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happy friday + 5 months with ruby…



Happy Friday friends! This week our little lady turned five months! Every month really does get better and so much more fun. Today, I leave you with 5 things I've learned from my 5 months as a mom…

01 / Not every day is perfect. There are some days that Ruby is super happy or sleeps through the night or laughs a ton, and I think, "Hooray! Every day from now on will be like this!". And then if it's not, I'm bummed because I can't figure out what I did differently that she didn't sleep as well or was crankier than usual. I'm learning to realize that just like us, babies have good days, bad days, cranky days, and less sleepy days. And, I shouldn't blame myself for all of those many colored days.

02 / There's nothing better than making a baby laugh. Ruby laughs harder than I've ever seen before when Bob does peek-a-boo with her. It makes me slightly jealous, and I just want to make her laugh all day long.

03 / Balancing work with motherhood is hard. Before I had a baby, I was doing lots of different things and a multi-tasking like a pro. I didn't think it wouldn't be as hard as everyone says it is to juggle it all. But it really is. Something has to give, and you just have to decide what's most important. For me, I wanted to be able to spend as much of my day with Ruby as possible, so I chose to get help part-time for designated work time and not to take on as much work this year so that I could really be present with her during our mom & baby time together.

04 / Exercise before pregnancy pays off afterwards. I was an avid exerciser all during my teen and adult years. Up until I got pregnant, I played tennis, did Muay Thai, and practiced Lithe Method regularly. Once I got pregnant, I slowed down with prenatal yoga and lots of walks but stayed active throughout. I feel lucky that I was able to get back into my pre-pregnancy jeans 3 weeks after having Ruby {I know, some of you hate me for saying that!}, but aside from our genetics and whether we choose to nurse or not, I really do believe that being active and healthy helps post-baby recovery so much and makes the physical demands of carrying and running after babies that much easier.

05 / Baby rolls are better than cookie dough. Our little Ruby is toppling over with rolls, that I can't help but kiss them multiple times a day. I just want to bake them in the oven and open a patisserie full of 'em!

Funny, how much has changed since the first few weeks. Have a great weekend all! — Joy

{Photos by Oh Joy. Ruby's flowers and poms by}


  1. Aww Ruby is soo soo very cute!! I love her outfits! I don’t have any children yet but I do love hearing baby laughs…they are so adorable! =)
    Lemanie’s Randomness Blog

  2. She’s the cutest and chubbiest! Love her! So happy I got to meet and hold her. Great five things learned too. You’re doing awesome mama.

  3. I just wanted to say that she looks like a very sweet fat little buddha in month4 and I mean that in the bes way possible. so so adorable 🙂

  4. Love your Ruby posts – she is so cute! Her fluffy hair is the best.
    I’m a new mom, too, with a 6-month-old, and I have to say that all of your points are spot-on.

  5. Love this. And her chubby baby thighs. My guy is just a week or two younger than Ruby and I too, have to remember that babies have their good and bad days. There were times I drove (drive?) myself crazy trying to figure out why he slept really well one night and like poop another night. Like you said, babies are little humans too and each day will be different. And I’m right there with you on the staying active. I did the same thing throughout my pregnancy and also fit back into my skinny jeans 3 weeks post baby. I do think much of it was luck, but the activity didn’t hurt, I’m sure 🙂

  6. Your baby is getting cuter and cuter! she’s a doll! I like how you’ve shared all your thoughts and pictures in your blog. I think your managing just great! 🙂

  7. Oh my gosh, Joy! Everything you wrote is like exactly what I’m going through! I especially relate with #1! So I couldnt help but laugh! Every time Everett sleeps through the night, I think to myself, “What did I do differently?” And then I try to recreate exactly what I did the night before…it hasnt worked yet! It was the day Everett turned 5 months (this passed Monday; like Ruby) that I finally decided that I was just going to roll with it and not try to rush him.
    And that was the first night he slept through the night! And he has for the past 4 nights! But the weird thing is, I already miss my midnight Everett time. I just cant get enough of him! As soon as I put him down to bed, I instantly miss him! Do you feel that way too, or am I totally obssessed? 🙂

  8. Your Ruby is so so cute.
    I love these pics, my fave is the 4th.
    And I can see you have the same round pink cushion I chose when I won the Castle giveaway 😉

  9. aww happy 5 months, Ruby! I know exactly what you mean with #1. Even though my daughter is now almost 13 months, I have to constantly remind myself that it’s okay for there to be bad or cranky days and it’s not my fault if she’s having an off day. She’s human just like I am and her mood fluctuates just the same. I’ll just have to keep reminding myself of that :). But take it from me, it really does get better and better. Every month I catch myself saying, “This is my favorite age!”
    p.s. I just saw that you’ll be appearing at the Kate Spade store at The Americana next month. I am so hoping to recruit my girlfriend and make a girls night out of it!

  10. I’m having a baby any day now, and yours is making me really excited. I love how she always wears a broach or pom-pom! How stylin’!

  11. oh she is SUCH a lil doll!!! i love how she already dressed like a mini designer! i know #3 all too well, but…. you know the best part about working from home is that you have the best of both worlds. you have your days with ruby where you can watch her all day and never miss out on every moment with her. it might mean less time to work, but trust me, it gets so much easier when she gets older. cherish the moments!!

  12. LOVE LOVE the Ruby posts since my Chloe is two weeks behind her in age…totally-everyday is really a new and different day! Congrats on being in your jeans after 3 weeks. That is super!

  13. Ruby looks like she’s happy and full of life, which stems from having parents who light up when she’s in the room–you can tell the two of you are fantastic, loving parents. I love her crazy Asian hair! It reminds me of my younger sister when she was a baby.

  14. Ruby’s gorgeous! I think the exercise thing is really key. I have to force myself to find time to be active beyond chasing my 8-month-old around. Finding time to ride, do yoga, go to the gym, or just taking a long walk with a snoozing kid in the buggy does a lot for my mental health, heart health, as well as my thigh health!

  15. So great! Yes, work and baby is a balance that is so worth striking. You will be glad that you made time for her, both now and later 🙂 Enjoy and thanks for posting about it all. Also, the exercise makes sense- a great way to feel good and eat what you love, too…!

  16. Wow! I can’t believe it’s already been five months! I read your blog daily and I love seeing Ruby’s growth month by month, she is so adorable in her cute and colorful prints. She looks like such a sweet, happy baby, congrats!

  17. She is adorbs. And I wholeheartedly agree with everything you said. I remember thinking I could quit my job and do my own thing while taking care of a baby – ha! As if. And those baby guffaws really are the best thing ever.

  18. Look at how beautifully she’s filling out!!! She’s gorgeous, Joy. I agree, baby rolls are the BEST thing ever. Honestly, I have to stop myself from biting my little boy’s thighs after bath time. Probably shouldn’t have admitted to that, but there you go. Juggling work/motherhood/life/staying sane is no walk in the park. Some days it’s easy, others not so much. Some days you laugh, some days you cry. Sometimes it happens all in the one day (or hour)….
    Ronnie xo

  19. Although I do hate you for getting back into your jeans so quickly (I was really active too and only just got back into them at the 1 year mark-but I developed a post-partum thyroid disorder too…) I have to ask you to stop it right now! That baby of yours is so freaking adorable I almost can’t stand it. That 4 month picture is the best 🙂 And you’re so right about 1-3 too! thanks for sharing 🙂

  20. you and your family are super precious, Joy! I also really love Ruby’s Ole 🙂 That one made me uber giggle at how deadpan Bob was with that. You are a lucky lady, and a JOY to read every day 🙂

  21. joy,
    ruby is such a doll! my firstborn son, ace, is about 10 months older + i’m still working at perfecting the motherhood/work balance. much like you, i was a multi-tasking whiz prior to my pregnancy. now, as a full-time homemaker + blogger, i find that truly being present during my time with ace (while also contemplating housekeeping/errands/work obligations/exercise/time with my husband and for myself, etc., etc.) is a perpetual struggle. i’d love to hear more about how you structure your time between work and home.
    aja lake
    the gold hat.

  22. Hi Aja Lake,
    Thanks for your note! Its def. hard to say the least! I have some tiny tips, but I still feel so new to this whole mom thing that Im gonna wait a bit but do plan to do a post in the near future on work/life balance!
    Best to you and your little Ace!

  23. Happy 5 months Ruby! I just love all of her clothes!!! Where do you normally get all of we cute little things?

  24. Hi Joy,
    Longtime lurker here… (I first discovered your blog when I purchased one of your lovely notebooks from Open House in Philly.) I’ve always loved your blog as a source of all sorts of inspiration, and even though I’m not a yet a mom I’ve been really loving your posts on Ruby. Many of my friends have either had their first baby, or are now pregnant with their first, and it’s been so interesting for me to learn from their experiences. The benefits of exercise/fitness before pregnancy had struck me, and it’s nice to see you mention it in your post as well. I can be too much of a “planner,” and I realize that when it’s my time I will need to let go a little bit to embrace the unexpected, but it’s also nice to feel a little more informed beforehand. 🙂 Thank you for sharing these moments of your life and insight with us!

  25. Oh just look at all that sweet personality! She is so darling! And you couldn’t be more right when you say there is nothing better than making a baby laugh. It’s the sweetest thing…EVER!

  26. I have a little boy 2months behind Ruby (turns 3months today) so it is super exciting for me to read news of her as I can really relate! I 100% agree with all of your insights so far! If you decide to share, I would love to hear how you go with Ruby’s sleep training that you mentioned a while ago – we are reading Healthy Sleep Habits Happy Child too, and are thinking of starting training in the next few months or so – it would be wonderful to find out how others find it too!!

  27. She is just so lovely and nicely dressed! I love the pompom on her dress (5 months). Is it part of the outfit or added?
    Thank you for sharing!

  28. Ruby is such a sweetie! Good for you for staying active during your pregnancy. I did too and tomorrow my little dude turns three weeks and I’m feeling good enough to try on my pre-pregnancy pants. Hoping it goes well…but either way know that the pregnancy workouts have really helped post-pregnancy.

  29. Ruby is sooooo cuuutttte!!!
    I also got back into those jeans pretty darn fast. I really watched what I eat while pregnant, and am so glad I did!!

  30. Such a cute little girl! Best wishes to you and your family.
    I have a quick question, what font did you use for the numbers of months on the pictures? I love it.


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