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{flavor stories} holiday cheese & charcuterie boards…



Hello, happy December! I love that the holidays are upon us as I'm keen on twinkly lights, decorated trees, and cozy nights cuddled by the fire. But even more so, I love how stocked the shelves are at the grocers and food shops this time of year…it makes for the best cheese & charcuterie boards! With that in mind, today, we're talking pretty holiday boards.


They're easy to prepare and are perfect for a quick brunch, an appetizer, or even as a great main course for a casual dinner with friends. I typically make my boards super simple, often using them as a way to learn about meats and cheeses I haven't tried before. The ones I'm sharing today have the charcuterie and cheeses separate, but I love composing a board with the both as well. I serve them with crackers, sweet olive oil tortas {pictured above}, or fresh bread garnished with a side of grain mustard {I like kozlik's triple crunch} and sometimes even a drizzle of wildflower honey. 


For my cheese board {pictured at top}, I like a mix of hard and soft cheeses. At the cheese shop, I often ask what their favorites are that day and mix their favorites with mine. Today I chose a beautiful Ash Covered Triple Cream, Canadian Oka, Manchego, Crottin de Chavignol {on the apprentice's recommendation}, and a Swiss herb cheese I'd never seen before. I garnished it with walnuts, fresh figs, and pomegranate seeds. For my charcuterie board {pictured just above and below}, I used rustic farmer's sausage, thinly sliced Lachsschinken, cured Venison sausage, thinly sliced Baurnspeck, dry cured Wild Boar sausage, and Salami Gentile. I garnished that with roasted and salted pistachios {yum!}, cornichons, caper berries, and dried black mission figs.


Both versions are simple to make. Just arrange your charcuterie and cheese on a beautiful wooden board or platter, pour a couple glasses of your favorite beer, some port or sparkling water {I love this one in pomegranate & elderflower flavor} and you're set!


{photos by Michael Graydon, styling by Nikole Herriott for Oh Joy}


  1. I like the outside elements, such as the evergreen branches you brought in. I often think of cheese and charcuterie boards as flat and one dimensional- but here you’ve given them a lovely 3-D effect. And the pomegranate seeds make it so festive! Thanks for the inspiration.

  2. Joy, can I just say that that Bottle Green elderflower sparkling water IS THE BEST? I visited London in May and I’ve been obsessed ever since my visit. I found these in Toronto (yes, I trekked to Canada) and brought back 2 bottles because it was cheaper than ordering from Amazon. Do you know a better way to purchase this? I actually get the cordial and mix it with my own sparkling water.. yum!

  3. What wonderful ideas and combinations. Anything benefits from salty pistachios! Your photos are fabulous as well.
    I just went to an extremely glamorous wedding this Saturday – was seated next to Yang of “Holmes And.” The bride and her mother both have impeccable taste in everything. They had beautiful cheese and charcuterie boards; like yours, they were separate (but equal!).

  4. My husband and I have a custom cheese & charcuterie board that we assemble for projects that require all-day nibbling. We started doing this back when we were in college, up all night analyzing poetry. There’s something about it- rustic protein and nourishment- that makes it the ultimate epiphany meal!

  5. Love these photos, inspired me to go to the market down the street to buy some cheeses! -There are so many cheese varieties and places to buy charcuterie over here in France 🙂

  6. Hi Debbie! I love it too! I bought it in Toronto as well, but Ive written Bottle Green to see if they have stockists in the States, Ill keep you posted!

  7. This is such a beautiful shoot. Nikole and Michael, you did a great job, and those tortas look delicious! Joy: you have developed quite a team (including little munchkin, who I’m sure is the biggest help of all;)

  8. Good Morning from Spain:
    I follow you one year ago and today for me it has been a surprise to see a photo of torta Inés Rosales. I grew up eating them, (breakfast and merienda , it is a spanish lunch time, above five o´clock, similar english tea). Las tortas de Inés Rosales are from a town Castilleja de la Cuesta in Sevilla (Shouth of Spain). I was living in Sevilla for 20 years and my school was in front of the workshop so when we finished the classes, we run to buy one…remembers from my childhood.
    I take the chance to congratulate on your blog and your daughter.
    xoxo from Spain

  9. gorgeous, and now i want port & cheese, and to a throw a party to go with it. i love how you leave so much space above your arrangements, it makes me feel calm.


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