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You know how there's nothing better than your parent's home cooking? Well, it really is so true. The one downside to living in LA is that Bob and I are far from both sets of parents who live in Philly. My dad is currently in town visiting and met Ruby for the first time yesterday! It was so sweet and seriously amazing. My dad shows his love for me in food, so soon after he arrived and played with Ruby, he proceeded to begin making a ton of my favorite Thai dishes for dinner including green curry, Pad Thai {shown}, and a bunch of other home style dishes that my parents know are my favorites. Everything we had for dinner last night really reminded me of my childhood, and of course, of home… — Joy

ps. I know some of you might ask about recipes, but since my parents own a Thai restaurant—there aren't any recipes—they just know how to make everything in their head and the way I've been taught as well. But I can recommend this Thai cookbook which is the best one I've come across so far.

{photo by Oh Joy}


  1. Aww so sweet! I’m pregnant now and live in Spain and my dad lives in Miami. He will probably meet our baby five months after it’s born too! I can’t wait for that moment!

  2. Fab photo – just perfect styling!
    Another one here too who only just recently moved to a city with one of our parents. We lived for the first 5 years of our daughter’s life with no family around. It makes it more of a challenge, that’s for sure.
    But like you this weekend, it is SOOO sweet when you see your daughter with her grandparents…

  3. That picture is destroying me. It looks amazing. I’ve been craving Pad Thai for days, but I’ve also been sick and afraid to eat anything that isn’t bland. Definitely getting some as soon as I get better.

  4. This post made me miss my parents so much! They also used to own a Thai restaurant. But now they’ve retired and moved back to Thailand. Visits from them are very far and few between. You are a lucky lady!

  5. this is so true … cooking for someone is really love and it’s also a sweet attention cook what others like … my father, similarly, is not very demonstrative, but is still cooking for hours thinking about what I like …. so touching ! (? touching? kind? sweet?;.. excuse my poor english ;-)!!)

  6. Hi Ashley!
    They used to have four restaurants, all called Siam Cuisine. The one in the city was in Chinatown. But as my parents are getting closer to retiring, there is just one left and its in Buckingham, PA! 😉

  7. This is such a lovely post. My parents own some Chinese takeaways and restaurants here in the UK, and my Dad is a wonderful chef who expresses his love for us through his food. I miss his cooking so much when I haven’t seen him for a while – right now, he’s holidaying in Hong Kong for three months. I am expecting our first baby this June but happily we only live about two hours drive from my parents, so he will get to meet his grandchild soon after it arrives. That pad thai looks amazing. x

  8. Been following your Dad’s treats,yumm!! always been a Thai food lover, and recently took a cooking class that made the green curry my Top Fav! the instructor was from Thailand and made me experience the most delicious dishes. How special your Dad is visiting and agree on his way to show his love. Thanks a lot for the book tip!

  9. As a lover of Thai food (One of the greatest cuisines on earth) I’m just so jealous of people who get to grow up with it as their parent’s home cooking.
    Now, i will not object to a bowl of my mom’s Matzo ball soup, but this cannot compete with home made Thai food.

  10. Wao! It’s so great that your dad cooking for you! My dad passed away 14 years ago, and I still miss his Caribbean dishes! Enjoy every little moment with him, it’s priceless 😉 By the way…I loooooveee Thai food, my husband it’s also a fan since our honeymoon in Bangkok! Thank you so much for the book tip!

  11. I need you to video tape your dad making Pad Thai and then upload it to facebook! We seriously need the recipe!!! 🙂


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