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With so much amazing shopping sites these days, I do find myself shopping online a lot more. But I do miss the window shopping aspect and the merchandising that you usually only get when visiting brick and mortars. There's something about a well-curated shop that tells a story and sucks you into their retail experience. That's why I love Gretel's new spring "windows". Set in Jenny Brillhart's studio, they depict what the windows of Gretel might look like this spring if it were an actual physical shop…moody with color peeking through…  — Joy


  1. Gorgeous images, love window displays too. It’s a downfall of my shop, since it’s online. I had a pop up holiday shop and it was heaven to be able to spend hours coming up with display ideas, and seeing it come together. Plus it was so special to see people interact with the products. Great find Joy!

  2. Love this post Joy. There is something very special about walking into a well-curated, lovely little boutique that was hand picked with love. BUT also there is a very satisfying feeling shopping online (Etsy girl over here) and awaiting patiently for that package to arrive on your doorstep!


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