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I've been sort of obsessed with black sesame lately and loving it in cookies, soy milk, and desserts of any kind. My latest favorite is this black sesame and coconut gelatin from Phoenix Bakery {a local LA Chinese bakery}. It has a slight coffee flavor while adding a richness I just love. Have you guys come across any fun black sesame treats that are a must try? — Joy

{Photo by Oh Joy, egg cup from West Elm}


  1. I love black sesame too and that gelatin looks yummy! I have had a black sesame chiffon cake which is incredibly light and yet the black sesame flavour is distinct. It was from a little cafe in Singapore called L’etoile cafe, in case you ever visit 🙂

  2. 100% Chocolate Cafe has a great sesame flavor from their tastes of japan series. I just tried it the other day and it had such a great sesame/nutty flavor. I loved it mixed with chocolate!

  3. When I first glanced at the pic I wondered – is that made out of felt? I’ve never seen gelatin that color! Sounds yummy though 🙂

  4. Black sesame gelato … at the Peak in Hong Kong. It looks like wet gritty concrete, but it’s nutty and delicious.

  5. Read through the comments and nobody mentioned the Korean black sesame milk made by Sahmyook. You can Google it and you can easily find an image reference.
    Also, since you’re in LA you can hop to your nearest Korean grocery store and pick up a pack ~ every Korean grocery store carries this product. It’s creamy and delicious. Most Koreans drink it as a snack or for breakfast. Enjoy! 🙂

  6. Oh my goodness! I LOVE Chinese desserts! Black sesame is my fav 🙂 This picture looks so beautiful and delicious. It’s like you don’t want to eat it to ruin it lol. My fav is hot Chinese black sesame dessert soup with little sweet red beans and sago ^.^

  7. I love black sesame in tang yuan (glutinous rice balls). I’m not sure if your local Chinese supermarket might sell some. You can just boil them in water, but in Singapore, some cook them and then have them in warm soya bean milk or almond milk. My mom and I cook them, and then roll them in a mixture of grounded black/white sesame and sugar. Delicious!!

  8. Sesame bubble tea! I work at a bubble tea/froyo shop that makes its sesame mix from scratch, combining white, toasted, and black sesames together for the perfect treat.


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