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our dining table…



In preparation for Ruby's more active months coming up, we had to switch out our dining table for something a little more sturdy. We love it, and we love what Emily did with it, but it's not the best fit for a soon-to-be-crawling baby. So…if you're in LA, interested in buying it, and can pick it up…here's your chance! The chrome base is vintage Mies Van Der Roe or Milo Baughman, according to Emily. And the glass top sits on the two pieces. If you're interested, you can reach me at hello(at) I'm sad to see it go, but I know she'll be happy in another home soon! — Joy

{photo by Laure Joliet}


  1. Glass top tables are my favorite to work with! Yes, I agree with Sarah and Monica, I love the chairs!

  2. Thank you for your response. What about the photos on the right wall. You can barely see them but I noticed them on your episode of secrets from a stylist.
    Thank you!


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