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  1. i like this idea of waiting until you have time to actually enjoy breakfast, i tend to grab a coffee and rush off to go!
    in dramatic fashion

  2. I can totally picture myself cozying up to Serena & Lily’s throw with a book in my living room. My hubby would kick back and rest his feet on the Serena & Lily’s pouf while he reads his book. Sounds so comfy!

  3. You look amazing!! I wish I looked as good as you right after having my baby 🙂 and our mornings sound about the same, early morning baby wake up calls!

  4. Thanks Sarah!
    Ha, well, I dont put on makeup like this every day but do tend to wear that same outfit a lot…my mom uniform!

  5. Ok, Joy, your bangs are perfect, how often do you trim them? I have been trying to rock this look but it feels like I am trimming them once a week.

  6. Hi Erin,
    Aw, thanks! I get them trimmed every 2-3 weeks. They are on the shorter side when I get them trimmed and just the right length about a week later. I tried doing it myself before but I am no good with the scissors and they were all crooked!

  7. Enjoy your postings always! Can you tell me where you got the placemat, kitchen towel, etc. They are so cute!

  8. Hi Mindy,
    They are from DwellStudio, but they no longer make them. You may be able to find them somewhere else from old stock!

  9. Just found this post of you joy! Very sweet photography and I love your little story about have a sweet treat brekkie after you’ve checked to see Ruby is OK! All very cute.


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