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bite-sized fun…



The other day, a few of my friends asked me what I was doing for Ruby's 1st Birthday Party. "First birthday?" I said. "She just turned six months, I can barely wrap my head around next month let alone six months from now." While I still have no idea what her party will entail, I can tell you that these utensils by Sucre would seem pretty perfect for it. Heck, I kind of want to eat with these utensils tonight for dinner! — Joy


  1. I ordered the bunted ones for my baby shower… So cute! I’m ordering the vintage pink striped ones for a friend’s daughter’s ice cream party. Such fun!

  2. The first birthday party approaches way too quickly!
    I left my Jamie’s party till the last minute last month and did it in one week and got almost no sleep…..
    I’m sure you will throw Ruby the most stylish soiree. 🙂
    Ronnie xo

  3. These are so awesome! They would be perfect for a baby shower I am hosting in June! Thank you, you always introduce us to the cutest things 🙂


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