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…when can I move in? This year we're beginning oh-so-fun and very adult process of saving for a house. After paying off years of debt from Bob's med school/residency years and my early self-employment days, we're finally at a place where our extra dough can get stored away for a home where our little family can grow. Now, being in LA, saving for a house really does not happen overnight, but a girl can dream right? These spaces {all with amazing outdoor spaces} by Jamie Bush have me in serious home lust mode… — Joy

{photos by Jamie Bush, via Dreams and Jeans}


  1. Drooool.
    We are doing the same. We live in Orange County. I have a friends in the midwest whose homes cost as much as the down payment we’re trying to save. But nothing really compares to living in Southern California 🙂

  2. We’re doing the same – since we’re in San Francisco we know it will not happen anytime soon, but it’s fun to dream about and gives you a reason to put that money away every month. What a gorgeous home above! I am drooling over that entire site.

  3. My husband and I are in the same boat, Joy! We live in Philly and are looking to move into the pretty posh suburbs, so I might be waiting a couple of years before we leave our great apartment!

  4. We are newbie homeowners having just purchased in November. My best advice is to be prepared to spend a bit more to get the “right” house. I live in Seattle and we had 7 offers on our house. There were so many homes going through foreclosure up here that everyone jumped on the house that was ready to move in 🙂 Happy saving!

  5. Oh my word how amazing! I love gorgeous outdoor spaces and I think it’s a definite must! This sounds insane but I think it would be so awesome to build my own house one day. I really don’t have much experience, my husband and I have built book shelves and living room chairs, but I saw a book in Barnes and Noble and I think we could totally do it!

  6. Wow! This house is amazing! Like Sarah said, good luck with the search. With your sense of style there’s no way it won’t be absolutely stunning!

  7. Its worth saving money for this. Every details are adorable. Its color brown earth tone paint makes your home look like inviting. Outdoor spaces are very relaxing and comfy place.

  8. This is great, Joy! Save that money! That last image with that amazing deck/outdoor space.. Yes! Lots of BBQ and minty cucumber cocktails in the future. 🙂


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