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With Easter just around the corner and all the Easter-themed treats, I can't think about how I hated jelly beans as a kid. They came in great colors, but all tasted the same…like slightly hard and chewy pieces of gummy sugar. Ever since, I've had an aversion to jelly beans until I tried these sour beans by Yummy Earth. I'm a huge fan of their flavorful lollipops so I was thrilled that I could find an equally tasty version in bean form. It still boggles my mind that they're organic because they taste SO good… — Joy

{photo by Oh Joy}


  1. I can’t wait to enjoy some seasonal candy and these sound like the perfect little treat. I love the bowl you have them in, the gold lining is so pretty.

  2. Holiday treats are the best. They bring back so many memories! I always got chocolate for easter and one year I ate a whole chocolate bunny and felt so sick all day. I won’t do that this year, but maybe I’ll try these eggs as an aversion to chocolate… you know, to be safe.

  3. They’re so beautiful – they almost look like tiny painted bird’s eggs. Like you, I’ve never been a big jellybean fan – not enough flavour for me, I prefer softer lollies – but these would definitely turn my head.


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