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I'm excited to announce that you can now follow my favorite picks on the brand new site, Currently Obsessed, where you can "stalk" your favorite bloggers. Just in time for holiday shopping and dressing, you can see in live time the things that bloggers you love are loving. It's sort of like the Pinterest of fashion blogger's favorites. Since the site is in beta mode, there are a limited number of invitations available. The first 200 readers to use the passcode: "Oh_Joy!Obsessed" will have access to the site. I'll update here when the codes have all been used, and if that's the case, you can also request an invite right on the home page! Enjoy! — Joy

UPDATE: All of the codes have been used. If you missed it, you can request one on the home page!


  1. Like the site,
    But, are they affiliated with Vogue? Check out and tell me if you think they are similar. Looks nearly like a style copy to me.

  2. this puts me off a little, especially the big “BUY!” button. i know the mission is to share with a community and, to an extent, bolster small businesses, but it just seems so blatantly materialistic. i love a pretty, sparkly dress as much as, if not more than, the next girl, but considering the state of the economy–and the fact that the holiday season at its core is all about spending time and making memories with loved ones, not about spending money–it just seems a little incongruous.

  3. i signed up just to find out where the navy blue/white polka dotted dress is from….and it isn’t on you’re obsessed page! where did it go?

  4. So I don’t know if it’s me or what but I can see all of the beautiful things but I can’t buy anything and I don’t get sent to another site where I can buy the products. Is this just happening to me? If not, this website is one of the biggest teases I have ever met lol.

  5. Hi Danielle,
    Yes, you do get re-directed to a site where you can buy everything listed!
    Once you favorite an item (click on the heart), if you click on the product, a window appears with link to buy!

  6. I would sooo try to pull a Groucho Marx and pretend like I wasn’t sad I didn’t make it in, but I’m a heart-on-sleeve type of a gal. I had a Charlie Brown cry when I realized I was too late. Tear.
    Let me know how awesome it is…

  7. I would choose the grey round penny pillow and grey with white polka dot pillow cases, they are just fabulous!!!


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