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{closet & casa} with anabela carneiro…



who: Anabela Carneiro, Typesetter and Co-Owner of Fieldguided

why anabela rocks: Her simple and bold statement totes make for the perfect everyday bag.

in her closet: I recently worked on a special project with clothing designer Gillian Tennant, and she sent me this blouse as a thank you. The silk material and drape are so beautiful—it's diaphanous, subtle, and the colors match my aesthetic perfectly.

in her casa: We create dip-dyed bags for Fieldguided. So when I came across this pendant lamp, I obsessed about it until I ordered it. It creates a lovely, soft light, and looks very pretty hanging in my bedroom.

Thanks Anabela!

{photos by Anabela}


  1. LOVE how this doubles as a Pair with this with That post! And I want them both…actually those pendants are quite reasonably priced.


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