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{closet & casa} with anne sage…



who: Anne Sage, Executive Editor of Rue Magazine and Blogger

why anne rocks: I have known Anne for a few years now, and she is one very hard working gal! She's also a wicked wordsmith!

in her closet: This outfit is by my favorite label Gat Rimon purchased at my fave San Francisco boutique Mira Mira. The blouse is just sheer enough and the skirt just short enough to be alluring, but the varying shades of pink and the graphic accents keep the mood playful.

in her casa: These prints by Bay Area artist Lisa Congdon are called It's Simple and It's Complicated. Not only do I like the names, but the mix of soft pencil lines and bright clean colors appeals to the part of me that loves juxtaposition and contrast.

Thanks Anne!

{photos by Anne, portrait by Nathan Michael}



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