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sunny side up…



I know it's winter in most parts of the world right now. But it's been 80+ degrees here in LA this week, and it has me super happy. I literally light up from constant sunshine, so I can't help but love these summery, multi-color pieces from Anthropologie that make me want to be on an island vacation right now. — Joy

{left to right, top to bottom: sunhat, bikiniheels, bracelet, and scarf}


  1. Love the bikini and very jealous of sunny warm LA right now.
    We’re having a very wet cyclone filled summer down here in New Zealand.

  2. You made me laugh because it’s not winter in *most* parts of the world rather it’s winter in only *half* of the world, specifically the top half 🙂
    That hat is perfect for me over in the lower half.

  3. i’m going back to Australian summer in Feb (weeeee!) and this post is the kick i needed to start thinking about summer things… and maybe the fact i’ll need to, at some point soon, shave my legs and get some sort of super strong spray tan to sort me out after the English winter!! Thanks!


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