her pieces in a photo on design sponge! eep.
    im smitten with the neon pink pillow cases and cobalt blue cushion.

  76. Oh so pretty, think it’d have to be Fluro pink and yellow for the pillows and that beautiful teal for the cushion.

  77. I would be thrilled to win two charcoal velvet pillowcases and a yellow velvet penny round. They’d look so good on my bed!

  78. Wow, I love fun and whimsy, I’d have to go pink polka for me and black polka for the guy, as for the penny round pillow the pink is just so fun!!! Great post!

  79. The fluro pink random spot and the black random spot pillowcases.. and the pink velvet penny round cushion cover ๐Ÿ˜€
    Thanks! ๐Ÿ˜€

  80. The yellow velvet cushion and white random dot pillow cases would be my choice for a cozy retreat ๐Ÿ™‚

  81. Oh my! The yellow the yellow! We just moved and have been admiring Castle sheets/contemplating them for our new bedroom ๐Ÿ™‚

  82. Obsessed with the gray-neon polka dotted pillowcases, I think I’m partial to pink. And a gray cushion would be so cute. Fingers crossed.

  83. the mid grey cushion (to match my velvet curtains!) and the white dot pillow covers ๐Ÿ™‚

  84. I love the “GREY SPOT PILLOWCASE” with the “PINK VELVET PENNY ROUND CUSHION COVER” for a pop of color! ๐Ÿ˜€

  85. I would choose the charcoal grey velvet pillowcase. How wonderful that would be to lay my noggin’ on something velvety soft!! For the penny cushion I would choose the color yellow. So happy and sunshiney! that would complement the charcoal beautifully and would put a smile on my face every morning =)

  86. While I love the neon I would definitely go with the taupe/grey with white polka dot pillowcases and a cobalt cushion. Yum!

  87. I would choose the light grey and mid grey velvet pillowcases because they look so luxurious and wintery, and the teal cushion because it would complement the burnt orange in my living room!

  88. I love the fluro pink and fluro yellow pillowcases ๐Ÿ™‚ and for the cushion, I’d go for the green one! Thanks for hosting this giveaway!

  89. Ooh I love these! The light grey velvet for the pillowcases and the charcoal velvet round for the cushion, pretty please!

  90. I would rock the MID GREY VELVET PILLOWCASE + Orange Penny Round! fingers & toes crossed…..

  91. hello!
    I would love the grey with pink + grey with yellow polkadotted cases–and the bright pink cushion!
    xx thanks for the fun contest!

  92. Yellow for the cushion. It’s so gorgeous! And the pink polka dots would look insanely perfect on my bed. Fingers crossed.

  93. Fabulous! I’ve had their site bookmarked ever since your post…I SO want the fluro yellow random spot pillowcases and the mid grey velvet penny cushion! My bedroom is grey and yellow and these would be perfect! (should I be gifting them for the holidays? oops!) ๐Ÿ˜‰

  94. I love the gray and yellow polka dotted pillow cases! I’d probably pick the pink or blue penny pillow to go with them. so cute!!

  95. Ooooo, it’s a hard choice between the Mr. & Mrs. Pillowcases and the Grey Spot ones. Definitely the Orange Penny cushion!

  96. Here goes nothing! I love the Coffee Spot pillowcase along with the Coffee Flower pillowcase. The Velvet Charcoal 4 pom cushion cover is just making my heart flutter! Thanks for showing us this site!

  97. I think it would be so cozy (as you’ve said) to sleep on velvet pillowcases, especially in the winter! I think I would go for the charcoal velvet pillowcase and the yellow penny round.

  98. I would choose the Fluro Pink and Fluro Yellow along with the Cobalt Round to complement my bedroom colors!

  99. I love the yellow spot pillow cases and the teal velvet penny round cushion cover! The new line with Gorman just makes me happy ๐Ÿ™‚ Great give-away!

  100. I have been absolutely in love with the velvet cushions since I saw them in a recent post. The yellow ones are definitely my favorite! Since I just got married a month ago, I would probably choose the Mr. and Mrs. pillow cases.

  101. I’d love the fluro yellow spot pillow cases for the bed, and the yellow cushion for my grey sofa. I think that would look awesome. I’m super excited to enter this giveaway, because I’m from Chile and they are usually for the US only!

  102. Teal penny round and white polka dotted pillowcases – I love love love those colors with the wood I keep filling my house with.

  103. ooooh, fun!! I love the teal cushion! from the pillow cases I would pick the coffee dot and coffee flower ones!

  104. Awesome products! i’d choose the teal cushion and the gray and white polka dot pillowcases ๐Ÿ™‚

  105. the yellow velvet penny round cushion is so great! it would be perfect in our new living room ๐Ÿ™‚

  106. Oh joy alright! I’d adore the grey flower pillow cases and the yellow penny cushion..what a wonderful combination to rise to ๐Ÿ™‚

  107. Wow this is exciting! I loved those pillowcases when you posted them a little bit ago. If I win just surprise me with the colors of the pillowcases and the yellow velvet pillow would look great on a chair in my living room.

  108. I have what my husband would call an unhealthy obsession with yellow… so the fluro yellow spot pillowcase (for me), the white random spot (for him) and the green velvet penny cushion (why not?).

  109. Pillows are totally my thing! I love the mid grey cushion.
    I also love the Mr. and Mrs. pillow cases. I sooo need that.

  110. Love them all, but I’d have to go with the pink dots and the pink cushion. I have zero pink in my apartment, but it’s such a bright and festive color!

  111. I’d like the yellow 4 pom cushion cover and the most fabulous orange penny cushion. Love. It!

  112. Ooh velvet! Yay! The colors for these pillows are fantastic – I think I’d have to go with the teal for the round penny cushion and then a happy yellow and orange for the other two. Wow! Thanks for the doing the giveaway!

  113. love castle!!!! oooh I would pick the fluro yellow random spot pillowcases and the teal velvet penny round cushion- how perfect on a daybed in my baby boy’s ( arriving in April) nursery!!

  114. What a hard decision! I think I’d go for the Blue Flower pillowcases and the round cushion in teal.

  115. Beautiful! I’d pick the flouro yellow dot pillow cases and the cobalt cushion! Fingers crossed…

  116. Fell in love last time you posted these! I would go with the white spot pillowcase and the cobalt penny round – so perfect in my new apartment!!

  117. Hmmm, how do I choose? Okay, if I must, I will have to say Blue Spot Pillowcases and Teal Penny Round. They’re all so fun!

  118. Wow! What a great giveaway!
    The yellow spot pillow cases would look so cute in my bedroom, and the teal cushion is lovely.

  119. I think I would choose the yellow spot pillowcases and the pink cushion!
    Thanks a lot from France!

  120. I love Castle! Right now, I’m fond of the Black random spot pillowcases and the green velvet penny round!

  121. HI HI, I have had my eye on the charcoal dot pillow case and it would go oh so well with that bright yellow round….
    (i’m so in dream land)!

  122. Yellow cushion for sure. Maybe orange. No, yellow. Argh. And I like the white polka dot pillow cases.

  123. I like the black random polka dot pillow cases and the cobalt penny cushion!!! so cute ๐Ÿ™‚

  124. What a wonderful giveaway!! Castle is amazing…!! I would choose the PINK penny cushion and for the pillow cases : Tan with white + pink polka dots would be rockin* on any bed ๐Ÿ™‚

  125. Not easy to choose….all so pretty! I would love the neon pink dotty pillowcase, the charcoal velvet pillowcase, and the pink penny round! Fingers crossed….

  126. AH! They are so beautiful so I’m having a hard time deciding. I think I would go for white random spot pillow cases and the yellow penny cushion.

  127. These would be perfect for my baby girl’s room! I’d go for pink and grey all around ๐Ÿ™‚

  128. Yesss, a giveaway open for everyone =)
    Thanks for sharing this.
    I am in love with these dots pillow cases, my fave is the FLURO PINK RANDOM SPOT PILLOWCASE & as I love pink, I find the PINK VELVET PENNY ROUND CUSHION COVER totally beautiful.
    Castle is a great store online.
    Thanks again =)

  129. Pink Pink Pink – all pink everything – yay I love this collection of beautiful homewares ๐Ÿ™‚

  130. i love the yellow on grey polka dot pillow cases and the yellow round cushion..or the hot pink…or the lime green. ok i love them all! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  131. How fun! I love the cobalt pillow– such a rich, luxurious color. The mid-gray pillowcase is also amazing, so cozy-looking.

  132. I’ve been bothering the love of my life to get new pillow covers for months now! This is the perfect opportunity for two in-debt graduate students to make their oasis from the endless exams look and feel truly like an escape.
    I absolutely LOVE the teal color for the cushion. I also think the charcoal spot pillowcase is a masculine enough color for the both of us to be happy about (:

  133. oh it’s a hard choice, but i’m feeling the yellow flower pillow cases and the yellow cushion.

  134. I would select the orange pillowcases and a yellow cushion. So adorable, bright and vibrant, a lively touch to any room. Thank you so much for hosting this giveaway.

  135. How happy I was to see that this giveaway is open to non-US readers as well! I love the pillowcases with neon dots (and have them on my Christmas wishlist). If I win I would wish one pillowcase with the fluro pink dots and one with the fluro yellow dots. And the green velvet cushion. Love colors! And dots ๐Ÿ™‚
    Gunn from Norway

  136. it’s so hard to chose! i’d want one of each of the neon pink and yellow dot pillowcases and the grey cushion with pom pom. cuteness!

  137. Wow, what a wonderful giveaway! I would choose the charcoal velvet cushions and the white spotted pillowcases. Fingers Crossed..

  138. Without a doubt, I’d go for the cobalt round and the neon pink polka dot pillow cases. Love!

  139. My husband and I would love the Fluro Pink Random Spot Pillowcases for the bed and the Teal penny cushion for our couch. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  140. oh wow… i remember your post from a few weeks ago. After seeing it I went straight to the Castle website and wanted to add pretty much every single item to my wishlist!
    If I had to choose two pillow cases it would have to be the ‘fluro yellow random spot’ and the ‘coffee flower’, but it’s a hard to narrow my choice down to just two: all the other ones are so beautiful as well!
    And i’d get the ‘light grey velvet penny round cushion’… hmmm… it looks so cosy.
    Thank you for sharing all your wonderful finds with us. You have such amazing style; it’s always a real pleasure to come and see what you will surprise us with every day.
    All the best from the very South of the Netherlands!

  141. I’d choose the white random spot pillowcase and the cobalt round penny cushion! Too cute!

  142. I’d choose the white random spot pillowcase and the cobalt round penny cushion! Too cute!

  143. I’d choose the white random spot pillowcase and the cobalt round penny cushion! Too cute!

  144. I’d choose the white random spot pillowcase and the cobalt round penny cushion! Too cute!

  145. I’d choose the white random spot pillowcase and the cobalt round penny cushion! Too cute!

  146. I’d choose the white random spot pillowcase and the cobalt round penny cushion! Too cute!

  147. I’d choose the white random spot pillowcase and the cobalt round penny cushion! Too cute!

  148. I’d choose the white random spot pillowcase and the cobalt round penny cushion! Too cute!

  149. I’d choose the white random spot pillowcase and the cobalt round penny cushion! Too cute!

  150. The teal penny cushion and the yellow 4pom-Pom make me so happy, thanks for posting this. I would love to win.

  151. I love the white polka dot pillow cases and the yellow cushion would be so cute in my guest room. Loved this post the first time and love that they’re doing a giveaway!

  152. So much fun! The fluro orange flower pillowcase with the mid-grey penny round would make my mornings so much brighter!!

  153. Love them all, but I’d choose the orange spot pillowcases and the green penny round for the nursery.!

  154. FLURO YELLOW RANDOM SPOT PILLOWCASE! they are so beautiful and would l love them every day! The orange penny cushion for my daughters tee-pee to finish it off!

  155. It would just make my week to get the grey spot pillow cases with the yellow velvet penny cushion!

  156. I’ve been lurking on Castle’s site forever! I currently covet the FLURO PINK RANDOM SPOT PILLOWCASE, GREY SPOT PILLOWCASE and TEAL VELVET PENNY ROUND CUSHION COVER.

  157. I LOVE these pillowcases! I think I would get the 2 pink neon polka dot and the teal velvet penny rounds, OR the pink velvet penny round and the charcoal grey/mid-grey velvet pillowcases. It’s so hard to decide ๐Ÿ™‚

  158. Ahh! I am obsessed with these pillows. I keep looking at the website longingly. Polka dots are my favorite pattern and I am using them as my wedding decor in July. I would be happy to own any of these brilliant items in any of the fabulous colors. Thanks!

  159. I think the Fluro Pink and Yellow are the best of all, and they easily complement each other. And for the cushions, I’m drawn to both the orange and pink!! Ahh, but if I had to choose I would go with the pink!

  160. These are perfect! I’d go with the coffee flower pillow cases and light grey in the penny cushion

  161. Pink or green velvet?! Such hard decisions, I think I will go with the green velvet cushion and the neon pink dots!!

  162. ooo i have been lusting after some castle pillow cases forever….it is so hard to choose! i would pick the charcoal spot pillow cases and the green penny cushion.

  163. i love the coffee flower pillow case and the mid grey velvet penny round cushion, they’re so cute!

  164. I have been in love with these since Grace posted them over at Design*Sponge! I would definitely get the pink pillow cases, and either a mid grey or yellow velvet pillow.

  165. So hard to choose! I think I would choose the grey velvet cushion and grey dot pillowcase… but the colorful ones are so fun! Choose me so I can be indecisive!

  166. i have LOVED the grey with neon yellow pillowcases since your earlier post (though for some reason i thought that id remembered a teal neon spotted also… huh.)!!! SO good. the teal round velvet cushion is also so great and luxurious! definite love.
    these would just BRIGHTEN my days ๐Ÿ™‚

  167. Yellow for the cushion! It’s so sunny ๐Ÿ™‚
    and for the pillowcases:
    white polka dot and yellow polka dot. can’t resist the dots!

  168. I love the polka dot ones! I don’t know how you’re not keeping these beauties to yourself!

  169. is there any question? orange for the round and pink fluro pillowcases!! I’m obsessed. Have been visiting the Castle site for weeks now, hoping that looking at the pillowcases each day might magically put them on my bed… ๐Ÿ™‚

  170. I’m drooling! If I were to win this giveaway i’d definitely pick the pink & yellow polkadot pillowscases and the charcoal cushion.

  171. Wow I can see why they’re advertising with you! They have the most beautiful things! I wish I could afford it all! The yellow velvet one would be my fave and definitely the sunshine in my room!

  172. i love the random white dot pillow cases and the charcoal velvet penny round. i love their mix of linen and color.

  173. Joy, you honestly have the most loveliest giveaways! I just wish I could win one ๐Ÿ˜‰
    love the polka dots!

  174. OOooOOoooOOOOOoooo Loving the yellow cushion, so bright and cheery. And the pink fluro spots would really brighten up my white bedspread. Thankyou so much for opening this up to international readers!

  175. PINK! I love the pink penny cushion (although the cobalt blue is a close second). What a fun giveaway! Their pillows are so cute and cheery – they make me smile. ๐Ÿ™‚

  176. I’d pick the random spot pillowcase in Fluro Yellow (although if it’s two, then my dream combo would actually be one fluro yellow and one fluro pink!), and definitely teal for the penny round cushion.

  177. I would chopes the WHITE RANDOM SPOT PILLOWCASE and green cushion… Although all of them look great!

  178. I would love the yellow spot pillowcase. this golden yellow is the accent color in my bedroom and I have been itching for some more fun accents!
    I would love the penny cushion cover in yellow too!
    These are so so fun!

  179. I love these! I like the pink cushion and the pink pillowcases! (my husband might not agree- but they are lovely!)

  180. what a great giveaway! i’d love the black random spot pillowcases and a bright yellow velvet round penny cushion. so fun!

  181. i would choose:
    so super cute!!!

  182. I just love the fluro yellow random dot pillowcase and the yellow velvet penny round! So so cute.

  183. I adore this shop! It’s a tough decision but I’d probably go the white dot pillow case, and the teal dot cushion.. lovely! ๐Ÿ™‚

  184. The white random dot pillowcases and yellow cushion would be lovely additions to our little home!

  185. tan with fluro yellow and pink dot pillow case and the orange penny cushion – love love love their products and your blog!

  186. I would love the pink cushion and the pink spot pillowcases! It would go PERFECTLY with my current bed linens!

  187. I love the white dot linen pillowcases layered with a cobalt cushion. Not to mention those Mr. and Mrs. pillowcases are just sooooo romantic.

  188. How could I not choose hot pink? I’m in love with the Fluro Pink and White Random Spot pillow cases, and the Pink Velvet Penny Round will look so good in my office it’ll give me a reason to get to work early!

  189. I am in love with the orange velvet penny round cushion. And I really like the White Random Spot pillowcase. Both would look amazing in my new place!

  190. Gorgeous. I’d choose the pink velvet cushion and the Mr. and Mrs. pillowcases, seeing as I’m getting married in 19 days….

  191. Lovely. A teal penny cusion would tie together my living room nicely. I would love to have the coffee flower cases. Oh nice!!

  192. I love these!! I would totally get the fluro yellow pillow case and a teal penny round cushion would be SO perfect for my classroom when we’re doing special person of the week presentations and privileges!

  193. The neon yellow polka dotted pillowcases would add some BAM to subdued colors in our bedroom, and I’d go with the cobalt blue cushion for the living room. Come on random number generator, pick me, i have it all figure out.

  194. I’d go fluro yellow for the pillow case, even though I’d have a hard time sleeping, it’s so bright! And mid grey for the cushion.

    loves it! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  196. I would choose white random spot pillowcases and a yellow penny round cover. I can’t get enough of these Castle cases!

  197. I would choose the yellow round velvet cushion and the natural pillowcases with white dots-love!

  198. The beautiful gray and chartreuse/yellow pillow cases for me and my boyfriend to lay in in our new home together. As far as the cushion goes I think I’d go with the teal because it goes with everything. ๐Ÿ˜€

  199. Something sweet to dream on.
    I’d choose the velvet yellow for the penny pillow and the fluro orange spot and fluro orange flower for the pillowcases.

  200. Orange pillowcases, teal pillow. So happy. I love going through their site, it makes me smile every time I click into another section, it’s so violently colorful and cheerful.

  201. I love the grey and pink polka dot pillow cases and the bright pink cushion! So adorable!! Great giveaway!!

  202. AMAZING! I would choose the yellow flower and yellow dot pillow cases, and the mid-grey penny round. What a lovely giveaway!

  203. I’d have to do one pink & tan and one yellow & tan pillow case and the teal cushion. i’d love cushions of all different colors to match felt garland that i have that look just like that!

  204. hello! i woudl choose fluro pink and white for the spot pillowcases, and green velvet for the amazing penny round! thanks so much x

  205. i would adore the teal velvet penny round cushion on my brown couch. and i am obsessed with the fluro yellow and fluro pink random dot pillowcases! beaut!

  206. ooooo, it would all be nice, but if i have to choose i’d take fluro pink random spot pillowcases and a charcoal velvet penny round. i’m crossing my fingers.

  207. for the pillowcases, i would go with the fluro pink dots, since i’m a girly girl at heart.
    for the cushion? i’d still go with pink. lol
    i’ve never won ANYTHING, and i’d LOVE to win these, they’re SO beautiful! ๐Ÿ™‚

  208. I think I would get two black random spot pillowcases and the teal cushion. Those cushions are the cutest things ever!

  209. i would get the cobalt penny pillow to match my new kilim rug and eduardo paolozzi print. for the pillow cases i’d love one “coconuts” pillowcase and one neon polka dot case to spice things up in my newly married bedroom! thanks for the chance to win! xx

  210. I’m obsessed with the Charcoal spot pillowcase, it’s super cute! The velvet grey cushion would be a perfect accessory ๐Ÿ™‚ thanks for the amazing giveaway!!

  211. It’s so hard to pick! I’m loving the mid grey or cobalt penny cushions and fluro yellow spot pillowcases

  212. i love the grey spot, then a pop of color with either the teal or green round for a bit of color! ๐Ÿ™‚

  213. I would choose the black polka dots and the teal cushion!
    I wish I could have 1 of everything!!

  214. I’m loving the fluro orange flower pillowcase and the pink velvet penny round cushion cover. So beautiful!

  215. Can’t decide between the fluro yellow or the fluro orange flower…but definitely the pink cushion!

  216. i lOVE the orange velvet cushion & would go for the coffee flower pillowcases! i just love their work!!!

  217. I love these! I would choose the cobalt velvet penny round cushion and yellow flower pillow case.

  218. I like the teal cushion and the FLURO ORANGE FLOWER PILLOWCASE. For some reason I really like those colors lately.

  219. black random spot pillowcases and a teal coloured cushion!!! perfect colours to match my room ๐Ÿ™‚ love it

  220. Ohh my what a great giveaway! I think I’d definitely go with Fluro Pink & Yellow and a Light Grey Penny Cushion! To keep it matching ๐Ÿ™‚

  221. Since I have to choose…I would snatch up a yellow and the charcoal! mmMmm! The pompom’s are so cute! ah!

  222. I love them all but my favorite would have to be the Fluro yellow spot pillowcase and the green velvet penny round cushion. So cute and fun!

  223. Wishing for 1 fluro pink random spot pillowcase + 1 white random spot pillowcase + 1 teal velvet penny round cushion.

  224. I adore the Fluro Yellow Random Spot Pillowcases and the Charcoal Velvet Round Cushion Cover, they would go perfectly with the bed linens I have now! I would go for a girlier colour, but I have the mister to think about!

  225. oh i quite like the fluro orange spot pillowcases and it’s tough to pick a cushion but that teal is so lovely.

  226. I love this! Simple pops of color. I might just have to talk my friend (a total DIY-er) into helping me out with this either way. :]

  227. I think I’d have to go yellow penny round and yellow spot! I’m just redecorating my room, so this would be awesome!
    Thanks so much for the opportunity, and Merry Christmas to you!

  228. I like pink and yellow, but I don’t think my husband would be down. I would go with the Cobalt and mid grey instead.

  229. I LOVE Castle, and their new pieces take it to a whole new level! I’d choose the fluro yellow pillowcases and a cobalt cushion. So hard to choose, though!

  230. The Fluro Pink and Fluro Yellow pillow cases, and Pink Velvet Penny Round Cushion Cover are definitely the items I would pick ๐Ÿ™‚

  231. I’m so happy you opened this for everybody! ๐Ÿ™‚
    Love love love polka dots ๐Ÿ™‚
    Thanks for sharing this!!!!

  232. i am giddy over this giveaway!! i would love to mix the grey flower pillow case and a teal velvet penny.. lovely!!

  233. I love love one beige pillowcase with yellow spots, another in the pink and a round cushion in the teal velvet. X

  234. Although I do like the bright colours, I would still go for the balck dots and the dark grey velvet pillow…
    Lovely give-away!

  235. I heart the yellow and teal for the cushions and fluro pink for the pillowcases! I think rachael castle is a genius!!!

  236. This is a lovely giveaway! Id chose the velvet yellow in both. They are so cheery looking!

  237. Love Love Love the new fluro yellow random spot pillowcases! And the cushions are super cute too. Think the orange would be the winner there.

  238. I can’t get enough of the Mr. & Mrs. pillowcases. So simple and sweet. and I love the yellow cushion because our bedroom is mostly neutrals and blue. A little pop of color is always fun!

  239. What a great giveaway!!
    Pillowcases: I would choose the fluro yellow – I always had a love for fluo.
    Cushion – tough choice, but I’ll go for the green
    Now let’s cross fingers!!

  240. LOVE! I’d do the fluro pink dots and the yellow velvet cushion. Such a hard decision, though!

  241. Oh, how I love these neon dotted pillow cases! I’d choose the velvet penny cushion in CHARCOAL and two FLURO YELLOW RANDOM SPOT PILLOWCASES! They are so pretty!

  242. Hello there.
    I would love to have the CHARCOAL VELVET PENNY ROUND CUSHION COVER which is just lovely.
    And the COFFEE FLOWER PILLOWCASES are perfectly spotty.

  243. What a lovely giveaway! I’ve had my eye on the white random spot pillow cases for a while. I also love the yellow penny cushions too!

  244. Oh, wow, I am happy just seeing these colors all together. However, I am a sucker for anything teal, so I would choose that for the round cushion and then the black polka dots for the pillowcases.

  245. it would have to be fluoro pink for the pillowcases, and that delicious zingy orange for the cushion! love a bit of vibrant colour clash in the bedroom ๐Ÿ™‚

  246. I actually love the mix of all the colours but I guess with black and pink as my bedroom theme, the black random spot (for him) and the pink fleuro spot pillowcase (for me) with pink velvet penny round cushion et voila!

  247. Yowza, so many great colours. I’d go for mid grey velvet pillow cases with a teal velvet penny round cushion. Thanks so much for letting international readers join in!

  248. I love the black random spot pillow cases and the yellow penny velvet cushion. so cute, bright and fun!

  249. I have these on my Christmas list already! I don’t even have to go to the website to check because I’ve drooled over it so often. I would choose the white spotted pillow cases and the blue cushion!

  250. I would love the CHARCOAL VELVET penny round and pillowcasewise: WHITE RANDOM SPOT + BLACK RANDOM SPOT.
    Gosh, they are beautiful!

  251. I am in the process of decorating my girls room in a pink and orange scheme so it would have to be the orange cushion & the Fluor orange spot pillowcases! Happy festive season

  252. Yeiii! For all readers! I would choose the LIGHT GREY VELVET because it just goes with everything ๐Ÿ™‚

  253. the fluro pink is too good to pass up, and the cobalt round cushion would be great in my (very first, very casual) office!

  254. I’d pick the teal cushion and the pink pillowcases, thank you. They’d be perfect on my white, navy and pink bed with my turquoise headboard!

  255. It’s a tough call but I’d have to go with neon pink dot pillowcases and teal cushion. And it’s my birthday – you have to pick me!

  256. i’ve actually been planning to try and diy some of these after you first posted about them, since they’re not available in my country. i think yellow for the cushion and white/orange & white/turqoise for the pillowcases. although, that neon and grey combo is pretty sweet too!

  257. I love the cobalt penny cushion… and can’t resist a polka dot, so would have to go with the grey spot pillowcases. So cute!

  258. There are so many colors to choose from, but I really like the teal or green round cushions and I absolutely love the Mr and Mrs pillow cases!!

  259. Yellow penny round cushion like the sun!
    And the Mr. and Mrs. pillowcases are fantastic!

  260. Yay for Canadian entries! I would choose the Black Random Spot pillowcases and the charcoal grey penny cushion. Thanks!

  261. The Charcoal spot pillowcase is adorable, and I would pair those with the yellow penny round velvet cushion. I don’t think you can go wrong with yellow and charcoal gray together!

  262. Oh I love these! I mean I’d take all the colors ๐Ÿ™‚ but neon pink and grey and the teal velvet round are my favorites!

  263. I like the white polka dot pillowcases and then any of the coloured cushions!! But if I have to have to choose, it would have to be the yellow (so sunny!)

  264. These are fantastic! I was totally drooling over the previous post about the pillow cases! Would love a set of the white polka dot pillowcases and the charcoal cushion would be my pick!

  265. I think I would go with the flouro pink pillowcases and a yellow or pink cushion. I love the brights!

  266. love, love, love the teal penny round cushion cover and the yellow spot pillowcases! ๐Ÿ™‚

  267. WHHHHAT! a giveaway with Castle!!!! hello dream come true!
    i would want the florescent orange flower pillow cases with the light grey cushion …. or the florescent pink polka dots pillow case with the orange cushion. the pink on grey is so sexy.

  268. What a great giveaway.
    I would have to go with a classic look and choose the tan pillows with the black dots.
    And the cushion would have to be the cobalt.

  269. I would choose the gray spot pillow case and the gray cushion. Love these! Happy Holidays!

  270. yeyyy finally open for no us residents! cobalt for roundwd cushion and neon pink for pillow cases GOOG LUCK TO ME!

  271. The pillowcases in fluro pink and the cushion in teal velvet would match our guest bedroom perfectly! thanks!

  272. I love the fluro yellow and pink for the pillow cases and yellow for the penny round cushion! Sweet ๐Ÿ™‚

  273. An orange round because it’s the happiest color around, and gray and yellow pillowcases for a blend of calm and cheer!

  274. Pillow cases – one gray with neon yellow, one gray with neon pink and a yellow velvet penny round cushion cover. Love!

  275. I’m really feeling the pink and yellow dot pillow cases. And probably go with the dark gray cushion! Love all the covers ๐Ÿ˜€


  277. i bought some of their sheets a few years ago, and i can attest they are worth every penny. good looking and durable. as for pillowcases, i love the fluro pink spot and the teal velvet pillows. i know they don’t match, but who cares?!

  278. definitely the pink velvet cushion, pink polka dots case, and a white polka dots case.
    fingers crossed!

  279. I would go with the gray spot pillow cases and charcoal velvet penny pillow. Thanks for this giveaway.

  280. I would choose the white and grey pillow cases. I also love the cushion in yellow!

  281. Yeah! Canadians can participate! I’d love the fluro yellow random spot pillowcase and the green velvet penny round cushion.

  282. I LOVE fluo pink spot pillowcases and light grey cushion! I’m dreaming about them under my christmas tree ๐Ÿ™‚

  283. I thought I would chose pink, but that yellow velvet is gorgeous! And pink polka dots, yes please!

  284. Definately yellow and grey! The colors of my room and my favorite color combination! They make me happy!

  285. what an AMAZING giveaway ! your 1st image has been in my files for a while ! I live in France and am delighted that this is open to anyone ! Should I win (though very unlikely, regarding the number of your readers…), I would chose 2 yellow dot pillowcases and a charcoal (love that word !) penny cushion !
    thank you ! Merci !

  286. Oh wow what a nice Christmas giveaway. For me it would be that lovely yellow velvet penny round cushion that would find a happy home on a blue-grey chair and the light grey velvet pillowcases!

  287. Pink and Yellow, go asymmetric and BRIGHT, HAPPY COLORS! Love fluorescent! For the cushion….TEAL!!!! So everything is different. These colors are all in my room. It will add to the insanity of color and fluorescentness!

  288. Love the Mr. & Mrs. cases! But if I’d have to choose a color, definitely the fluro yellow random dots case. And the mid gray velvet cushion for sure.

  289. The Fluro yellow random spot pillowcase rocks. Add in the Orange velvet penny round cushion and my holidays are made!

  290. neon colors are the best! i’d like neon yellow and pink (it’d go well with my slate grey comforter!)

  291. Definitely the Green Velvet Penny Round Cushion Cover and the Fluro Yellow Random Spot and White Random Spot pillowcasesโ€”also fab!

  292. It would definitely have to be the yellow velvet. I love that the color is unique, but would still go well with the rest of my decor. I will have to find a way to prevent my dog Louie from taking over the cushion as his new throne though! He looks great in yellow, but this one’s for me ๐Ÿ™‚

  293. Thanks for the giveaway! I have loved this company for a while now and am in love with the pillowcases. I’d choose white dotted pillowcases and the yellow cushion! Merry Christmas Joy!

  294. wow. i love these. such a tough decision!
    think i would have to choose the fluro pink spot pillowcases… and teal cushion.

  295. What a lovely giveaway! Gosh, for the pillowcases I’m in love with both the fluro yellow and pink. For the Penny Cushion I love the Cobalt, but really all the colors are so vivid and gorgeous!

  296. omgee! these are GORGEOUS! A cobalt cushion and yellow dots! I love the combination of a pure color and highlighter accents. EE! ๐Ÿ™‚

  297. Eeee! I’d choose the yellow round pillow, and either the black or white spotted pillowcases. Mayyyyybe one of each!

  298. Hurrah! Neon pink pillowcase and cushion would be lovely sprinkles in my place. (Thanks for opening it up to your fans outside the States!)

  299. neon pink dot pillowcases and mid-grey cushion. adorable, though my fiancee would probably not be please with neon pink.

  300. oo this is hard to choose. i just love all the bright-in-your-face colors! BUT when i saw the mustard yellowy velvet case– loove

  301. I want to add some greenery to my apartment so definitely have to say the kelly-green velvet cushion! The pillowcases are a tie… maybe 1 white random spot and 1 black random spot together!

  302. I love the kelly green and cobalt blue penny pillow. And the bedding is so fun! I think I’d go for the yellow or charcoal pillow cases.

  303. I would definitely get the teal cushion with the blue spot pillowcases! Would look great with my mustard sheets ๐Ÿ™‚

  304. How can I choose! I LOVE three pillowcases
    The White Velvet
    The Fluro Orange Flower
    The Fluro Orange Spot
    and the TEAL VELVET PENNY ROUND Cushion

  305. Can we get the velvet pillowcases? Grey velvet pillowcases, yellow velvet round cushion. Love them!

  306. YELLOW YELLOW YELLOW I llloooovvvveeee yellow!
    Fluro yellow and grey for me anyday ๐Ÿ™‚

  307. I’d definitely make the most of the colours on offer and go for yellow & pink pillowcases as pictured! xx


  309. I love the cobalt round cushion and the fluro orange flower cases! lovely! I especially love the square pom velvet pillows,too!

  310. cuuute! i’d go for the flour pink pillowcase and pink penny cushion – it would make my 3 (almost 4) year-old princess daughter so happy!

  311. I would pick the neon yellow and pink polka dotted ones. They are too cute to boot! They would also complement my white and grey ikat comforter quite nicely. I’d also pick a pink cushion to match my red couch to ride the bandwagon of the pink and red craze now!

  312. it would be all about the mid grey and blue flower pillow cases and the orange cushion for a pop of colour

  313. i would love the white random dot pillow cases and the yellow velvet cushions. these are cute and have a pop of color and whimsy ๐Ÿ™‚

  314. Love the mid grey and charcoal pillow cases, with the teal penny round – a sucker for a bit of texture and don’t like linnens that are too girly.

  315. oh my goodness! i’m so in love. i’d love to win this!! i would choose the mid grey velvet cushion and fluro yellow + fluro pink pillow cases! thanks joy!

  316. Ooooh that orange is calling my name… my living room needs a pop of colour like that! Plus my skin would look great on that!

  317. Oh and the pillow cases could either be white random spot, or grey spot. Or pink random spot! My bf might even like these…!

  318. I am a newly wed of a couple months and this is perfect! We are need of sweet and cute things to furnish our new apartment ๐Ÿ™‚

  319. Such a fun giveaway!
    I would go for this combo:
    CHARCOAL VELVET PILLOWCASE (I just love the velvet!)
    Thanks for opening this one up to countries outside the US by the way! So happy to be able to participate ๐Ÿ™‚

  320. I would choose the teal penny round and the Mr and Mrs pillow cases!So gorgeous. The penny round would look wonderful on my newly reupholstered couches!

  321. Oooh, the pink penny cushion would be my pick and it would look fabulous with a yellow dot pillow case!

  322. I’m in love with the neon & neutral color scheme, so I’d probably choose the fluro pink or yellow random spot pillow case and sheet.
    But honestly, I’d have a very hard time choosing a favorite. Their products are all so amazing!

  323. Oh wow, these are so perky and adorable – I’d have to say pink all the way… I love it! And it’s the only girly influence I get to have on our bedroom…!

  324. Pink and cobalt! My house is all gray and white with pops of color here and there and these would make such nice pops! Also, my kids would love to play on them.

  325. They have such cute stuff! I would love the Mr. & Mrs. pillow cases – too cute! Andthe cobalt or teal penny round cushions are adorable, I’d choose those!

  326. Oh so hard to choose! But, I would have to go with the yellow polka dot pillowcases and the fantabulous neon pink cushion!

  327. how can you go wrong?! I am a sucker for yellow and gray together and i LOVE the orange penny cushion!

  328. I love this shop! I would go for the white polka dot pillows and a taupe round pillow. ๐Ÿ™‚

  329. The yellow cushion with the yellow polka dot pillows would look great with my blue throw blankets!

  330. I love them all… but I’d have to choose the orange penny cushion and the white spotty pillow cases. x

  331. Oh my goodness, I love this! I’d have to go with the pink dot pillow cases and the yellow round pillow. sooooo goooood!

  332. Oh man, oh man. How to choose. While I think the pink polka dot pillowcases are a no-brainer, I’m having such a hard time with the penny round pillow color! I guess I’d have to say, in honor of Pantone’s selection for the color of 2012, I’d pick the orange. Or the teal. No, the pink. Gah! Orange. Yes, that’s it.

  333. If I were to win, I’d love to have the FLURO YELLOW RANDOM SPOT PILLOWCASE and the PINK PENNY CUSHION! Fingies crossed!

  334. i love castle!! i really like the pink penny round cushion (but the teal, yellow and light grey are awesome too…hmm), and definitely love the tan and pink polka dot pillowcases.

  335. OOO! I love the teal and light grey ones. Thank you for sharing, these are beautiful and look so soft!

  336. I’d choose 1 fluro yellow spot and 1 white spot pillowcase and an orange penny cushion.. love Castle’s products – so bright and happy!


  338. Oh man. What a difficult decision! I’ve been dying for some flouro pink in my life, but I’m not so sure how my boyfriend would feel about that. Haha. I would say for the pillowcases I’d pick either fluro pink random spot or black random spot. And the penny round is probably even harder to choose! The orange is fantastic. It’d be that, or teal, or charcoal. I’m terrible at decisions.

  339. this would be amazing! i would love a cobalt penny cushion and the black random spot pillow cases.

  340. I would choose the charcoal velvet penny cushion and one yellow and one black spotted pillow case.

  341. While I love the bright colors in the photo, once I got to the site I fell in love with the charcoal — for penny pillow, and in flower print for the pillow cases.
    Thanks for the opportunity!

  342. I just love castle and have always wanted to get something from there but have never had the chance. I would pick the grey dot pillowcases and the yellow velvet penny cushion! Thanks for this chance Joy!

  343. Just started following you! Love the pillow cases and cushions! I like the Grey Spot cases, although the Mr. and Mrs. ones are adorable too! And I would probably choose the yellow round cushion.

  344. I would pick the velvet yellow/mid grey 4 pom pom cushion covers for the square cushion insert! So cute! ๐Ÿ™‚

  345. hard to choose, but i think i’d go with orange fluro pillowcases and an orange pillow.