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oh joy {eats} snobar in west hollywood…



I'm a sucker for frozen treats, so when I heard about SnoBar in West Hollywood—described as a mixture between shaved ice and ice cream—I had to have some.


The paper thin layers make for a really fun texture to eat. Sno reminds me a bit of Dippin' Dots in that it starts off super icy cold, but then quickly melts in your mouth. But in this case, the texture is even lighter. If ice cream could whisper, this is what it would say… 


Flavors come in standard staples like chocolate, strawberry, and peanut butter as well more unique options like rose, green tea, milk and taro. I loved the chocolate peanut butter combination mixed with strawberry…a lighter-than-air Neapolitan if you will! — Joy

SnoBar / 8717 Santa Monica Blvd. / West Hollywood, CA 90069 / 323.596.7766

{photos by Bonnie Tsang for Oh Joy. My outfit: blazer by J.Crew, heart & pom pins by, top c/o LemLem, shoes from past season at J.Crew (similar), nail polish by Essie.}


  1. MMmmmmm!!! That looks absolutely divine!! I love dippin’ dots and creamy desserts. I just got back from Santa Monica- sad I missed this 🙁 Must try next time!

  2. That looks absolutely delicious! I’m a sucker for ice cream, so this looks like it would be right up my alley!! Great outfit too – absolutely perfect for such a summery treat!

  3. Looks like I know exactly what I’m doing when I get to California! (We’re moving to LA next month) I keep making a list of all the places you blog about with great food. 🙂

  4. Oooh! This looks like the milk shaved ice I had in the summer at the Taiwan night markets when I visited. They would do plain & drizzle it with sauce. My fave was peanut. I wish I was in LA to have some of this yummy treat!

  5. Wow, sounds delicious! I wasn’t sure quite what it was when I first saw the picture- looks a bit like a thin corn husk. Hopefully I’ll get to try some soon!
    Cheers, Elizabeth

  6. What a cool, modern twist on the classic Neopolitan ice cream that I remember so fondly from my childhood!
    I don’t think I’ve come across this in Sydney, yet.
    Ronnie xo

  7. we have this in Singapore, in dessert houses and it’s of Taiwanese origin apparently… haha … but I love the texture too!

  8. I’m very intrigued by this. I wish you still lived in Philly so you could review all the cool food things going on here!

  9. I’m a sucker for paper thin textures when it comes to food. I’m definitely going to try this place! PS I just clicked on your Serena and Lily link and I’m so glad I did because I found the perfect elephant pouf on sale! xoxo

  10. I love shaved snow! If you live in SoCal, there’s quite a few other delicious spots (near the 626) you can try. One of my faves is a place called Class 302 – very popular on Yelp 🙂 Love your site btw!

  11. that stuff looks crazy yummy! i really wish i could head to la more often (i’m in the bay.) but at least i’ve got a bunch of your restaurant recommendations on my wanderlust pinterest board 😉


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