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a {round} themed 2nd birthday…



My friend Lisa Wong Jackson from Good on Paper recently threw the cutest round themed birthday party for her 2-year-old son, Lucas. She always creates the best family Christmas cards and is the best at the sweet, yet graphic, details to the parties she throws. So, I had to share Luca's recent birthday because I loved the simplicity of the theme and how she made it perfectly fit a young child's birthday while also being fun for the adults too…





Held in a local park, Luca's birthday was complete with all round foods that kids love, balls and toys a plenty, as well as a snow cone truck {um, I want that at MY party!}. He had a ton of fun running and playing and even managed to lose his pants by the end of the day…now that's a good party if you ask me! — Joy

{photos by Lisa Wong Jackson}


  1. Such a cute idea! I wish I had seen this before my 2 year olds birthday last month, he loves balls. I once heard a mom at a playground refer to balls as ‘toddler crack’ since they would all come flocking if someone brought one to the park! HA!

  2. The “round” theme is so spot-on for a two year old… and it would be impossible for the graphic design and other details to go unnoticed. The party favors, the “just plain mandarins” label and the tiny blueberries lining the cake kill me with sweetness!

  3. Hi Tai,
    Thanks so much! There were a bunch of random little treats inside including, glow-in-the dark balls, fake mustaches, stickers, mini pirate stamps, candy rings, toy cars/planes. And some were customized for the older kids like mood rings and bracelets. The best part was opening them!


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