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a little bun…

A Little Bun Named Ruby

I hope you guys had a nice weekend! Remember those baby bump photos I took in front of my computer while Ruby was growing in my belly? With a help of my friend, Tony, I finally got to string them together into a simple little clip just in time for Ruby's 3 month birthday this week!

{"What I Wouldn't Do" by A Fine Frenzy"}


  1. !. adorable!
    2. i want your wall polka dots! where did you get them?
    3. are you going to let go of any maternity clothes……?

  2. Oh Joy! That is so sweet, and I completely forgot until seeing this that I was SO IMPRESSED you were still wearing heels at thirty-something weeks. Happy three months, Ruby!

  3. I know people who got pregnant again right away and their kids are 1 year apart. The fact that it was an accident makes me think “daaaamn they’ve got all sorts of boning going on all up in their house!”.. I don’t know whether to be jealous or not. I’d rather sleep 🙂

  4. oh joy!
    i remember when i saw you at the anthology magazine launch party at west elm when i had first started writing my little blog but was too intimidated to introduce myself. i started the blog while i was home, bored and struggling to get pregnant. the blog has since been abandoned as i focused on a new job and then pregnancy/now baby…and i can’t tell you what a joy (pun!) it has been to follow your pregnancy b/c i had little penelope about a week after you had ruby! isn’t motherhood just the best? love this clip and have loved following your journey…thank you! maybe ruby and penelope can be buddies one day 😉
    how times have changed…
    old blog:
    new blog:

  5. Oh so cute! you know there’s an app that does this, kind of, but forgot the name (ha!)
    Love the song you chose and seriously, I’m loving your outfits so so much!

  6. Happy three months, Ruby!
    Joy, this is so lovely and encouraging. I am 17 weeks pregnant and just starting to grow out of some of my regular outfits, so this is really inspiring for me! Thank you. x

  7. Hi JoAnn!
    Oh, you should have said hello! Congrats on your little Penelope – what a great name!
    Thanks for your sweet note and so glad it all worked out for you 😉

  8. Thanks Karen!
    I was pregnant mostly in the summer, so I found it easy and so comfy to wear lots of regular dresses during that time.
    For maternity clothes, I love Isabella Oliver and Hatch though bc you can wear them after pregnancy too!

  9. Such a sweet and fun video. You look amazing the whole way through, so radiant and healthy. Thank you for sharing.

  10. oh my. i just cried. i’m also preggo and LOVE your blog so much. what a lovely video to have for her and such a great idea. thanks joy!


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