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Please don't hate me for showing you these and not being able to hand you one straight through your computer screen. These hazelnut cream filled beignets from Bottega Louie are my newest sweet obsession. My friend, Bonnie, introduced them to me, and now whenever I happen to be near downtown LA, I must have them! Similar to a light sugar doughnut, these are filled with the most delicious chocolate hazelnut cream ever. Is your mouth watering yet? — Joy

{photos by Oh Joy}


  1. The filling looks like Nutella… Which is actually the queen of chocolate hazelnut creams. A lot of bakeries in Italy use it for this sort of pastries… Maybe you can try it too to reproduce it at home, so you can enjoy this beignet whenever you want 😉 (I guess that also in the States Nutella can be easily found)
    Have a nice day!
    -The Red Dot-

  2. Arg! I just ate a yogurt for breakfast at my desk and now I want one of these! I guess I only hate you a tiny big!
    Kate at

  3. oh my goodness. Every time I go to Bottega Louie, I go straight to the macarons. But maybe now, I’ll change it up and try something new. These look so amazing.

  4. I love your food suggestions. We ate at huckleberry twice yesterday and saved pastries for today. We are at an instrument trade show in Anaheim, and I can’t find any good food. Any suggestions?

  5. I had a raspberry one on my last visit to LA (and my first to Bottega Louie) and it blew my mind. The dough was perfect and the fresh berry filling…..oh my. Thank you for taking me back!

  6. Yum!! Great photos on your blog!! Love em!! Do u take all your photos? They’re beautiful! Is it ok to link to your blog from mine?? -Jackie


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