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a crate & barrel / marimekko holiday {giveaway}…



I'm not much into super holiday-looking housewares and prefer things that look festive but can be used year round! So today, just in time for holiday entertaining, we've joined forces with Crate & Barrel and their blogger giveaway to give away these three Marimekko serving pieces! Don't they look like lovely abstract paintings? This round tray, bowl, and platter will go to one lucky reader. 

To enter, simply visit Crate & Barrel, then leave a comment below telling us what you'd what you'd serve on these pieces this holiday season. You can also enter on their Facebook page right here. Entries must be posted by this Thursday, December 22nd at 9am PST*, and one winner will be chosen at random. Good luck! โ€” Joy

{UPDATE: Congrats to Rowena C. from New York for being our winner this time!}

{*Sorry, limited to US residents only. Please do not leave your email or web address in the body of the comment, only in the allotted boxes. $183 total value. Winner will be contacted by email once comments close and announced on the bottom of this post soon after. Good luck!}


  1. On the platter, I would server my family’s Orange French Toast, in the bowl would be a fruit salad and the round tray would hold the cups of hot cocoa ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Christmas cookies (linzers, gingerbread men, rugelach, thumbprints) piled high on the platters and candied nuts in the bowl.

  3. oh my gosh, i am in LOVE with these! on the big round platter i’d love to serve up my favorite books and just have it sitting on the coffee table! In the bowl, I’d love to hold a few pieces of fresh fruit, and on the platter, how about some cantaloupe with prosciutto! thanks ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. This is so funny, I was JUST looking at the C&B Marimekko shop a few minutes ago and LOVED these dishes. I would serve my favorite holiday desserts – green velvet cupcakes, peppermint bark, and sugar cookies.

  5. I’d use that round plate to serve the crostini topped with ricotta, it’ll be my first time making it homemade!!! Wish me luck ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. I’d love to serve fresh seasonal fruit from the farmer’s market and homemade choco chip cookies!

  7. I would server brownie cookies on the platter, homemade ice cream in the bowl and homemade whoopie pies on the round tray. Clearly, this would be a dessert party.

  8. I’m such a fan of Marimekko designs. I would serve canapes on the tray, dip in the bowl and cheese & crackers on the platter. Thanks for the opportunity!

  9. So fun for a holiday brunch! I’d do eibilskivers in the bowl and a fabulous quiche on the plate, then a beautiful fruit salad on the platter ๐Ÿ˜‰

  10. The bowl would have a green salad with caramelized pears. I’d have an assortment of lovely desserts (macaroons, 12 Days of Christmas cupcakes, gingerbread men, pfeffernuรŸ). Then on the plate, I’d have baby red skin potatoes, asparagus and a little Christmas ham! Lots of colorful food for colorful plates!

  11. I would use the platter to serve colorful slices of fruits and veggies. Like different colored heirloom tomatoes with basil, and slices of bright oranges!

  12. This year we’ve decided to do fondue for Christmas dinner, so I think an assortment of meats and seafood would go on the platter, veggies in the bowl and a variety of dipping sauces and seasonings on the tray.

  13. Oo!! Love these. Array of cheese and crackers on the platter, no-bake cookies on the plate, and soy milk to dip the cookies in in the bowl!

  14. I’d serve chocolate covered strawberries. Or chocolate covered reeces stuffed inside a double stuffed oreo. Or peppermint bark.

  15. Ooooh! I would put aged gouda and salami in rows on the platter, berries with mint in the bowl, and an assortment of cookies on the round tray. This serveware looks delicious!

  16. Christmas cookies on the platters (I’m trying to find time this week to bake, eek!) and, because he deserves to be part of the festivities, water for our beagle in the bowl. What a lovely idea – pieces to use year round!

  17. Love C&B, Marimekko and all things Finnish! I’d serve Ina Garten’s rosemary cashews in the bowl, probably serve a few cheeses on the tray… then bring out the round tray at the end of the night with chocolate covered pretzel sticks! Happy holidays!

  18. We’re serving red curry and sticky rice for Christmas eve dinner. The bowl would be perfect for the family style dinner. The platters are perfect for all the cookies and peanut brittle I’ve made.

  19. Since we won’t celebrate holidays, I’d save it until April to serve dinner at our wedding rehearsal dinner (all vegan!). It has the perfect spring flair!

  20. these are so lovely! i would serve up the results of my holiday baking frenzy: peppermint meringues in the bowl, chocolate crinkles and gingerbread snaps on the round tray, and chocolate mocha cupcakes on the long tray!

  21. I’d serve our traditional Christmas morning brunch on those. Cinnamon rolls, scrambled eggs and cream cheese blintzes! They are so fun!

  22. I was just looking for something to serve up some brie cheese dip and crackers.. I think these would be perfect!

  23. Those are so bold! I’d serve up the chocolate cakemix cookies I just made with my daughter. They’re not gourmet, but they’re tasty.

  24. What great plates! I would fill them with brie because I’d eat it so quickly that we could see the plates again.

  25. oh, I love Marimekko! I’d fill the bowl with homemade chex mix and have meats and cheese on the other two

  26. All sweets, all the time! Pumpkin cupcakes, cinnamon rolls, and pfeffernuse would look quite right in that bowl.

  27. little toasts with brie and adriatic fig spread on the platter, with fruit in the bowl….perfect with mimosas on Christmas morning!

  28. I’ve been eyeing those pieces for a while and would just love to win them! I always have friends over for New Year’s Eve and serve a slew of sweet and savory bites – gougeres, deviled quail eggs, mini fruit tarts, mini cupcakes – and these pieces would be perfect for the occasion!

  29. I’d serve all of the delicious appetizers I can’t wait to eat – spinach balls, bruschetta. yum!

  30. On the round tray, I would serve a mix of 1) avocado crostinis with homemade spicy tomato jam and 2) avocado with hearts of palm drizzled with olive oil and s&p. On the platter, a homemade quinoa loaf with sun-dried tomatoes, mushrooms, fresh thyme, red onion and peas surrounded by roasted veggies topped with mushroom gravy! In the bowl, a delicious kale salad with carrots, dried cranberries, and pistachios with a lemon vinaigrette. <3

  31. I would make some seared scallops with roasted garlic sabayon in the big plate, a sweet cranberry sauce in the small bowl and a bed of asparagus with lemon juice on the rectangular plate! The light colors of the scallop would compliment well with all the beautiful colors on the plate ๐Ÿ™‚ I’ve been adoring Marimekko for so long!!

  32. Those would be great dishes to use for my family’s traditional fondue night! Assorted vegetables on the tray, bread on the plate, beef in the bowl.

  33. White trash in the bowl, the 10 types of cookies we made on the circle platter and our gingerbread house on the square platter. It’s all about the sugarrrrr.

  34. I think I’d serve cookies on the platter, some chex mix in the bowl and maybe I’d make some holiday bars for the plate!

  35. I second the person who said brussel sprouts! The green would look so nice. And sweet potatoes with wild rice.

  36. homemade peppermint marshmallows…
    lemon-pistachio cookies…
    some gorgeous clementines.
    these are lovely!

  37. Crackers in the bowl, cheese and fruit on one tray, stemless wine glasses and carafes of red wine on the other!

  38. Lovely! Christmas Breakfast โ€” monkey bread on the round tray, fresh fruit in the bowl and sausages on the tray! YUM.

  39. So pretty! I would make myself use them a few times a year, but mostly they would decorate my hutch!!

  40. Oh these are lovely! I would use them to serve a beautiful cheese plate for my honey’s birthday next month!

  41. Love these! We had registered for some c and b marrimekko for our wedding but didn’t end up with any. Id use these to serve a tofurky for Christmas dinner, or candy year round!

  42. I would serve Christmas Day Breakfast for my family – bacon, eggs, fruit salad and homemade cinnamon rolls! Thank you Joy!

  43. I would serve homemade festive holiday cookies, a bowl of nuts, and set glasses of holiday Finnish gloggi : )

  44. I would make curried pecans for the bowl, goat cheese with honey and crackers on the small platter and cheese and fruit for the big platter…yum!

  45. multi-colored macarons on the plate
    multi-colored jordan almonds in the bowl
    multi-colored fruit kabobs on the tray

  46. Love these, so colorful and festive! I’d do a beautiful cheese display with an assortment of grapes and berries in the bowl, variety of gourmet crackers on the round plate and a mix of imported cheese on the tray. Bon Appetit!

  47. i would put joy’s cinnamon sugar pull apart bread, apple pie, and hummus for the dish. is that a weird combo or what?

  48. My family always makes salmon mousse for Christmas. This, along with the requisite crostinis, would definitely grace these phenomenal plates. Thanks for the give away!

  49. my family and i have a tradition of appetizers for dinner on christmas eve (to help ease the stress of cooking for the next day) – these would be perfect for our shared dinner!

  50. My dad’s homemade caramel corn would go in the bowl, my twin sister’s Christmas cookies would go on the tray, and assorted appetizers. yum!

  51. TJ’s chocolate covered pretzels in the bowl, bruschetta on the platter, and cheese varieties on the round tray.
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  52. The bowl would be great for my mom’s miswa soup. The platter looks like the perfect size for the mozzarella and smoked olive oil that I’ve been obsessed with lately. The round tray will be great for the cookie butter brownies that I’ve been dreaming about. ๐Ÿ™‚

  53. sweets!! chocolate-dipped marshmallows, peppermint bark and white chocolate pretzels would all look great on these serving pieces!

  54. oooh these are lovely! I think I’d serve grilled artichokes with a homemade dip/dressing and maybe some caprese salad. I hope I win!

  55. these bowls and trays are so beautiful, i’d use them for organizing so that they can sit out all the time! the bowl could sit by the door to hold keys. the tray could sit under my coffee station and i’d get to see it every morning!

  56. Those platters would be perfect for my white pepper chocolate chip cookies and the the bowl would be great for popcorn (for stringing garland for the tree, of course).

  57. Ah, these are beautiful. I would make a big Celebration salad with pear, raspberries, lettuce, almonds, blue cheese crumbles and poppyseed dressing; a quiche or meat pie; and gingerbread with chocolate frosting.

  58. Whoo!! I would serve delicious little goat cheese zucchini wrap appetizers on the serving plate, and we’d eat my mom’s beer cheese soup out of the bowl!!! YUM!

  59. Love this line! Given the season I’d have to fill them with sweet treats. Perhaps some fudge, shortbread cookies and of course caramel con in the bowl. ๐Ÿ™‚

  60. Fig, olive, and walnut tapenade with goat cheese and crostini on the round tray,
    root chips in the bowl, and crudites on the platter.

  61. I would use them for our “all appetizers” xmas eve. Mini pigs in a blanket, dates wrapped in bacon, and empanadas.

  62. Christmas cookies all the way! Rum balls in the bowl, sugar cookies on the round tray and an assortment of treats–brownies, snickerdoodles and pumpkin squares on the platter. yum!

  63. I’d serve a variety of sweet treats-candy in the bowl, cookies, cheesecake and pie on the platters!

  64. three different party “courses”: local red chile spiced toasted pecans in the bowl, a load of home-baked cheese twists on the platter, and a pile from-scratch brownies topped w/ ganache and crushed candy canes mounded up on the plate.

  65. I’d put cheese, crackers, and fruit on one of the platters, and definitely sweets on the other two!

  66. Tray would serve cocktails, platter would have crostini and my yummy white bean hummus in the bowl.

  67. I’m craving healthy asian food, so I’d serve bok choy, rice, sauteed mushrooms, and tofu! A little kim chi wouldn’t hurt either ๐Ÿ™‚

  68. Cookies on all three – I have been to more cookie exchanges this year than ever before. and I have cookies coming out my ears!

  69. I would server an assortment of cheeses & prosciutto on the round tray, flatbread on the platter, and pistachio brittle in the bowl!

  70. Roasted brussels sprouts, carrots, and shallots, vegan pumpkin pie, and a wheatberry pilaf with butternut squash, walnuts, and cranberries.

  71. WOW, these are beautiful! I can see serving our traditional beet salad in the bowl, pork roast on the platter and our Sparkling Pear cocktails on the round tray!

  72. I am from Finland originally, so I would serve joulu pulla (Christmas sweet bread) on the platter, tangerines in the bowl, and gingerbread on the long plate.

  73. for the bowl, my world-famous kimchee dip! on the platter, deep fried won ton crisps with sweet and sour sauce! and lastly, some type of decadent dessert (probably have to ask mom for help!) on the round platter. YUM YUM YUM.

  74. I would definitely be serving lots of cheese off of these pieces! (One of my favorites is a light goat cheese drizzled with honey on crackers ๐Ÿ™‚

  75. holiday cookies would like great on the platter. A few delicious cheeses on the plate and castelvetrano olives in the bowl.

  76. holiday cookies on the platter, cheese on the plate and castelvetrano olives in the bowl.

  77. That gorgeous Irrbloss Platter is just begging to display my best friend’s famous Isobel’s Shortbread.

  78. how gorgeous are these! i make spicy cheddar crackers all the time for parties and the bowl would be perfect for those!

  79. What wouldn’t I make? We’ve been very into grazing lately- I’m thinking some sliced figs, a fresh baguette, and an assortment of cheeses to start… such beautiful pieces!

  80. I would serve a Bouche de Noรซl on the tray, peppermints in the bowl, and a small torte on the platter.

  81. My family is chock full of picky eaters, dinner always requires a number of dishes to please everyone. One thing they all love is gnocchi, which would look fabulous in the serving bowl! I would serve an assortment of antipasti on the platter and holiday cookies on the tray

  82. Miniature pecan tarts, a wedge of Manchego cheese and big, juicy “Holiday” grapes!

  83. The bowl would be perfect for my grandmas fabulous cherry greens salad. We are Swedish so the platter would hold our Swedish potato sausage and the round plate would be my grandmas rye bread (unbelievable). Love these!

  84. Marimekko designs have always captured my heart! What a magical way to spread holiday cheer, but also happily function all year round! In the lovely little bowl I would serve my Nana’s recipe of addictively delicious frosted pecans. On the platter I’d put my dad’s homemade ginger cookies and the circular tray would be perfect for our traditional swedish cardamum bread, because it disappears very quickly so people could enjoy the design below. ๐Ÿ™‚

  85. Love the color… I could see an assortment of cheese and salami, with sweet treats on another.

  86. I am hosting boxing day brunch for my family. I think these serving pieces would be perfect for the smoked salmon hash (recipe on Martha Stewart) that I plan to serve. I would use the bowl for cranberry scones.

  87. I’d serve my husband’s favorite meal! A big plate of Spaghetti and roasted peppers, a lovely salad with all the fixings and some sliced homemade bread with a yummy garlic compound butter… mmmm, I’m hungry just thinking about it!

  88. I love Crate & Barrel! This set is so unique…crossing my fingers. I would totally serve my aunt’s famous recipe of “Green Bean Bundles” – green beans wrapped in bacon! Yum!

  89. Those would be so pretty for some festive New Year’s drinks and snacks! Pomegranate martinis on the round tray, cheese and grapes on the platter and black eye peas in the bowl for good luck in the New Year!

  90. I love Marimekko! On the round tray I’d serve latkes, cauliflower soup in the bowl and my family’s peanut butter fudge recipe on the rectangular tray!

  91. I would served a crispy roast chicken surrounded by roasted root veggies, a bowl of red smashed red potatoes and a plate full of caramel cookies.

  92. Oh man. They’re so purty that I’d serve something that would be eaten VERY quickly so their pretty patterns wouldn’t be hidden for too long. Probably my sticky toffee pudding!

  93. Love these! Would of course serve cookies, perhaps a butternut squash soup and a roast with potatoes and carrots! Can’t wait for the holiday season!

  94. I will serve fish on Christmas Eve and I would have a platter of cookies all weekend long! I may serve some Christmas morning French Toast on them too, they are gorgeous!

  95. Christmas cookies dusted with powdered sugar waiting for Santa next to the fire place ๐Ÿ™‚

  96. That’s an easy question! Sweets, sweets, and more sweets! Cupcakes, chocolate truffles, chocolate-covered pretzels topped with crushed candy canes, chocolate-covered marshmallows, cookies, pies, and more!

  97. These are lovely. I would serve cookies and and turtles on the platters and homemade caramel corn in that bowl.

  98. Pumpkin whoopie pies with maple cream cheese frosting on the tray, brie baked in phyllo dough with fig jam, and a classic bowl of nuts!

  99. Seriously, who does not love C&B? These are so pretty! My family always eats pork tenderloin on Christmas day…perfect for the platter. On top of the tenderloin, we have a cherry sauce, which would be in the bowl. And of course, as others mentioned, Christmas cookies would be on the round platter. Perfect! Merry Christmas!

  100. They are so festive that anything would look great. I’d probably pile lots of cookies and other baked treats into them!

  101. i would serve homemade strawberry shortcakes on the round platter; popcorn in the bowl; and coffees and gingersnaps on the tray! BEAUTIFUL!!

  102. I’m going to try making baklava for Christmas Eve…it would look divine on one of these great trays!

  103. My most successful party food is always dips, dips and more dips. I would use the big platter for assorted veggies, pretzels, and other dip-able bites. I love to get creative with the dessert dips. I would probably save the plate and bowl combo for a creamy, cinnamon-y fruit dip surrounded by different varieties of sliced apples. Yum!

  104. These would be perfect for parties! I would be so excited to present the mini-appetizers to my friends at the New Years’ Eve party I’m planning. The current menu includes tiny Swedish thumbprints and chicken brochettes. ๐Ÿ™‚

  105. I am making a rosemary chocolate tart for Christmas. It would look and taste yummy on that plate!

  106. A lovely salad, toasted baguette rounds with seared tuna slices & wasabi mayo, and omg my fave macarons.

  107. I’d love to use them for cocktail party snacks: spicy dill cheese crackers, crudites & dips, etc.

  108. I’d absolutely serve some mini savory tarts with some spiced nuts in the bowl – snack food galore!

  109. All sorts of delicious baked goods: blondies, molasses cookies, fudge, and the good old stand-by–chocolate chip cookies.

  110. I think those would work perfectly for my chocolate sables, snickerdoodles, and mint Christmas candies.

  111. These remind me of Mardi Gras, so I’d serve my annual Christmas Jambalaya or Gumbo in them! Laissez les bon temps roulez!

  112. Okay so I totally love these! Like beyond love! And I neeeeeed them too! I’m hosting a shower soon and don’t have nearly enough serving dishes. So if I were to win these I would serve beef tenderloin on the platter along with potatoes au gratin in the bowl and on the round tray I would have to serve noneother than an array of Southern desserts including pralines, fudge, and divinity among other things!

  113. I LOVE them. So basically, EVERYTHING that I make would be served on them. That includes but is not limited to: beets, sprouts and greens, squash, brussel sprouts… and on the other end of the health spectrum, CUPCAKES!

  114. Gorgeous! I’d serve everything on those & not just save for special occasions… but we have a Christmas tradition to serve eggs benedict Xmas morning, so that’s what I’d serve on them!

  115. I would serve crostini on the rectangular plate, goat cheese dip in the bowl and have some cheeses on the other

  116. so lovely! how about some roasted veg and a few fantastic dipping sauces?! I am craving fresh foods right about now, in the midst of all the holiday eating/drinking overload!

  117. Absolutely would serve vegan chipotle vegetable, black bean & spinach and corn tamales tied with colorful twine to bring in the New Year on these!
    Thanks Joy!

  118. These are adorable! It would make a really pretty cheese plate – especially if there cheese were all of the whiteish variety.

  119. These are so awesome they need to be displayed! Cookies and cupcakes on the plates and fruit like apples/oranges/grapes in the bowl.

  120. breakfast mimosas on the tray, pizelles on the round platter covered w/ powdered sugar, and a fruit salad in the bowl!

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