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In the spirit of giving, I'm always a fan of products and shops that give a little bit back in some way. Kara Weaves, a hand loom weaving venture with a social cause, supports and promotes cotton hand loom cooperatives in Kerala, India. In addition to the amazing colors and fun patterns, the fabric is made of an age old pure cotton weave, used as a towel, with an extraordinarily absorbent yarn and quick drying properties. They're re-purposed and re-designed this fabric into bathrobes, hair wraps, table lines, table cloths and more. — Joy


  1. It makes me happy that these are not only ilncredibly beautiful and responsible, her shop is also largely sold out! I will keep an eye on her shop though for when she restocks in the new year!

  2. Kyra, do let us know if anything catches your eye, we can get them re-woven at no additional cost. Do follow us on Twitter(@KaraWeaves) for discount coupons too. We really appreciate the support to reach our social goals, thanks for the kind words everyone!

  3. Love the KaraWeaves work and so glad to see it featured here Joy. Besides having a great eye and good social conscience, Chitra is also a great person. That makes the work even more special!


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