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a summer bed {giveaway} with auggie…



One of my favorite things to constantly switch up at home is the bedding. I love throwing together a mix of sheets, pillow cases, and duvets in various patterns so it always looks a bit different every time. I'm not one of those people who can sleep without any covers, even if it is a warm summer night. So when summer comes, we usually store the duvet away and add a lighter quilt on top. As an ode to summer bedding, we've joined together with Auggie {whose mini quilt we have in Ruby's room and love!} to give one lucky reader a queen-sized cross-stitch quilt and shams perfect for layering with your existing bedding for the upcoming summer months.



One lucky reader will receive the cross-stitch quilt and shams {in color of your choice!}. To enter, simply visit Auggie, then leave a comment below telling us which color you'd choose and how what bedding you'd mix it with {is your current bedding striped, floral, solid, etc.}. Entries must be posted by this Friday, May 18th at 8am PST*, and one winner will be chosen at random. Good luck!

UPDATE: Congrats to Esha R. from Somerville, MA for being our winner this time!

{*Limited to residents of the US or Canada only. Please do not leave your email or web address in the body of the comment, only in the allotted boxes. $403 total value. Winner will be contacted by email once comments close and announced on the bottom of this post soon after. Photos by Oh Joy. Other bedding in photo: duvet by DwellStudio & dotty cases by Castle.}


  1. I would pick gray as I have some strong artwork with rich colors in the room. My duvet is white, so I think it would be a peaceful color compliment!

  2. OMG I want this exact set-up! it looks so peaceful! I love anything gray and they would go lovely with my love letter bed sheets! I am totally going to need to mimic this look for the summer!

  3. i would pick grey, as my bedding is currently a mix of light blues and greys and i think it would look great together. I also have a set of white sheets so I think it would look complimentary!

  4. oo! how beautiful! i would choose the yellow, to match some floral sheets and throw pillows i already have. i think they would be perfect for our summery little cottage!

  5. How lovely! I’d go with the yellow, to brighten up the room and coordinate with the royal blue and white that’s already there.

  6. I love auggie! I would mix grey with my grey draper stripe duvet from dwell studio!

  7. The grey or yellow would look lovely with navy nautical striped sheets. Great giveaway!

  8. I’d either pick the blue or gray! They’re both so beautiful. My current bedding is floral and I think the combination would be perfect together.

  9. I would pick gray! My bedding is white with grey “hotel” stripes embroidered at the top of the sheets. These would look awesome!

  10. So beautiful! I would love to have the yellow to make my the room a little more cheerful.

  11. I love the cross stitch quilts. It would go great with my grey stripped sheets.

  12. I love gray! It’s so easy to mix textures and dress it up and down. We have a solid gray set now, need some texture in there for sure. And I’m a sucker for stripes, definitely on my list.

  13. Gorgeous! I absolutely love the texture. I think yellow would look beautiful against our dove grey sheets.

  14. I’d pick grey to mix with my yellow West Elm duvet in the winter and my multi color Crate and Barrel quilt in the summer!
    Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  15. So hard to choose but I think I’d go with fern and mix it with floral!

  16. These are so cool! I love the texture!! I’d pick the yellow, to match with my Dwell Studio Draper Stripe comforter cover πŸ™‚

  17. The fern (yellow) quilt will go perfectly with my blue mosaic Serena & Lily sheets. It will brighten up the room just in time for summer!

  18. Ooo this is a tough call. I think I would pick Gray for our bedding, but it’s hard not to go for pink, as we are expecting our first baby (a girl) July 7th and I’ve got pink on the brain! Thank you! Either would go beautifully with our solid white bedding…and would mix perfectly with any future bedding we want to add – these quilts rock!

  19. I would choose the turquoise, my bedding is already orange and I LOVE that combination!! Thank you.

  20. Love the grey! I would mix with a solid grey in the winter and white in the summer. I’d add in pop or two of yellow too!

  21. I’d pick the gray…our bedding is a random, but the grey would go with most of it.

  22. I’d pick grey! I actually don’t have a bed spread right now. I’ve been collecting pillows and curtains while looking for the right one. My room is different shades of grey with black anthropologie curtains, natural wood, whites, and various dark blues.

  23. I’d pick the pink. We have a dark masculine bedroom set with dark blue and grey stripe bedding currently. The pink would inject some fun color into the room and look great against all the dark colors.

  24. i would go with yellow! i think it would go perfectly with my pale pink sheets. plus, it will brighten my mood each time i see it hehe

  25. This is so hard!!! But since I have to choose just one, I would choose blue since I my duvet is grey. This bright blue would liven up my white sheets!!

  26. I would pick the ocean. We just have boring solid bedding right now. The blue would be so pretty for summer!

  27. We are putting together our nursery for our little girl that is due this August and I would love some of the baby bedding, namely the Little Flutter Fern, just to add some color. Everything we have picked out for her room is grey or white and I’m starting to think we need some more colors in there. I might throw in the rabbit patch quilt, too!

  28. I would choose the gray. I currently have a nice Martha Stewart set that is cool blues and grays so it would complement that.

  29. I would choose the grey set! It would be such a lovely summer addition for our bed, which currently has a green geometric-patterned duvet.

  30. Grey for sure, to go with my blue-grey walls and sheets for a soothing bedroom decor.

  31. I would pick the grey because it would go with my mixture of patterns on my bed. I loooove mixing florals, stripes and polka dots in various shades of blue white red and yellow

  32. Our current bedding is a very simple cream colored linen with white pillows. A little color in our bedroom would be great for summer so I would love the quilted bedding in “fern,” which is also the yellow color, which is also my power color!

  33. I think green as I have some muted artwork, we need a little color in our room!

  34. I love the grey! It’s so subtle, and would look great with my dark and light blue striped duvet. Thanks very much for the giveaway! πŸ™‚

  35. Oh boy! I would totally mix it with some brigh splashes of color! I might also try to put some pillows with big dots on them. I would probably use blue, green, and yellow. So pretty and I would definitely be going shopping!

  36. oh my word, this is beautiful! i love the grey, it’s such a nice complement to everything – stripes, solids, polka dots. it would go nicely with the tan and brown we’ve got going on in our room now.

  37. I dream of owning some Auggie bedding. I’d go for gray to mix with my white duvet. It’s perfect.

  38. Grey, my bedding is solid blue and I like to feel like I’m sleeping on a cloud. I’d also love to know where the futon/chair is from on the sham page on Auggie’s site!

  39. I LOVE their bedding! That cross-stitch quilt is to die for. I would pair the grey quilt and shams with our current bedding in our room. Our bedroom has greens, yellow, and we just added in grey. This will bring the room full circle!

  40. grey…it’s so soothing, and i would pair it with the lavender walls in my bedroom and crisp white sheets.

  41. love these! grey would be perfect with the serene neutrals we have in our bedroom right now… (and would continue to look good if we added a punch of color in the future).

  42. Aahh pretty! I’d pick yellow to go with my current cherry blossom pattern sheets. I just moved home and have been sweating to death every night under my down comforter. I try sleeping under just the sheets, but that’s too cold. It’s a conundrum. One that could be solved by a light quilt.

  43. love these! grey would be perfect with the serene neutrals we have in our bedroom right now… (and would continue to look good if we added a punch of color in the future).

  44. i’d pick the grey, because i think it would go beautifully with my blue floral bedding!

  45. The ocean blue is such a nice relaxing color! I think I would pair it with white just to keep it simple and clean. It would be the perfect peaceful summer combo.

  46. Yellow! The touch of yellow and cream cross-stick texture would would compliment my anthro plum rossette bedspread. The blanket and sham would be the perfect way to contrast the rich surface of the bed and add more color to my room!

  47. I like the blue because I try to make my room a peaceful oasis in calming colors in the middle of the city!

  48. definitely fern! it’ would be a lovely complement to my light grey bedroom and bedding. a sunny addition!

  49. I would pick the grey to go perfectly with my Dwell draper stripe duvet – simply lovely!

  50. I love this stuff! I would pick the “fern” color. My current bedding is dark blue, brown, and tan but I’d love to have something lighter for summer. Lately, I’m loving butter yellow and salmon. My dream would be ombre sheets of those colors!

  51. There is nothing better than new bedding! I love the grey and fern and their baby line is too precious!

  52. I like the yellow!! It’s so sunny, a perfect change for the summer months! would love to add it to our bedroom πŸ™‚

  53. I would use the blue to complement my lightweight duvet from ikea that is a simple cream with a think navy, big grid pattern on it.
    Or maybe the pink would be fun…too hard to decide!

  54. I would pick grey. it would be simpatico with my aqua dwell quilt and all my winter creams. Totally love it

  55. lovely! i’d choose grey or fern (or both? πŸ˜‰ to mix in with our grey, orange, and purple bedroom.
    thanks for the great giveaway!

  56. I would love the grey to pair with my striped yellow duvet and white sheets. Great giveaway!

  57. love the grey quilt, my husband has been bugging me to get rid of the duvet and i think he’d love this. i’m re- decorating right now and would pair this with super white sheets – ah zen. thanks for the great giveaway!

  58. I would pick grey. I have some floral sheets but would love to get some stripes and polka dots linens. Bedroom makeover!

  59. wow.. beautiful! i would keep things simple with cross stitch grey to complement our slate window shades and reddish pink toile curtains.

  60. love the grey (and ocean! and yellow!). in the summer, we loose the comforter inside the duvet cover but keep the duvet instead of a flat sheet. our sheets are usually colorful (purple, blue, green, or blue stripes), our duvet has small green circles (though we have another with an intricate colorful design). the grey quilt would live on the bottom half of the bed – would love to mix patterns!

  61. I absolutely love Auggie’s bedding! I would pick the gray quilt to compliment my all white bedding and light blue walls. Thanks for the amazing giveaway.

  62. I am moving next month and nothing says fresh start like the cross-stitch quilt in gray! It would also be the perfect excuse for new sheets! I would probably play around with some different size stripes in green or gray.

  63. I have to say…I love the neutrality of the gray! How cute would it be matched up with my bright teal sheets?!

  64. I would go with grey to tone down my extremely loud neon floral quilt. I love the bright colors for the dreary East Coast winters, but would love to cool them down for the summer.

  65. I’d probably go with grey because I have the same DwellStudio bedding! But I’d love to mix things up and be more daring with yellow or pink. These are so beautiful!

  66. I normally only keep white pima stripe bedding on my bed but i would love to add the little accent of blue with the Cross Stitch Quilt.

  67. Ooh, perfect summer-weight covers! I would give my down comforter and duvet a rest for the warm months and garnish this cross stitch set with a blanket my mom brought from Europe in her twenties along the bottom and my own needlework pillows,which have geometric patterns in bright colors up top. And then I would have to have an epic bed-jumping session to celebrate summer. πŸ™‚

  68. The yellow queen quilt would look absolutely perfect in my bedroom- I have curtains with light green leaves. How adorable!

  69. whoops, I forgot to specify the color…um, either yellow or the bright pink. I can’t quite decide!

  70. I love the yellow! It would go wonderful with my crisp white dobby sheets for a sunny summer look.
    What an exciting give away! πŸ™‚

  71. I’m so excited about this giveaway! I am a huge fan of everything on the Auggie website. I would go with the grey, absolutely! It would be a great texture addition to our current bedding, adding some delicate coziness. Fingers crossed!

  72. Lovely quilt! The fern color would be perfect with my green damask bedding and pale yellow drapes!

  73. I’d pick the yellow and pair it with our dark grey subtly striped sheets. The white and yellow would pop and would really brighten up the room for spring and summer.

  74. I would choose the pink (much to my boyfriend’s dislike) haha! I currently have on my bed a wide yellow and white stripe duvet, and I love to have fun pops of color with it! I think the pink would love fantastic!

  75. Oh wow, I would choose the Fern/yellow for sure! I already have luscious grey sheets, and the yellow would pop with them! I also have a great bird throw pillow that could use some bright contrast.

  76. I would love the fern or blue to complement my printed green bedding. I love that it is 100 % cotton.

  77. I would love the yellow or blue! It would match perfectly with my colorful Anthro quilt bedding (that has birds and flowers with all different colors on it)!

  78. I would love to add the yellow cross stitch quilt and shams to our bed that now has a navy blue duvet and chocolate brown striped cream sheets and a brown bedskirt. Above the bed is a large scale yellow tulip with a navy blue frame. Those Auggie quilts would compliment our room so well!!

  79. I would love to win the Cross Stitch Ocean quilt and shams. They would match the softest blue sheets that I got from Target. This combination would be a dream!

  80. I have a growing collection of lovely linens- from antique lace pillows, hand-woven throws, to geometric and block-print designs. Since I rotate my set up to suit my mood, a neutral gray would be perfect. There is little more comforting than a well-made bed and this subtle texture amps up the cozy factor.

  81. Beautiful ! I would pick grey to match the white and seafoam bedding I already have, however all the colors are gorgeous!

  82. I adore the peaceful yellow! We have strong hits of strong, deeper oranges and greys in our masterbed; nothing would make me happier than bring in a lighter, summery contrast. So well-crafted too!

  83. Ohh…grey! They would look so great with a set of bright stripey sheets. It would be perfect for summer!

  84. I would definitely go with yellow and pair it with my aqua blue sheets. Easy breezy!

  85. I would choose grey as it would be perfect with my ikat sheets from west elm and hand printed pillows from etsy! xo

  86. Love this quilt! And the grey would be perfect with my turquoise floral bedding.

  87. I would probably go with yellow to complement my solid blue sheets. So pretty!

  88. I don’t know exactly why, but I’d choose pink to go with my very soft mint green walls. Since the stitching is so subtle, I’d like a brighter thread color. Just moved into a new apartment. I’ve painted the entire place, but decorating is going to be a (superfun) challenge. A change of bedding would definitely help inspire me.

  89. If there’s one thing I love, it’s a serene bedroom. I’d definitely go for the grey – I have 2 pairs of sheets that I love – a crisp white set and a grey and white floral marimekko set. This quilt would be just the thing to make our room more like a deluxe hotel -which is my ultimate goal…

  90. i would go with the yellow, to add some color to the bedroom. i also love scalloped pillowcases and i think the shams would look good paired with those as well. i think the yellow could work in the fall also. i have allways loved these quilts. and im very very picky with my bedding.

  91. i would pick grey since i have all different colored(solid and striped) dwell sheets

  92. I would pick grey since it would compliment the bright colors in my bedroom.

  93. I would choose the grey–such pretty bedding!!! That color would go well with my teal OR floral sheets!

  94. The quilt is fantastic! I would totally choose the grey to go with our grey striped sheets. It would be perfect for the hot summer nights.

  95. Those are awesome. I have a striped grey duvet, and a dark smoky grey bed so I would likely go with the yellow for a little pop!

  96. Hi Joy! I would totally pick the gray cross stitch because i love a neutral bedroom. I’d pair it up with some crisp white sheets and maybe a bold coral or turquoise accent pillow πŸ™‚

  97. I love the blue! – it looks like summer, and it would be perfect with the solid colors I have now.

  98. They’re all lovely, but I would have to go with the blue or yellow. My room is very peaceful with lots of cream and white, so a bit of brightness would be great for the summer!

  99. I love the grey, and it would go nicely with our dwell for target floral duvet!

  100. So lovely, I usually favour white bedding so I would have a hard time choosing as anything would go with it, except my husband probably wouldn’t enjoy the pink quite as much so I would have to choose between the others, lately though I have really been into yellow. this would be a very nice prize!

  101. I’ve got grey solid bedding, so I think the fern/yellow quilt would brighten up my bed for spring. What a great giveaway!

  102. This contest couldn’t have come at a better time – I’m changing out my bedding and redecorating, too!
    My choice – grey (no surprise there!) to pair with the knotted trellis sheets in ink that I just ordered.

  103. I can’t get enough of bright yellow in my life. Next to my white or striped sheets, it would look perfect!

  104. oh my! Love the Cross Stitch quilt & shams in grey. Having bold wallpaper in my bedroom, finding the perfect bedding has been a challenge. these would be perfect!

  105. I would pick the yellow! My walls are light aqua and my duvet is black and white. The more layers the better

  106. So cozy and casual, love it. I would pick the grey to correspond with our sheet set. <3

  107. I would choose grey! Right now I have yellow sheets. I love the yellow + grey combo!

  108. These quilts are beautiful! I would pick blue – a husband approved color. It would go well with my floral bolster pillow to create a bright, summery bedroom.

  109. I would go against the grain and get yellow! They look sooo cozy. Thanks for hosting!

  110. i’d definitely go with the grey. i have a dark grey coverlet and some accent pillows of various colors that i’d love to mix and match with this. i can picture it now and love it already!

  111. I would pick grey because all of the colours in our bedroom are very subtle, and I think it would go well with the mossy green and light brown of our other bedding.

  112. Love the handmade look without looking too “granny”. I was going to say grey and then thought I would man up and say blue. Either/any would be gorgeous and could coordinate with just about anything.
    Cheers – CT
    (Sorry if this posted twice – computer fun)

  113. I love the neutral color. Right now I have a bright floral sheet set but I would love to balance it and calm it down with this delightful set!

  114. The grey is so lovely, but I’d have to go with the sunny yellow to brighten up my already grey and white room!

  115. Love the detailing of the cross stitch on Auggie’s quilts! I would pair the grey with Anthropologie’s Nosegay Sheet Set. It would be the perfect combo against our stone walls!

  116. The grey, definitely! It would go so well with my current lime green/white/striped bedding.

  117. I’d pick the gray to go with my current West Elm striped white/citron duvet cover. It has a nautical feel to it and I think it would be a nice contrast to the tiny, delicate details in the quilt. Also, I love the mustard yellow/gray color combo. Very understated and summery. πŸ™‚

  118. I would go for the gray! My husband and I just got a linen upholstered bed for a wedding gift and this quilt would look beautiful and so inviting against our new bed.

  119. Such pretty bedding! I’m torn between the blue and the pink. Thanks for the chance!

  120. My bedroom is all blue and white, very cloudlike, I’d for sure choose the ocean colored one! Love it!

  121. What a great giveaway! I would go with either the Fern or Ocean colors, as both would match my current bedding. What I have now has a large, graphic print and the tiny details of the Auggie quilt and shams would add a ton of visual interest.
    Thanks, Joy!

  122. Gorgeous quilt! The yellow is just what I’ve been looking for to finish our bedding set. It matches the pale blue pintuck duvet cover/pillow cases and the yellow leaf print sheets/pillow cases. It would add the right amount of texture and pattern to our bed.

  123. Who could pass up the Pony Love Quilt for babes, its simply adorable and somewhat gender neutral! Boy Howdy!

  124. We have a faux fur black duvet and pillowcases. I learnt the hard way that this isn’t practical and that it causes static! I would love to start afresh with lighter colors (I would pick grey or white) for a quilt and shams which would go with brighter pillowcases such as the neon polka dot pillowcases from Castle and Things!

  125. This is a fabulous giveaway,Joy! I would choose the grey quilt and shams to go with the faded floral sheets I inherited from my husband’s grandmother.

  126. Oh my – lovely!! The gray would go perfect with my room. I have a white duvet and dark charcoal gray sheets on light gray walls – don’t worry I add pops of color in some pillows πŸ™‚
    Much love,

  127. I would pick the grey. Our bedroom is different shades of grey and white to make a serene place for us to relax!

  128. I would choose the ocean color! My bedding now is solid white, so this would go perfectly!

  129. Wow gorgeous! I’d pick gray to match my white comforter/neutral sheets and add to the peace of the room. I would love to get that subtle cross stitch pattern in the mix!

  130. So beautiful! I love the pink color quilt which would go perfect with our floral bedding!

  131. My current bedding is grey and white stripes and solids, and the grey cross-stitch would add amazing texture!

  132. Summer bedding is the best! I love the pink cross stitch, it would look so dainty and fun paired with my vintage inspired floral sheets!!

  133. Oh my I love these! So beautiful. I would definitely pick the yellow although the blue is calling my name too. I would pair it with the brown striped blanket we have and our handstitched vintage pillowcases. My fingers are crossed.

  134. I would fall asleep as soon as my head hits those shams. They look sooo soft!
    I like the grey color because I have white and burgundy bedsheets and I’m slowly trying to neutralize the colors in my bedroom.

  135. These look absolutely lovely! My bedroom has all black furniture and white walls to showcase artwork and mementos I’ve brought back from my travels. A grey coverlet would be a nice accent to bring it all together!

  136. Love the light grey as well. Have a dark grey wall that would look nice with it.

  137. Oh I love the grey quilt! It would look so cute mixed with my mint green bedding!

  138. I do love the ocean colour, but I think I’d have to go with the grey. I’d pair it with my Marimekko sheets, which are grey, purple, blue and green!

  139. I’d go with gray which would look stunning with my blue walls, homemade suzani fabric covered headboard, and white bedding!

  140. I’d be all for yellow or grey! I might have to flip a coin for it.
    My bedding is mostly white, with dark gray sheets. Very serene, which is good because there are colorful accents elsewhere nearby!

  141. Great giveaway!!! I think I’d choose the fern or the grey to mix in with my Barbara Barry bedding.

  142. I love the grey – it would look so inviting with my white sheets and duvet.

  143. Love love love Auggie! The blue would love gorgeous with all of our linens, especially our deep orangey/red-earth colored sheets & timber ceilings.

  144. I would pick blue because it would go great with either my red floral duvet for winter or the white blanket i use for summer!

  145. OOO I really want to win this giveaway! I would pick the yellow (or fern) because I think it would look awesome with my mix of gray pinstriped and thicker striped sheets from West Elm!

  146. I like them all but I will pick GREY … to go with my all white bed, graph paper fitted sheet and blue pinstriped flat sheet. Can’t wait! xo

  147. Grey! To go with my soon to be purchased navy and white stripe sheets from west elm.

  148. Love this so much! I would choose gray to go with my gray and pink throw pillows now. Can’t have too much color in a studio apartment!

  149. An amazing giveaway! these sheets are INSANELY beautiful. I would have a tough time chosing between the grey and the yellow – and my sheets are always solid. Keepin’ it simple πŸ™‚

  150. So lovely! I am so fond of the pink! All my life, my bedding has been different blues, teals, etc. But I am so ready for a splash of pretty pink in my bedding!

  151. I would pick yellow. I think it would look spring-y and awesome with floral, white or colored sheets!

  152. {What a wonderful giveaway!} I would love to win the quilt/sham set in the gray color to match our alternating sets of sheets ~ yellow and white striped set {love the pop of color} and a light blue solid set {the comfy-ness gets us every time}. We use down comforters at the moment, but it would be such a treat to try a quilt for once!

  153. I’d love the grey! I have brightly painted walls everywhere, so I like my bedding very simple with solid white sheets and only subtle colors. Such beautiful texture.

  154. What a great product! I have blush pink walls so I’d pick the grey because with the combination of my wall colour and my pillows (sparkly gold, shiny seagreen, and dusty rose) the final product would look so feminine and classy!!!!! Love this!

  155. Such lovely bedding!! I would definitely choose the grey, and mix it with our mostly off white bedding for a dreamy cozy spot.

  156. love the stuff! i have a white quilted duvet cover and the yellow would add a great splash of cover to the quilted cover right now…love it

  157. Looks so pretty and soft. Gray would be my choice–I’m on a neutrals kick in our new house. Would blend well with my navy and white bedding!

  158. I would choose the grey – to go with our solid slate blue sheets, they’d be a nice neutral set against our pale blue walls to create a calming oasis! πŸ™‚

  159. Hi, I would pick white! I currently have a throw with some purple and green hues for summer, a beautiful white quilt and shams would look great with it!

  160. Grey for sure!! Love these quilts so much! I am about to get married in September and I am picturing a white duvet, this grey quilt along with some of our favorite artwork scattered around the room!

  161. Normally I would want the grey because grey is my favorite color but the blue would go well with my current bedding which is a floral print with nice teals, light yellows, and an olive green.

  162. The grey would be lovely with our existing sheets in either white or some shade of blue. The rest of the bedding tends to be a hodge podge of various colored/patterned blankets (my husband can’t stand our down comforter), but the grey would pull it all together!

  163. I noticed this quilt in your posting with Ruby the other day + I am happy you posted where to get it. If I won I would be over the moon with the ocean color. It would draw out the subtle teal tones in my plaster wall behind my bed and look so beautiful.

  164. Definitely grey! I redid my bedroom to be all white and was looking for the perfect grey accent, it would be divine!!! xoxo

  165. I would go with grey to try and keep everything neutral to match my white sheets. I’m the same way with covers in the summer. One leg in one leg out kind of gal!

  166. I’m leaning toward the grey or the ocean – it’s hard to choose a favorite!

  167. I love neutral bedding, so I’d choose the grey to go with my plain white cotton sheets!

  168. I think I’d go with the fern (yellow), but I also really like the grey!! I’m loving their products! I wish there were more options for queen size beds!

  169. I love the yellow! I have a grey and white checker duvet cover at the moment, and the yellow would be a great pop of colour.

  170. The grey would work nicely with my crisp white sheets and charcoal blanket… I’m also thinking of adding a a pale floral and light blush to my sheet repertoire this summer…

  171. I’d choose the grey to go with the seafoam palate I have going on in my bedroom!

  172. So perfect for summer!! I love the grey and the yellow… and the pink… and the blue! But I’d probably go with the grey or yellow. Both would complement my cozy white/gray bedding.

  173. I’d pick pink! My current bedding has lots of pink roses on it, so it would match perfectly πŸ™‚

  174. I would pick fern, it’s spring and summery. and would go well with our white and grey sheets and yellow and grey pillows. I need to always have bedding and I love switching to a light quilt in the warmer months.

  175. I would pick the blue crossstiches. I currently have a white quilt with big bright flowers on it (think antropologie but not). The Blue would help accomplish my wish of adding more patterns while not detracting from the great bright colors I already have…. maybe then I will manage to finish the walls!

  176. The cheeriness of the yellow makes it my pick. My current bedding is solid colors (brown bedspread + ocean blue sheets) and yellow would complement that scheme beautifully!

  177. Their items are lovely! My sister is having a baby and I think I’ll get her some crib sheets πŸ™‚
    I would choose the gray for myself, it’d work perfectly with my room.

  178. This set is perfection. My bedroom is currently painted black/tan chevron with tons of yellow accents (love seat, pillows, painting, etc) so I would die for the Cross Stitch Fern!

  179. Blame it on my 3 month old baby girl, but I would totally love the pink version! I’d pair it with some summery Liberty print floral sheets and a vintage chenille blanket…so girly! Hopefully my man will be a good sport!

  180. Hi – given the choice, I’d pick the lovely pink one! All the Auggie bedding is just beautiful, but I have a tendency to be “practical” and so everything is white. A little color would be so cheerful for the summer.

  181. Awesome giveaway – such a cute bed set. I’m moving in just a few days, and would love some new bedding to go with the new place. Currently my sheets are all black, white, and grey, so I would pick the ocean color to give everything some more color!

  182. I would choose grey or pink! My sheets are white but I’m redoing my bedroom in a navy/grey/yellow/bright pink scheme.

  183. My current mattress is on its way out, I’m moving to a new apartment, and I can think of nothing better for my new bedroom and mattress than this quilt and shams from Auggie. The Ocean color compliments the white cotton sheets I have my eye on and the pair would make the ideal summer-time bed.

  184. Yay, a contest open to Canadians!
    I would choose the yellow in a heartbeat. My duvet has a grey chevron pattern and my headboard is dark teal so the yellow would add a nice little pop of sunshine!

  185. Oooh I need new bedding so badly!
    I’d choose the blue or yellow, which would both look great with the light blue sheets we have on the bed most of the time. It would look so cheery for summer and I could finally get rid of our sad, old duvet cover that used to be blue, but is now just off-white.

  186. Blue! Though really I could pick almost any of these colors as they exactly match my blue, red and yellow striped quilt!

  187. I would go with the blue – it would go nicely with my solid light green duvet.

  188. i think i would chose the grey one because i am kinda in love with the all white/grey and pops of color. i am moving into a new apartment and this is the perfect way to get a fresh look for the new place!

  189. i would definitely go with the grey! It would blend in perfectly with the cream, white, and grey story i’ve already got going in my bedroom.

  190. Lovely and feminine for my guest room! I would chose cross stitch ocean for the pillows, and cross stitch fern for the quilt to go with my crisp solid white sheets and yellow walls. I love some fresh color mixed up!

  191. This is a beautiful quilt! I would choose grey to match our brightly colored marimekko sheets

  192. So pretty! I would go with the grey as I have some bright lime green and yellow throw pillows that really say spring!

  193. That pink would go great with the solid grey sheets that we have now. Just a perfect pop of color!

  194. I would pick the gray… My bedding is kind of orange and I think it would look fantastic.

  195. I love anything pink so I would have to pick the pink quilt, mismatched with yellow shams. My duvet right now is just white, so I think it would look great together!

  196. definitely gray for me. i like my bed to be simple as possible so that i can rest easy πŸ™‚

  197. great giveaway! i’d go with the grey and mix it with my solid white bedding to add a little pattern. fingers crossed!

  198. I would choose yellow – it would go perfectly with the yellow striped sheets in my room!

  199. I am in the market for a whole new bed set up, so I would pick grey and ideally pair it with a light chartreuse or faded mustard striped duvet! And a mound of dotty/flowery/squiggly/ziggy/etc pillows. The cross-stitching is so cute.

  200. I would pick “fern” – would look lovely in our new grey BR. We have solid white bedsheets.

  201. My summer bedding has a very natural color pattern… I even incorporate an old woodblock print fabric with roosters on it! The gray quilt and shams would be a perfect fit because I love mix n’ matching!

  202. I love Auggie! I’d definitely choose the yellow- I have a ton of vintage sheets from my grandma that we use on our bed, and almost all of them have some hint of yellow, so it would keep the whole bed bright and sunny! Just how I like it to be πŸ™‚

  203. I would chose the grey, I have a lot of bold blue art in my bedroom and blue bedding which I think would be the perfect compliment.

  204. I love the pink cross stitching! Perfect way to add texture and color to my solid white sheets. πŸ˜€

  205. Definitely gray! I’m all for a neutral bedroom for some peace and calm… and in a dream world I would mix it with some sheets from Dwell Studio!

  206. I’d go with the grey. I’m starting to register for linen’s in preparation for my wedding in October, so I’d probably go with some fun colorful sheets.

  207. So pretty! I would choose the grey quilt to pair with my current white runched duvet. I like pairing soft colored bedding with a pop of color on a throw pillow or an afghan.

  208. How lovely! The yellow would provide a wonderful pop of color in our natural, neutral bedroom.

  209. Hi would for sure go with grey, then spice it up with bright colours – maybe ocean blue and yellow!

  210. Wheeee! a giveaway open to Canadians! I love Auggie! I have solid grey and white sheets so the Fern would look lovely with them.

  211. oh the grey would go perfectly with my black, white, and dewy green palette! i have florals and dots in the mix already. what lovely textural complexity these would add!!!
    fingers crossed!

  212. SO HARD to choose but I would do blue to go with my grey circle duvet set from DwellStudio. Thanks for opening this to Canadians!

  213. I really like the grey! I already have a comforter with light grey and white stripes + a dark gray coverlet. (Can you tell grey is my fave?).

  214. I would choose ocean! I think these are so so amazing. I agree with you that you need different duvets/sheets during the summer, so these are so great! I would choose ocean because at the moment my room is a light green that would match perfectly with this color. I have a lot of ocean-y things as well so it would really pull the room together. I think this blue would be perfect!

  215. Ooh, grey, for certain! Our bedroom is a mix of warm greys, white and rusty brown wood, and we’re on the hunt for a light quilt to offset our current bedding… provence stripe linen duvet/shams from Restoration Hardware in Mist, amazingly beautiful but too warm and snuggly for an LA summer! (And I think our little mutt would look darling snoozing on this!)

  216. My bedding is white with a black and white botanical print along one side. I would pick the pink for a splash of colour

  217. Gorgeous! I’d choose the gray or ocean to offset our floral sheets and gray curtains!

  218. My bedroom already features grey linen so I’d definitely so with the grey quilt. But pink could be a really fun twist!

  219. I would pick grey because I love finding vintage sheets at thrift stores and markets and so many of the sheets I find have a bright floral pattern on them so its nice to pair the pattern with a few subtle colors to even it all out. It is also great to pair thrift sheets with something new and fancy like Auggie bedding!

  220. SO pretty! Bedding is one of my luxuries I just can’t afford to switch up like I would want to. I would pick the yellow to go with my floraly/birdy bedding to help bring more light into my basement (cement block walls – eek!) bedroom. Fingers crossed that I win!

  221. I love the blue one! I have solid sheets since I’m never convinced with the patterns I see. Quilts are the best, they’re so soft.

  222. I love the grey! I have really graphic bedding right now- stripes and abstract and this would be such a fresh update for summer!

  223. I *love* buying bedding. I have also thought that your bed is the best place to invest in high quality/comfortable items since you will spend so much of your life there. That said, I have a rotation of different egyptian cotton sheets (right now a bright red and orange floral) paired with a white comforter and two oversized pillows (I read in bed a lot at night, so a comfy backrest is key). This quilt/sham combo, particularly the light grey color, would fit in perfectly!

  224. Love this giveaway! Thanks for the chance to win πŸ™‚ I’d pick the pink, which would be a great way to bring a little colour into my bedroom – its grey and white stripes. . .I love subtle contrasts.

  225. I’d have to go with pink! It would have such a lovely, calming effect on the wild suzani print Duvet cover my bed is currently sporting.

  226. I would go with fern to coordinate with my duvet which is light blue and white stripes. it would add a perfect amount of subtle color to the room!

  227. I love the grey, it is sweet without being girly. My husband is a good sport about all the floral sheets, as well as using framed quilt squares from my grandmother as our headboard, so this would be the perfect way to reduce the frilly overload he sleeps in!

  228. A getaway open to Canada! We are so lucky! Thanks!!
    I would surely pick grey as my bedding is all white,, like the rest of our bedroom: white with grey and red touches.

  229. ohh! grey quilt and shams to pair with my new matteo charcoal duvet and my DVF studio sheets from bed bath and beyond!

  230. so lovely! We’ve currently got a solid green sage, I would love to add it in the grey color with it!

  231. I think I would pick grey and pair it with some patterned sheets with some color.

  232. I would pick the grey cross stitch. Our bedding is quite neutral right now β€” beige and white gingham duvet and two shams, two white shams, and white fitted sheet. We bring color into the room with art, flowers, and accessories. But for some reason, falling into a comfy, neutral-colored bed makes me feel more relaxed and snuggly.

  233. I absolutely love the grey cross stitch. I’d pair them on our bed along with our current European shams and sheets from West Elm that have a blue and white Greek key motif. (I prefer quiet and calm colors in the bedroom to set the mood) I think it would be just lovely!
    Thanks so much,
    Carol S

  234. Ooh! Gray, absolutely. All of my bedding is in the ivory to light gray range so this would go with everything. I love a peaceful bedroom!

  235. I’d have to go with grey – we have blue and grey in our bedroom and this would be gorgeous for the summer. Thank you!

  236. I’d choose the “cross-stitch pink” color! It’s so beautiful. Personally, I’d pair it with my yellow floral print sheets.

  237. I’d normally go with grey because it would match everything in my house, but I’m feeling bold and the ocean would go perfectly with my current striped bedding!

  238. I would pick grey, and I would mix it with my charcoal grey pin tuck bedding from West Elm. πŸ™‚

  239. Oh my, I love this! Looks just as cozy as all those all-white beds but maybe a bit better for a family with mess-making babes! πŸ™‚
    I think I’d choose grey or yellow and match them with some deep colored solid sheets. Lovely!

  240. Oh I love love the grey quilt! So modern but with a hint of traditional elements – love that. These would easily work with the muted yellow and white sheets we usually switch between, AND would be super cute next to our embroidered pillow cases done by yours truly. πŸ™‚

  241. I’d choose the grey. I’m currently doing a mini room makeover and because my room is in the basement of my parent’s house (hopefully not for much longer!) I like to keep the space calm. My favorite sheet set is a really beautiful medium blue from Land’s End. I think the grey would be a great compliment to those along with a couple of floral throw pillows for a punch of colour!

  242. soooo cute! i’m super obsessed with lavender+grey right now, so i would definitely go for the grey one! it would be nice to add a little texture to my solid lavender bedding! πŸ˜›

  243. its a toss up! but i think blue! and i currently have NO bedding! just random blankets. its on my to-do list to buy and this would be a great start!! i like things nice and clean so i think this would be a nice fun addition to a clean white bed.

  244. If it was just me, I’d pick ocean, but I don’t think my husband would go for it, so fern or grey it is. We actually don’t really have a bedding set, so I’d use this as the jumping off point for some pretty new sheets

  245. Oh Joy thanks for hosting this little give away. Just visited the Auggie Site and I think I am going to have to buy some bedding for my little baby boy’s crib (he is moving into it from his bassinet next month).
    If I am the lucky winner of the give away, I would pick yellow as it would add a splash of summery sunshine to our gray and white linens.

  246. I think I would pick gray for sure. I’ve been looking for a new white spread for my bed for summer and this would be perfect. Thanks!

  247. I would pick yellow. I think it would really lighten up my currently dark bedroom! Absolutely lovely.

  248. I love the Grey – so simple and will match all of my mixed and matched throw pillows! fingers crossed.

  249. I love the cross stich in fern for the quilt and c.s. in ocean for the shams. I think the color combination would help summer-up my chocolate brown sheets. If I win, I would have to knit an accent pillow combining the blue, yellow and brown. Yay for summer!

  250. I love mixed and matched bedding – we have floral sheets, a homemade quilt and different patterned pillowcases on our bed currently and would love to have the gray Auggie in the mix!

  251. I would pick the pink and since all my sheets are white, they’ll match perfectly. My winter duvet was a dark blue and I was thinking I needed something girly for the warmer weather.

  252. I would love the grey color. I’ve hunted all over for the perfect bedding and this quilt would be a lovely top layer, so cozy and chic!

  253. I would love grey! My bedding now is pink and turquoise flowers as the quilt, and blue and white stripped sheets!

  254. The grey would be perfect! … But then so would the yellow. I might need both colors!
    On one bed, we have a white duvet with West Elm swiss dot shams, and the 2-tone blue coverlet from Crate + Barrel. Our other bed has the yellow stripe Unison duvet, pale blue sheets, dot pillowcases, with a special etsy pillow in the shape of Oregon! That whole room is nothing but stripes and dots! I LOVE Auggie!

  255. I would love the grey quilt! I would pair it with my favorite black and white striped Kate Spade sheets and in the winter time throw my navy ombre duvet!

  256. So pretty! I’d pick the grey, it’s go great with my pink floral sheets. πŸ™‚

  257. I would get the yellow (fern) and match it with my dark red sheets and red Turkish throw pillow!

  258. definitely gray as its my favorite color. but also itd go well with my current neutral colored sheets! they look so soft and comfortable!

  259. The blue cross stitch quilt would pair perfectly with my great grandmothers handmade quilt!

  260. The fern (yellow) or grey is so pretty, they’d match with everything!
    Right now I have bright blue & white striped sheets, they’d look perfect together πŸ™‚

  261. They look so soft and cozy! I’d pick grey to go with my Dwell chinoiserie duvet (like in the pics!) and our West Elm grey striped sheets.

  262. Lovely! I would go for yellow! They would complement our solid grey sheets πŸ™‚

  263. I would pick the yellow or pink sheets and just throw away or recycle the old ones! Fresh for spring!

  264. This quilt is awesome. I’d pick ocean because I have a vintage map above my bed and the blue would match the color of the ocean on the map! I’d pair it was a light gray sheet set or a bright floral set I got from Anthropologie.

  265. I’d pair the yellow with the organic grey and white ikat duvet we’re currently using for a little brightness in our bedroom.

  266. I’d choose the yellow, for a pop of color! The cross stitching is so delicate and would be a great accent to my current bold patterned bedding.

  267. I’ve been admiring all the Auggie bedding and wanted to re-do my girls room just to splurge on Auggie. It would be amazing to have this quilt in grey for me instead! I love their printed quilted accent pillows as well.

  268. The grey cross stitch quilt paired with my taupe bamboo sheets would create such a serene and lovely resting place. I want to have a calm, quiet palette when I’m going to sleep… the rest of my life is total chaos!

  269. I was just on Auggie’s website and all of the colours are so beautiful. I would love any colour, as I am a newly wed and we just purchased our first house. I would put this set in our spare room and use it as inspiration and decorate the rest of the room accordingly.

  270. Love this!!! I would definitely pick the grey cross stitch because I would love to mix it with all different types of bright colors depending on my mood! I have some solids some prints and this will go with them all!!!

  271. I’d have to pick the pink colour because our apartment is rented and the walls are a boring cream as too are the blinds … the carpet [I could go on!] so a splash of colour [however little] would be a great addition!

  272. I would pair the yellow quilt and shams with our light green striped blanket. Love the soft textures!

  273. Beautiful! I would pick grey as it matches with my earth-tone bedroom.. Since we just moved, we don’t have any quilts or nice bedding for our air bed (atop a trundle where one of my kids sleeps! This would be a very nice addition add to our new home! LOVE your website! πŸ™‚

  274. Lovely! I would be happy with any of the colors since I really like to mix it up. If I had to choose either yellow or grey would be great since those are the colors I don’t have yet.

  275. Grey, grey, grey!! It would look lovveeely with my white bedding & birch colored bed πŸ™‚

  276. This is the most unique and lovely quilt I’ve ever seen! I favor the grey because I think it has the most combination possibilities! =) I have a white coverlet now, paired with very deep red accents.

  277. Grey! My hubby and I are getting a larger bed and need new bedding to match our current stripes!

  278. definitely the blue! to go with my gray sheets. this would be so much fun to win!

  279. I have actually been wanting to order some of Auggie’s Robot March bedding for my nursery, and I’d love to put this summer bed in the new guestroom I’ve created under my stairs since the nursery took over my previous guestroom.

  280. I’m wild about this in grey (or fern? i can’t decide!) with my current striped gray sheets and some golden yellow and forest green accent pillows.

  281. I would get the fern and layer it with my bright floral quilt from World Market and my green polkadot sheet set πŸ™‚

  282. The gray shams/quilt are gorgeous! It would go delightfully with the almost tapestry-like duvet I have ina navy/golden yellow/maroon print.

  283. I would LOVE the gray quilt and shams to compliment my sage duvet and cream sheets. I just moved and am trying to change things up and get settled without breaking the bank, so this quilt would be a great way to change up my existing bedding!

  284. I would do yellow! We live close to the beach and I love how the yellow would add a pop of color to our bedroom. We currently have Turquoise sheets and some hand me down John Robshaw pillows that would look great with the yellow detailing! I love Augie!

  285. I love the grey cross-stitch. It totally reminds me of white sand and drift wood. I probably would mix it with my already white bedding for a super clean and modern feel. It looks cool enough for the summer heat but cozy enough for those cool summer nights.

  286. So pretty! I would probably pick the grey so it could go with any of the solid sheets I already have. Thanks for the giveaway!

  287. Oh goodness, this is too perfect. I am doing a “big girl” room for my daughter and have not been able to find bedding. The grey would go perfect with the bright colors she wants to accent!!!

  288. Love it! I’d go for the ocean. Our bed has a lot of vibrant colors that would look perfect with this color.

  289. these are beautiful! I think I’d have to go with pink or yellow… my bedding is a multi-colored stripe so really any of these would work! thanks for the great giveaway!!

  290. I think I’d have to pick the yellow to go with my tan and white striped duvet. My pillows are bright red, tan and white so I think yellow would be a perfect go-along!

  291. What a beautiful quilt! I love the gray, so peaceful and cozy looking. Our bedding is a dark gray, so I think they would go together well. Thanks for the chance!

  292. My natural inclination would be grey, but I think I would pick the blue in this case. I have all white bedding and this could liven it up with a touch of color!

  293. oh boy – these would look so pretty on my Queen bed in grey! Thanks for the lovely give away.

  294. My walls are light turquoise. Any my sheets are brown. And somehow I think the yellow would go best!

  295. I would choose the ocean cross stitch and pair it with solid colored bedding (black? same blue maybe?) and decorative pillows πŸ™‚ love this giveaway!

  296. Love the gray or yellow – we currently have white solid sheets so any of the colors would look great!

  297. gorgeous bedding! the grey color would tone go great with my “grellow” duvet and grey walls πŸ™‚

  298. grey–I like to keep the colors tonal and mix the textures–what a great company. Grey would work well with the cream color going on now.

  299. We have a block-printed blue floral duvet that I picked up in India (and I love!) so this blue cross-stitch would go so well with rest of our bedding. This is such a refreshing look for summer!

  300. So pretty! I would love the grey to pair with all my crazy colored sheets and pillow cases!

  301. I would definitely go with the cross stitch gray! It would look great with my blue/green/pink floral bedding.

  302. These are simply lovely! I think I’d go with grey, as it will be a nice neutral to my bedding that has blues and greens.

  303. This quilt is AMAZING! Cross-stitch has to be one of my favorite aesthetics. I’d mix the Blue with my current slate grey sheets for a cool & comforting summer bed.
    Thanks Joy!

  304. I love love the grey cross stitch quilt and would probably mix it with a set of our teal sheets and white waffle shams for the summer! so fresh πŸ™‚

  305. I would choose the ochre-y hue of fern to mix in with my mainly white sheeted bed! This quilt would give my very neutral room the perfect little punch, as well as tying in the light celery color on my walls. Fern-me auggie!

  306. I’d be tempted to go with grey, but I think in the end I’d go blue, to go with our slightly off-white (and incredibly soft!) duvet. We’re all solids around here, even for the babe!

  307. My current bedding is a mix of cheapy white Ikea sheets, thrifted florals, and quilts passed through my family, and I can’t for the life of me pick a color – they would all work in my apartment! Probably ocean or grey.. I’m having an impossible time picking!

  308. I would choose the red. It would match perfectly with our bedroom decor, which has punches of reds and greys. Our bedding is plain white, so the red quilt and shams will brighten it up.

  309. I’d mix the yellow quilt with our Dwell “Thicket” bedding and draper stripe pillows for a little ray of summer sunshine.

  310. Oh my I love Auggie bedding! The cross stitch grey would go perfect with the cool blue tones in our bedroom. {fingers crossed!}

  311. I have the cross-stitch crib bumper for my baby girl and love it. I’d go for the ocean quilt and mix it with some vine patterned sheets from Plover Organic that I have.

  312. The grey is so soothing, but we have a stark white room so I’d have to go with Ocean. Our sheets are white or light blue, so the Ocean would be a perfect summer match!

  313. All of this is so lovely – my bedroom is full of soft colors, but mostly grey. I currently have grey and white striped sheets with a grey paisley duvet, so I would go for the blue quilt and shams to liven things up a bit (while still keeping it soft, for my insomnia).

  314. Beautiful! I love the cross-stitch grey. It would look lovely with the creams and slate blues that we have going on in our bedroom. There is nothing better than a gorgeous bedroom!

  315. I love this bedding, would love the gray color! It would go perfectly with my southwestern geometric wall hanging and my taupe striped sheets!

  316. I’m torn between the grey and the fern, but I think I’m leaning towards the grey. It’d give great texture to my white duvet and grey sheets.

  317. Lovely cross stitch quilts! We have medium gray and white bedding that we mix pops of color into. Auggie designs would be perfect!

  318. Oh, gorgeous! I would definitely choose Fern (yellow), it would be SO perfect with our avocado green Jonathan Adler bedding! The cross stitch texture is so darling, my mom is an avid cross-stitcher and it would remind me of her all the time πŸ™‚

  319. I love these quilts!! I would probably go with the grey and pair it with some bold stripped sheets from west elm. What a fun giveaway!

  320. Definitely the grey! My sheets are mostly solid blues, and iliketheidea of mixing up the color palette. πŸ™‚

  321. Oooh! Tough choice! I’d choose blue or grey… they both would go well in my mostly white bedroom with accents of blue and brown… sometimes we switch to grey.

  322. My husband and I are still newly weds, and we will be moving shortly to a place with enough room for a guest bed! We’re very excited, and think that grey cross-stitch will help mellow out the bright green paint that the owner has chosen for the walls. Such a beautiful way to subtly add texture to a room.

  323. Pink! My bedding is all neutrals – whites, grays and browns and I love the idea of spicing it up with some pink!

  324. our bedding is currently white with gray/brown stripes and curtains that are a bit rosey taupe so i would choose the gray…SO CUTE!!

  325. I’d choose the ocean color because I’d like to have a pop of color in the sheets πŸ™‚

  326. Lovely set!! I would choose grey, my favorite color at the moment, to match my current earth tone duvet set. The texture of the quilt is such a nice contrast.

  327. Auggie’s quilts would make any bed look inviting! I’m lusting after the pink–my duvet is white with a simple black square pattern, and I have black sheets. Would love the contrast!

  328. Right now I have white bedding with grey or tan and white striped sheets. I don’t know what I’d choose between pink, yellow, and white.

  329. I would pick the blue and pair it with some new gray or floral patterned sheets…my current sheets are an ugly off white

  330. The yellow fern would be perfect for adding a little summery light to my all blue and white bedding.

  331. Would love the ocean… Saw
    This in a store in Dallas and colors are so fresh and simple…
    I would mix w some simple sheeting maybe a single dot sheet from castle…

  332. I would pick grey! It would look cozy with our grey and white striped duvet and navy throw blanket. Thanks! πŸ™‚

  333. Oohh… I totally remember this because of Ruby’s pillow that I loved so much! Hmm.. I would probably go with the gray. Our bedding is currently all white, very simple and clean. I think the gray mixed it would be so pretty!

  334. The quilts and shams look divine!
    I am a sucker for comfy bedding. Currently my linens are a crisp white, grey and a jewel tone teal. No question, i would go with Auggie’s grey set. It would be a delight to own/win this giveaway!

  335. Lovely! I would go with the grey to complement the yellows/browns on my anthropoligie duvet cover. hope i win!

  336. So beautiful. I have a bright floral print so I would mix it with fern or ocean quilt and sham.

  337. I would have to say pink! I love that the colored element is in the stitching, it keeps a very bright color from being too overwhelming. It would lay atop my green patterned sheets. Any place you spend a third of your life should make you happy to look at πŸ™‚

  338. Beautiful! I would choose the grey so that it could really go with anything. It would go perfectly right now with my pink floral bedding πŸ™‚

  339. I would love the quilt! The grey would be perfect with my solid white bedroom.

  340. so pretty! i would pick blue and mix it with the other blues and greens i have in my house.

  341. Gorgeous! The grey would go great with my all white West Elm pintuck bedding!

  342. grey would go perfectly with my mixed/matched grey and white striped and solid linen bedding in my all white room with dark wood floors!

  343. I would definitely choose the red to contrast against the light tan of my current linen bedding.. and to match the tulips I have in my room!

  344. I am having trouble deciding between grey and yellow! both lovely choices. My sheets are currently solid yellow so I’m leaning towards yellow! fantastic set!

  345. I Love the Grey! This would be so wonderful to have. It would go great with our West Elm Duvet.

  346. Holy cross stitch, this is beautiful! Loving the pop of color in the ocean colorway, but since I’ve got soo much color going on as it is in my moroccan madness of a room, I’ll have to choose the grey…Nah, what the heck, the more the merrier, lets go with the ocean so I can convert it to a moroccan seaside madness of a room instead. Essaouira inspired. Perfect switch over for summer!!

  347. The blue ocean color would beautifully complement my grey striped duvet cover. I love the pop of color!

  348. Love! My bed frame is a bright aqua (painted ikea frame), so I keep the bedding pretty simple. Would love all gray, or maybe the red, since it’s so subtle and would be great with the aqua.

  349. Oh, this is gorgeous! I would use the pink and mix it with my solid bright white and darling mint bedding. It would be the perfect little pop of color and spunk!

  350. We (my new husband and I) would go with the blue. We are broke-grad-student-newlyweds, so we don’t have any exciting bedding (just a solid grey), so we could use a fun way to punch up our bedroom!

  351. i would love the pink to go with my white ruffled comforter and blue floral sheets!

  352. I would love the blue to go with my gray floral bedding. It would be so cute!

  353. Love the fern color – it would go perfectly with my Garnet Hill weather vane sheets!

  354. Wow, I would love the yellow/fern! It would go well with my khaki stripey bedding now.

  355. Oh my goodness, so beautiful! I would definitely choose the blue – a bit of subtle color for our bland bedroom.

  356. I would love the grey set πŸ™‚ It would look so lovely with my white linens, and add such a subtle hue. Because I am in an apartment with my husband, I like to change linens and other things around more often since I don’t have the freedom to remodel here πŸ™‚ Thanks!

  357. I would choose the yellow – it would be like sleeping in sunshine!
    My favorite sheets have little pink, orange, green, and yellow flowers scattered all over.

  358. I LOVE these quilts! I would probably pick grey, as it would compliment our yellow bed nicely and also work well with our new Dwell studio floral duvet. I am also loving the baby size quilts!

  359. I would LOVE to have the Cross Stitch Ocean Quilt. I have a grey comforter and think it would look beautiful with this addition.

  360. I would choose the pink (much to my boyfriend’s dismay) as it would go with neon lime-green patterned sheets.

  361. I would choose the yellow color! It’s so happy. One of my favorite color combinations is yellow and grey so I pair the quilt and shams with gray sheets, maybe in a geometric pattern.

  362. Beautiful! I would most definitely pick the grey color. I currently have a white and grey color scheme and love a neutral pallet!

  363. perfection. I have florals and stripes on my bed, so why not another pattern. I choose pink!

  364. Grey would go well with my current orange/cream bedding! It would create a soothing bedroom for the summer!

  365. What a great giveaway! I’d choose the yellow to bring some happiness to my neutral bedding.

  366. I love the almost knitted look to these fabrics…I would pick grey because my bed is a solid grey and these neutrals compliment the natural wood in my room.

  367. Such gorgeous bedding – and I am really due for something new. I would go with the grey since I have striped grey bedding now. It would look fabulous!

  368. So gorgeous! Reminds me of my grandmother who absolutely loves to sew and taught me much about how to construct a beautiful color palette when it comes to quilts. With that said, I’d go for the grey. My boyfriend has lovingly accepted the subtle floral pillow cases and I think the grey would fit well with the balance between feminine and masculine in our bedroom. Thanks for sharing!

  369. Ohhh I love all these colors! The ocean set would be a nice pop of color, since i have solid navy sheets and yellow chevron pillows. What a great color compliment.

  370. Yellow – we have an ocean themed quilt that could use a bright pop of sunshine!

  371. I rather like this quilt, very simple and comforting looking. I would definitely go with the grey–would go great with my pine cone hill linen ruffle shams in eggshell, ivory crushed velvet bedskirt and sage ralph lauren sheets. I think it would make a perfectly mellow mood. πŸ™‚

  372. I would pick the grey since they would match my dark grey walls and purple sheets!

  373. Love it! I have a hard time choosing, but I think the fern or the gray and maybe the blue just because it is beautiful. I would mix it with my lavender, gray, and yellow floral duvet.

  374. Ahhh, that bed looks so comfy!!!! Definitely would go for the grey, since I’m currently deciding on a color to paint my room that would also go with navy. The grey, the navy touches, and (maybe) ballet pink walls would look lovely πŸ™‚

  375. The quilt is beautiful! I would choose fern or pink as we have a chartreuse fabric covered bed and mainly use a colorful vintage floral patterned sheets.

  376. I’d love to get them in blue and match them with floral. Thank you πŸ™‚

  377. Oh, I had a hard time choosing- I like both the ocean (blue) and pink. I think I’m going to go with Ocean, though. =)
    I would probably pair it with a bright solid blue of the same colour…or maybe a bright floral.

  378. Gorgeous! I would love the ocean color to pair with deep gray sheets and a crisp white duvet cover.

  379. oooh soo pretty! I would pick the yellow as my bedding is currently solid color greens/browns and would match so nicely! πŸ™‚

  380. Currently on the hunt for new bedding. The grey Auggie quilt and shams would match our light grey bedroom perfectly!

  381. I would keep it simple and choose the gray quilt, with my white sheet set and a hot pink throw pillow for a splash of color!

  382. If I won, I would pair the Ocean colored shams and quilt with some pale turquoise sheets that I have that stay so cool when it gets so hot. It’s almost as if the color contributes the temperature.

  383. I’d have to go with the pink. It would be the perfect compliment to my current white, textured bedding.

  384. This all looks so perfect! I would love the grey with a strong cranberry. Beautiful!

  385. How pretty! I would pick blue to compliment my light blue sheets, eggshell walls, and a painting by my brother that I just hung above my bed. The current quilt on my bed is getting a little warm, so fingers crossed that I win!

  386. They are all so beautiful and perfect that it is tough to pick but I would go with the grey because it is so elegant and simple and lovely.

  387. Grey or ocean…the rest of my bedding is white, so either would look great!

  388. I love the grey quilt! My husband and I just got married last summer and we are expecting a new baby this fall! We just moved into a new apartment and out bedroom is painted grey. We have mint green striped sheets that would look so lovely with this quilt. Auggie is a great shop!

  389. I love all the quilts and colors. I’m a big fan of cross stitching after doing this design project in school ( I’m a recent renter so I all my bedding is mix and match. I think the fern would be great for my sensibilities! All my bedding is white, brown, black and grey. The pop of bright, but still light and warm color would fit well. Even if I don’t win I’m totally putting this bedding on my “save up for my big girl bed” list.

  390. omigosh love <3 grey please, to go with our dark blue sheets & greenish flowery pillow cases!

  391. i would pick the gray! I have salmon sheets, so they would look gorgeous together!

  392. Gray! No, wait blue. Okay gray! I really can’t decide. If I win, suprise me? I love both! So lovely.

  393. How lovely! I am torn between the yellow and gray, but I’d pick the gray to go with my navy sheets and white curtains with a simple floral design. These are beautiful!

  394. I would choose grey because my current duvet is charcoal and my favorite sheets are white with grey, satin edges. I think this would tie it all together! What a gorgeous bedroom.

  395. The Yellow would look great in my new bedroom! We have teal blue walls and the sunny color would be perfect for the summer.

  396. I would choose the grey, and would pair it with my striped bedding. Thank you!

  397. Yellow, please! Our bedroom is white and tan and I think the yellow would add a perfect pop of color on our wrought iron bed πŸ™‚

  398. I would love the yellow set! Our room is grey with yellow accents, white bedding. It would be a nice calming touch on yellow. So cute!

  399. I absolutely love the grey! I have dark grey solid sheets and floral cases, this would go perfect for summer!

  400. I love the grey set, would look great with my multi-coloured stripped sheets! Thank you!

  401. I would adore the yellow quilt + shams for Summer. They would go smashingly with my bright purple, mint green, coral, and ochre Ikat Anthropologie sheets and bright dandelion-colored bedroom walls!

  402. I would choose the gray set… which would go nicely with our set of blue and silver sheets. Thanks Joy!

  403. i’d pick the yellow color that would definitely brighten up our new bedroom.

  404. What lovely bedding! I would have to go with the pink quilt, which would go great with my current light blue sheet πŸ™‚ Thanks for this giveaway!

  405. Beautiful! I’d pick grey. It would go nicely with my dusty teal sheets. Thanks for the opportunity.

  406. I would choose yellow. I just bought a yellow pair of shoes a few days and just love having bits of the color throughout my wardrobe. How fun it would be to have bedding in yellow too! Thank you, Joy!

  407. Grey for me! It’ll go great with anything. I was just thinking about options for summer sleeping!

  408. The pink quilt would match my current bedding perfectly. I have a floral comforter that is celadon, maroon and pink and this quilt and shams would complete the ensemble so nicely.

  409. I would go with the yellow for sure to match my amazing wedding quilt my mom made for my husband and I from leftover cloth wedding napkins! Love this give-a-way!

  410. i’m choosing……pink. would be so soft and sweet. kind of summer flowerish. my current duvet is grey.

  411. Great giveaway. I wld love the grey bedspread. It wld be perfect for the warmer weather and wld look great with my yellow and grey stripped bedding.

  412. my bedding is all white, so i think i would pick the grey or fern. the fern would bring a summer cheeriness to my room! love this.

  413. I would pick the yellow or pink to add some needed color to the bedroom.

  414. I would go with cross stitch pink to go with my grey and white bedding! That site is so adorable!

  415. Love the grey quilt & shams. Would pair it with our yellow/red/gey striped bedding.

  416. I love Little Augie! I just bought crib sheets from them.
    I’d get pink if my husband would let me, or gray if he won’t. πŸ˜‰

  417. I love the pink! I’d pair it with my current anthro bedding…a crazy mix of patterns that goes by the name of Pavo!

  418. This post is perfectly timed! I’m on the hunt for a lightweight, summer quilt and this set is beautiful. I would choose the pink cross stitch to complement my cobalt floral and crisp white sheets.

  419. Oh what beautiful bedding ^_^ these look incredibly cosy and luxurious, perfect for curling up under while waiting for sleep to find me. I’m completley smitten with these cross stitched beauties. I would love a grey stitched quilt to go over my crisp White sheets and the red stitched shams to compliment my White and coral embroidered throw cushions. These would work a treat with my taupe linen upholstered headboard and would make my bedroom complete.. I’m keeping everything crossed these : )

  420. I would love to win the quilt and shams in grey to add some more pattern to my bedding. I think it would make my grey and white stripes from west elm and charcoal and white plaid from ikea one big happy bedding family!

  421. I love this bedding! I would pick grey to go with our ochre yellow walls, and I love the mix with polka dot bedding above, although I think we would end up mixing it with stripes.

  422. Definitely going for grey to cozy up next to my taupe bedsheets and black and white blanket with dogs on it! πŸ™‚ haha

  423. Love them! I’d go with grey to complement our solid blue sheets. That would be a wonderful update to our current bedding!

  424. I would love the gray- so perfect for the set up I’m trying to create for me and my husband’s bedroom!

  425. These are lovely! I’d pick the grey to go with my Jonathan Adler bedding (Hollywood pattern). Woo!

  426. yellow please! it would give me a good excuse to buy some striped grey bedding to go with it. πŸ™‚

  427. I love the grey. It would look lovely with the teal accents in my bedding. Beautiful!

  428. I think I would go with the grey, it would look great my sage green sheets and woven cotton blanket!

  429. Ooh so lovely! I currently have some hand knit & hand crocheted blankets on my bed that I think would look GREAT with the grey!

  430. gorgeous! i love the texture. i would choose the grey to go with my yellow/white chevron-striped sheets!

  431. Hey Joy. I’m so happy you’re doing this giveaway! I would love the fern color and definitely mix it with my striped sheets πŸ™‚

  432. Definitely the grey, which I would pair with brightly colored sheets in the spring/summer and comfy flannel sheets in the fall and winter!

  433. Love love love these!! I would go with the gray. Right now I have black and white pinstripe sheets with green pillows. Definitely in need of a summertime quilt!

  434. I love this, and I want it so much! I would choose grey, and keep it plain and simple in my white bedroom.

  435. Wow, super lovely. Grey for me of course – to match my graphite walls and other grey and white bedding. Mix and match rules.

  436. PINK!!! I have pink polka dot sheets for this summer, and the pink crosshatched shams and quilt would look great! Thanks as always for the great giveaways!

  437. I love the pink. I would mix it with prints like floral, stripes or polka dots. thanks for the giveaway.

  438. I have solid white pintuck bedding – so a pop of color from the pink would be super fun!

  439. I would choose grey to coordinate with my mustard yellow, textured coverlet. The quilt is very beautiful.

  440. I would totally get the gray — I too like to switch up our bedding and right now I’ve been playing around with mixed vintage florals. My current scheme would work nearly with any color!

  441. Gray would look beautiful with our mismatched striped sheets and tattered old patchwork quilt.

  442. The quilted look is gorgeous. I would go for the fern (yellow) quilt as my bed is in shades of white and blue. I have Oxford blue sheets and the bright yellow would complement it well.

  443. Perfect timing! I’m decorating a guest room currently in blues and greys. I’m actually leaning towards the ocean color so things don’t become too neutral.

  444. so hard to choose! all the colors are so beautiful. i would choose the gray to go with my citrine floral print sheets.

  445. I love the simplicity of these quilts! I would choose the gray cross stitch quilt and shams, which I think would look great with my navy blue sheets!

  446. my room is gray so its really in need of a pop of color in the bedding department. i would love the blue or fern to go with a complimenting colored stripe sheet. so cute!

  447. These are gorgeous! I would love grey to mix with my white background blue floral duvet or just with my solid soft blue duvet. Compliments either! Thanks for sharing!

  448. Fern! I’m about to switch to a striped duvet and it would be divine! Oh, and my son’s name is Augie. Just sayin!

  449. Pink. I’ve been looking for bedding for my daughter that she can grow up with. Thanks!!

  450. I’d choose Yellow/Fern… it would perfectly match the yellow sheets and accents in my room!

  451. Oh my goodness! Thank you so much for introducing me to this brand. I love their stuff. I would choose the Ocean shade and mix it up with my light blue starburst-patterned sheets and teardrop-patterned shams. The rest of the room is a warm neutral so I need some blue to cool things down.

  452. I would choose yellow, because it’s gender neutral enough that my boyfriend wouldn’t mind it–especially since our bedroom is already painted pink.

  453. Love these! Seems so classic, and yet with the stitching so close together it looks fresh and fun and textural! I like crisp white sheets, so the gray would add a nice element of interest without clashing with my many pieces of artwork nearby.

  454. O’ wow! I’m thrilled Canadians are allowed to enter this particular contest!! I LOVE bedding and that it’s so easy and fun to switch up, whether its a seasonal choice or mood (by which I change often – ha!) We’ve just painted our bedroom gallery white to help offset our colourful pieces (prints, lamps and vases). Much of our bedroom furniture is a charcoal grey as well, so to keep things beautifully neutral with the grey quilt and shams would be an amazing balance of tones! *fingers crossed*

  455. I would go for the gray! I have a bright and poppy floral duvet, so a nice neutral would go well. Great giveaway and company!

  456. Love Auggie! This bedding is gorgeous! I would definitely select the gray to pair with my soft and solid white sheets! Sounds like perfection!

  457. This is SUCH amazing bedding.
    I would definitely pick the fern, and think it would cheer up my
    (kind of drab) bedroom!

  458. I’d have to flip a coin between fern and grey, such a difficult choice for such beautiful bedding!

  459. I love the fern color! It would look great with my muted turquoise geometric duvet and grey-blue walls!

  460. I would pick blue because it picks up the blue flowers in my indian quilt that is a mix of red roses and paisley.

  461. Oooh, I love the yellow and grey– such a tough decision! I think either would look great with floral sheets, which I am dying to get.

  462. Definitely the ocean color – we have a white comforter and ice-blue walls, so it would match beautifully.

  463. The Queen Cross Stitch Quilt in Ocean would go perfect with my graphic block printed pink Kantha blankets and white Morrocan Wedding blanket.

  464. the fern option is so pretty. i have some paisley sheets that would look nice with the quilt and shams in that color.

  465. So lovely! I would choose the grey to complement my soft green and blue floral sheets – I love neutrals mixed with pops of colors! And I have been dying to own a quilt as I live in a 1920s cottage β€” it seems fitting.

  466. what lovely bedding! I think the grey color would go best with my neutral tan and cream duvet and the pops of turquoise throughout my room πŸ™‚

  467. I would pick the Fern color. I think it would go great with my current spread is a grey purple with a leaf print.

  468. I would pick fern and match with a bunch of other, similar colors. Fantastic offer!

  469. I’m in love! I would pick ocean queen quilt to go with my navy anthropolgie comforter! xxoo

  470. I would probably pick the blue or the yellow, but I love all of them. And I’d put them with my white bedding. Love the Auggie line ~ have their rabbit patch pillow cover already (thanks to Ruby’s nursery inspiration)!

  471. Oh I LOVE this! I’d pick yellow and pair it with my thick-striped grey and white duvet. I think I’d even brave the summer heat because the combo would be so pretty!

  472. Definitely grey, because it is neutral and versatile. I can mix and match with other bedding colors and textures that I already own. Hoping for the best!

  473. I would love the grey!! My current bedding is a white matalesse and I’m all about texture! The gray would provide another great neutral element to my light sea foam walls and pops of poppy!

  474. Cutest bedding for babies and toddlers! And love the understated style of the quilt. I would pick the grey and add colorful sheets and pillows.

  475. So beautiful! I am in need of sprucing up for summer. I would pick yellow to match my curtains. I would then pair with some new sheets to give my room a kiss of sunshine!

  476. I’d pick yellow! We have slate gray sheets that go with the orange, yellow, and green quilt my sister-in-law made for our wedding, but I like to switch it out to make sure it doesn’t get too beaten up!

  477. I’d go for grey! We’ve got cool, pale, solid greens, blues, and whites currently, and the grey would be an extra layer of moodiness. πŸ™‚

  478. I LOVE the grey. I would pair it with my striped sheets! I am moving and in need of a little change! Thanks for the wonderful giveaway!

  479. Mixing neutral colors in varying textures is my favorite decor technique. I would pick the grey, and pair it with my black and white dotted throw, and gunmetal and white bold striped taffeta drapes. With a like color palette, mixing patterns looks chic and lovely!

  480. Ooh that bedding is perfect! I have a very eclectic mix of floral bedding, some old (grandparent-era!) and some new. They grey would be my choice!

  481. I would chose grey…or yellow! both would work in our bedroom. I would also probably buy some new sheets- would love me some polka dotted ones! πŸ™‚

  482. I love the pink! I would match it with my purple anthro quilt and DIY fabric headboard.

  483. I love these. The grey would look great with all of the other neutral bedding in my room.

  484. I would love the ocean cross stitch as I have a few sets of sheets in blue and green that would coordinate perfectly. It would be nice to freshen up my bedroom for summer!

  485. Grey is usually my go-to, but I’m in love with the Fern! It would be such a pretty pop against my grey and white striped bedding. Auggie is amazing!

  486. I love it in grey. So perfect for mixing with existing bedding, as you mentioned. So cozy !

  487. This quilt looks so cozy! I would choose the grey as the perfect neutral to go with my crazy multicolored red pink and blue bedding.

  488. I’d pick the pink, as my current bedding is pink and violet with florals. This addition would look amazing with it!

  489. I’d choose yellow! I think it’ll compliment the dark grey walled room we’re moving into and light teal bedding we own.

  490. gasp! my boyfriend and i have soft acqua sheets so the grey would be perfect! though i’d probably have to throw a homemade colorful quilt i got at a yardsale over the foot of the bed. i alwasy have to punch up the color a bit!

  491. Oh how cozy! The grey would look fabulous in my room! I would top it off with my awesome Abraham Lincoln pillow for a fun accent!

  492. i would pick yellow to match my summer toes sticking out from under the covers on a warm north Carolina night. love the design! love your blog joy!

  493. I adore the yellow quilt and shams! It’s the perfect summer color and would go perfectly with our lime green sheets πŸ™‚

  494. i would pick the gray – actually i love the exact set you have pictured. i currently have my grandmother’s quilt on my bed but this would be great for some light and airy summer bedding.

  495. I’ve been looking for something like this! I would choose Fern, perfect for the new duvet that I just got it is a twig pattern.

  496. i would like to win the blue quilt to match with my yellow walls. perfect timing !!!

  497. Lovely! I want the yellow! I have an entirely white bedroom… walls, sheets, blankets. With subtle pops of just about every color… except yellow. I totally need these to complete my bedroom!

  498. Tough choice! With my pale turquoise walls I would choose the grey. I have a great set of grey stripe sheets from west elm and a this beautiful quilt and pillow case set would look amazing paired with them.

  499. Ah they look so comfortable! Yellow would just make it feel like summer inside!

  500. I love this quilt, I would definitely pick grey as there is some in my comforter and it would compliment the blue and yellow also!

  501. I like the ocean color. It would go nicely with my alice in wonderland pillows and pink sheets πŸ™‚

  502. yay! I have been looking into new bedding for the summer! Grey would go perfectly with my purple walls πŸ™‚

  503. I have been crushing on this bedding for months! I would get the blue quilt and the pink shams (if it all has to be the same color, I would get the blue). All my fitted sheets are white, but my pillowcases are blue floral (sort of a liberty floral) and I think they would look great with the blue quilt! I love to mix and match my bedding πŸ™‚

  504. I would definitely go with the grey. It would go well with the red and pink ikat throw and red striped shams I’ve got!

  505. This is exactly what I have come to love in bedding–simplicity and snuggle-bility. I would layer this with the crazy quilt my grandmother made in winter, and with my batik-print sheets in the summer. πŸ˜€

  506. I would pick the blue or the yellow. My current bedspread is has green, blue, and yellow, so my room has been decorated to match. The blue or the yellow would go perfectly!

  507. definitely yellow to mix with an orange, pink and yellow floral duvet i got from PB teen years ago. i love mixing patterns.

  508. I would love the bedding in pink…my daughter already has some bedding from rikshaw designs taj line and this would be the perfect compliment to her Pink elephants.
    Love love love!

  509. This looks so luxurious and perfect! I’d love to drift off to sleep in this bed every night. I’d mix with stripes of course! In soft blues and greens.

  510. I’d have to choose the grey, mostly because our bedding is all white (sheets, fluffy duvet, shams) and these would add such a beautiful contrast! Excited for the chance to win!

  511. I’d have to choose the grey, mostly because our bedding is all white (sheets, fluffy duvet, shams) and these would add such a beautiful contrast! Excited for the chance to win!

  512. I love the ocean color! It would look wonderful with my pink floral sheets!

  513. Talk about cozy! These look like they are ready to be spread out under a big tree and enjoy a beautiful day! I would have to go with the grey to go with my wonderful white and orange batik print bedding.

  514. Cute bedding! I would pick the yellow to give my current bedding a pick me up.

  515. Lovely! I would pick grey to go with my navy and white floral sheets. I do also think the yellow is very cute.

  516. My current bedding is plain old solids (white and light blue) so I think some pink from Auggie would be perfect to liven things up!

  517. How fun! I’d definitely pick grey to go with my current grey sheets and I’d mix it up with my fun, colorful, mismatched throw pillows

  518. My duvet has green flowers, so I think I’d go with the pink — so lovely!

  519. I would definitely choose the yellow quilt and shams and pair with my Pendleton glacier park throw. Toss on a few needlepoint JA pillows:)

  520. beautiful!!! i would choose ocean to pair with my solid gray sheets. πŸ™‚ thanks!

  521. I’d pick the grey. My current bedding is all white…there’s something serene and relaxing about it. πŸ™‚

  522. any of the colors would look good with my white sheets, but I think I would pick the gray

  523. I’d pick grey. My current bedding is white…there’s something serene and relaxing about it. πŸ™‚

  524. Love to yellow cross-stitch! It go perfectly with our west elm striped sheets in gray, dwell studio Mandala comforter.

  525. I would pick the yellow. I would have my gray sheets and floral yellow and gray pillows from west elm go with it! Amazing!

  526. The ocean is so pretty! It would go perfectly with my sea-blue/green bed set! Love this giveaway!!

  527. I’m a grey-yellow lover, so I would layer those beautiful yellow shams and sweet quilt up with some solid grey sheets!

  528. So beautiful! And hand stitched! I would pick grey. My current sheets are white, but striped. The grey cross stitch would be fun to play with – mixing and matching other accent pillows and pillowcases!

  529. They’re just the prettiest! thanks for the great giveaway!
    I would choose the Cross Stitch Ocean to go with my solid plum bedding.

  530. What a great giveaway!!1 I would definitely go with the grey since our room has gray walls and it would go well with our current white bedding.

  531. this website and bedding is just delicious – love, love, LOVE it!! i would choose ‘ocean’ – and the bedding would be used for our guests (there is something so nice about sharing your best stuff with others!)…i see charcoal sheets with the crisp white and cross stitch ocean pattern…inviting and fresh, mixed with a scented candle would make all guests feel at home πŸ™‚

  532. Wow, I’ve actually been on the hunt for a grey quilt, so this would be amazing! I just bought a pair of beautiful vintage floral drapes in pink, green, yellow and grey, and I think this bedding would look perfect paired with them. Throw in a few of my collection of pillows and a set of retro sheets, and I would have the most stylish bedroom ever. Thank you for the opportunity!

  533. The yellow would match my bedroom perfectly and add a little color to my solid white sheets. Not to mention the fact that I am ALWAYS cold and would never turn down the opportunity to add another blanket to the pile. Thanks for the giveaway!

  534. i love everything grey so i would pick grey and pair it with stripes! I LOVE AUGGIE!

  535. I LOVE these. I would choose the yellow! I have blue stripes on our duvet. A nice dark blue and I keep a nautical theme in the bedroom for now so primary colors work so well. (:

  536. I am kind of a plain jane/minimalist girl so I would probably have to go for the gray set on top of my white duvet. We do have some colorful pillows and accessories in the room though. πŸ™‚

  537. I would pair the Ocean quilt with my white/citron striped duvet. Such beautiful quilts! Thanks.

  538. OBSESSED!
    These are the most beautiful bed linens I’ve ever seen. They just look SCRUMPTIOUS! I love all of the colors! I think I’d go with the grey, because it’s such a warm, lovely grey. And the neutral would be a perfect off-set to my bold walls. GREAT giveaway, Joy. πŸ™‚

  539. What a perfect summer quilt. I have lovely, textured, light grey sheets that would look beautiful with either the ocean or the fern.

  540. Here in San Francisco, summer can be the coldest time of year so we still have lots of blankets on the bed. The blue would look great with our lime green tulip graphic print duvet cover and grey t-shirt sheets.

  541. These quilts are wonderful, what a great giveaway! The pattern reminds me of this fuzzy yarn “x” pattern sewn into the blocks of one of our family quilts at my grandmother’s home. I think the grey Auggie quilt would add beautiful texture and softness to the Denyse Schmidt “Single Girl” quilt I am currently making in bolder colors.

  542. These look amazingly cozy and beautiful! I would chose the gray quilt and pair it with native print sheets for a burst of color and design!

  543. LOVE this bedding, hope I win!!! I would choose yellow and mix with floral sheets in bright colors.

  544. I would definitely pick grey, my current bedding has blue pattern on it, I think they’ll look perfect together!

  545. What a fantastic giveaway, I was just browsing their site yesterday! I would choose the grey (is my favorite color) and I’d pair it with my white bedding πŸ˜‰

  546. This quilt is awesome!! I would love to have the pink! I usually gravitate towards grays, navys, and whites and this would be perfect to spice up our neutral white pinstripe sheets. Many Mahalos for the give away!

  547. My husband and I recently bought our first bed -nice upgrade from sleeping on a simple mattress! We picked gray-brown for the new bedroom furniture so I would also go with gray for the quilt and sham. Beautiful.

  548. I love blue but I’d prob choose gray, since our bedroom walls are gray, so it would coordinate even while paired with bright/patterned cotton sheets in the summer!

  549. I would pick the grey quilt, would look perfect with my grey and white duvet.

  550. I love the quilt in Fern! It would look great with my chevron sheets, which are white and light blue. I also have a butter yellow waffle blanket on the bed that would look great between the two. This is making me want to go back to bed!

  551. Definitely grey. My bedding is currently white and white and grey are the perfect calm comfort for me.

  552. So pretty! If I had this beautiful Auggie quilt I would pick blue to pop against my yellow and white striped sheets from West Elm. Beautiful!

  553. PINK! Just the perfect amount of color for welcoming summer. I’d pair this with my bold, moroccan-colored pillows and large-print floral sheets. Fresh cut flowers from the garden on the bed-side table would be the icing on the cake.
    Great give-away, thanks Joy!

  554. These are so lovely! I would pick Ocean to pair with our crisp white sheets.

  555. I would go for the grey! It would fit well with my current set of bronze blankets and neutral tree ring silk pillows from west elm.

  556. I would choose the fern color and pair it with my dark charcoal duvet cover.

  557. My current bedding is actually the Dwell Chinoiserie bedding that is pictured, but I think I would go with yellow to pair with it which would brighten everything up for the summer!

  558. We just got a new bed and I’ve been searching for the perfect bedding. Here it is! I love all the colors but think I would go with grey and blue. Thanks for the offering such a fab giveaway!

  559. Loving all of this. I really love the grey. Thinking that if I won, I would treat myself to some new bedding to freshen things up.

  560. Beautiful – I would pick the grey quilt and shams. I love neutral colours, especially in bedding, and grey would go so nicely with my white duvet and very pale blue/grey sheets.

  561. I had a hard time deciding – all the colors are so beautiful! I think I would go with the grey though. It’s just so soft.

  562. Lovely! We like to keep our bedroom very simple to maximize relaxation. Currently everything is white, but I think the lovely Gray would add a lovely touch of texture!

  563. i love the grey!! it would be a perfect pairing with the light green accents and grey pieces we have in our bedroom.

  564. I’m a bit of a bed purist- all white duvet, sheets, pillows. But i think the beautiful grey quilt would add lovely texture and help me mix it up (a bit).

  565. I recently picked up a beautiful organic ikat duvet and euro shams from West Elm in shades of blue, taupe, cream, and grey that I would love to pair with the Auggie cross stitch quilt in grey.
    Thanks so much for the giveaway!

  566. I recently picked up an organic ikat duvet from West Elm in shades of grey, taupe, blue, and cream which I think would pair beautifully with the Auggie cross stitch quilt in grey. Thanks so much for the giveaway!

  567. Gorgeous bedding!! I would definitely pick either the turquoise, or grey, or fern as they are the colors we picked for our bedroom. It would accent well with the white bedding and comforter we currently have.
    Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  568. We have solid blue bedding, and brown bedding. And a white duvet cover. I think the ocean color would be perfect!
    soluckyducky at gmail dot com

  569. I would go with the grey! It would look really pretty with my bright colored floral bedding πŸ™‚

  570. Definitely the grey since I like the neutrals better to match with any sheets I have (floral, navy or other patterns)!

  571. those look super cosy!
    The grey ones are fabulous, but I’d choose both the quilt and shams in ocean, to match the teal quilt that my boyfriend and I just received as a gift from his grandmother (who handmade one for each of her 9 grandchildren). They’d fit in beautifully with our cafe-au-lait, cream and teal bedroom πŸ™‚

  572. I actually have the same dwell studio bedding as you do, in the picture above and I *LOVE* it. Ever since I got it, about two months ago, I’ve made my bed every single day just because I love looking at it on my bed! This was not usual behavior for me prior to this duvet cover πŸ™‚ I would probably pick the yellow quilt to layer over it, since that would bring a hint of color for spring/summer and I love yellow!

  573. This is dream for me! We recently moved our 3 yr old out of room. We are in desperate need for an update!

  574. I would LOVE the grey! I just bought orange damask bedding and have not been able to find a coordinating quilt and shams. This would be perfect!!

  575. What an adorable set. I’d probably pick the ocean quilt and shams, as they would go with the pops of fuschia in my room. I’d get some fuschia shams to coordinate.

  576. I am torn over whether to pick the turquoise (my favorite color) or the gray, which would be the more sensible choice for coordinating with the other colors in my bedroom. Le sigh.

  577. I would choose the grey quilt to go with my yellow, grey and white floral bedding.

  578. I love the grey. Grey is simple, peaceful yet beautiful. I would pair it with our mixed bedding that we have now- paisley, solids, polka dots. I love the mixture of bedding and looking like I just threw it all together- which I do!

  579. I would love the grey set, we’re in the process of moving and it would inject some new life into our solid white bedding.

  580. I would choose the grey, it would be so pretty in the bedroom of the house I’m about to move into and look nice with my white sheets.

  581. Pink! I would definitely choose the cross stitch pink shams. My current bedding is all white, with the exception of some hot pink pillowcases and/or pink polka dotted pillowcases. I like to keep my bedding simple with a little pop of color. The Auggie quilt and shams look amazing and I’d happily snuggle up with them.

  582. I would pick yellow! I love the texture. My current bedding is all white and textured a bit like seersucker and my headboard has pops of yellow in it but I have been trying to figure out how to add a little more yellow somewhere else. This would be perfect!

  583. I love sleeping under and layering quilts. If I were the lucky winner, I would mix the gray or yellow quilt with my white and gray striped sheets, my DwellStudio bird shams and a chocolate and cream existing quilt. This stuff from Auggie is the pep-me-up my bed is calling for.

  584. So cute! I would do grey mixed with bright solid color sheets. Perhaps a rich pink or yellow. πŸ™‚

  585. Wow these are beautiful! I love the textures! I would love the Fern Cross Stitch Quilt and Cross Stitch Shams to go with my green leaves comforter set.

  586. ooooh, beautiful. Thanks for this giveaway! I’d choose grey, for sure. I usually go all-white with bedding, but the walls of our bedroom are grey/blue, so this would be fun to mix in.

  587. oh, it’s so hard to choose! I think I would pick the grey. I have a bunch of different colorful and fun pattered sheets that would really be grounded with the grey color and look good with the added texture!
    SUCH an amazing giveaway!

  588. I love the cross stitched gray and would mix it up with orange-red striped and graphic pillows and a crisp with bedspread!

  589. Quilt and shams of choice would be the fern shade to compliment the stunning forest view from the guest queen bed vantage point. Wonderful giveaway! Many thanks…

  590. I would mix cross stitch ocean with my west elm grey and white striped sheets. The combo would mix well with our mocha colored walls.

  591. Fern + Ocean would go very well with our navy-and-white striped Unison bedding πŸ™‚

  592. I would pick the blue. Currently my bedding is white….kinda boring. This would give it some color and also it would welcome my new baby boy this August. Thank you!

  593. Love! I’d go with the gray to coordinate with our gray walls. We have an awesome red and white chevron quilt from Anthropologie/APC that it would look so awesome with!

  594. my favorite thing about my bed is that it’s next to a pair of big windows — I love being woken up by the natural light streaming in. in honor of my sunny mornings, I’d pick the yellow, and pair it with my grey and white striped Dwell Studio sheets and my Serena and Lily polka dot pillow cases. Erase those Monday morning blues once and for all!

  595. I’d go with grey or yellow.. or maybe grey AND yellow for a little mix match. PS. where did you get those chevron curtains?

  596. Love the grey! It’s a great neutral and would go great with our graphic purple bedding.

  597. The yellow color would be perfect for the summertime! It would brighten up my room and go well with my headboard.

  598. I’d choose grey! It’s a great compliment to any colors and giving I’m getting new beddings for my room (so hard to commit!) I’m sure it will fit in nicely regardless of what I go with (and probably get me a kick start!).

  599. The quilt is adorable!!! I would totally pick the yellow and mix it with my beautiful light grey Matelesse duvet from West Elm. They would look great together!

  600. I would choose grey because it would go well with the blue/white spa color scheme I’ve got going on in my bedroom. πŸ™‚

  601. i would choose the fern, to pair with my gray-ish blue dwell studio stripes- this would make for a gorgeous pop of color against our navy walls.

  602. I LOOOVE auggie and am thinking of using it in our first baby’s room due in August!
    I would choose the gray, and mix it with my anthro rosette solid navy knit bedding! it would make for a stellar combo!

  603. I would absolutely choose yellow! I have a beautiful white down comforter with heather grey sheets, bed skirt, and window curtains. The cross-stitched detail of the pieces would look so simple and gorgeous against the solid bedding I have now. I have been looking for a yellow quilt to match the yellow accents in my room, and this would be perfect!

  604. I’ve had the same bedding for what seems like ages. I try to mix it up with new throw pillows from time to time, but that adorable quilt would be so fabulous. I’m super torn, but I think the gray would suit me and my room best!

  605. I would pick grey to go with my current white pintuck duvet from West Elm. Love how cozy these look!

  606. My current bedding and bedroom is a mix of neutral grey with pops of color. My bedding is a light grey with a floral accent pillow. I think the cross stitch quilt in ‘grey’ would be lovely and a perfect textural addition to the bed – so gorgeous! And for a pop of color (in keeping with the theme), I think the ‘pink’ or ‘blue’ cross stitch shams would be perfect!

  607. I’d choose the gray to match with my old wool gray army blanket and an old black & gray wool pendleton blanket I already have on the bed!

  608. I would choose grey. So lovely. It would look beautiful with red and white painting we have in the bedroom. I would keep the sheets white… I can already imagine napping amongst the clouds.

  609. I’d pick the Ocean color because my current sheet set is a golden/buttery color & I adore yellow/blue combos (those were my wedding colors!)

  610. I, too, love the gray cross stitch- perfect to layer with my charcoal-striped sheets! Auggie’s stuff is beautiful and this particular bedding texture is gorgeous!

  611. ooh, it would be a tough choice between the ocean or the pink… i would use them with my solid white bedding!!!

  612. I would choose grey and mix it with my sheets with a tiny mustard yellow flower print. Perfect!

  613. I would pick the fern color to match my blue pin striped duvet. It’s so beautiful!

  614. The fern is gorgeous!! I have a green duvet that it would look amazing with. thanks!!

  615. I think i would go grey, i like to keep my room as neutral and homey as possible. i’d pair it with some red jersey sheets b.c even a neutral/homey space needs a little pop.

  616. I would go with grey πŸ™‚
    I always buy white linens. It would look calm and relaxing, which is what I love for my bedroom to be. Thanks.

  617. I would pick the pink to offset my solid white stripped sheets and gray decorative pillows.

  618. loving the yellow! we have all white bedding so this would add a bit of needed color!

  619. I would choose the fern or the grey. Either would go with the grey and white color scheme I have going on.

  620. My bedroom is a mixture of color and print. Right now I’m into orange and pink prints, so if I won I would love to mix in some blue.

  621. Grey would work incredibly well with my high thread count solid grey sheets, dark wood bed, and crisp white walls. Perfect!

  622. what a giveaway!! id love to get the gray set to go with our current gray west elm bedding.

  623. I would have to go with the grey…it would match the base of the room perfectly!

  624. Those are adorable! I would love the pink quilt, and it would look perfect in my sunny yellow bedroom.

  625. Grey, it’s so beautiful! Right now we have a colorful block quilt that my grandmother gave us on the bed and I think we’d layer this with the current quilt. Tons of color on one quilt and grey on the other, it would look so pretty.

  626. I love the grey! I’d pair it with my pretty, silky navy bedding and I think the contrast would be fun. I also love changing up bedding with the seasons. Thanks for the giveaway!

  627. I would go with the grey pattern and mix it with my bright floral sheets that i bought from Anthropologie.

  628. I love the gray; it goes with everything and would be especially lovely with some vintage floral sheets.

  629. Ohhh I love this. I would for sure choose grey πŸ™‚ It would be going in our little guys nursery on the guest bed and would be a perfect addition.

  630. I would pick the gray so as to pair nicely with the deep burgundy linens we use.

  631. ooh I would pick either yellow or blue. We’ve got a brown comforter that we usually cover with a big blue/white/gray floral patterned duvet (that I whipped up out of sheets). Either the yellow or blue auggie quilt would add an additional cosiness πŸ™‚

  632. Soooo cute! I would go with grey… currently I have the parachute duvet on my bed from west elm and it’s a charcoal color. This grey bedding would look splendid with it!!

  633. Oh, this is so beautiful. It would be perfect for our home with no AC. I’d absolutely love it in the Grey color!!!

  634. I would love the pink! It would go great with the daisy patterned bedding I have.

  635. Wow, what a beautiful quilt! I would choose the gray to compliment the old feed sacks I use as shams with my pink pillows and blue and grey sheets! Thanks for the chance…

  636. Gender-neutral grey would be the way to go for my boyfriend and I. Our bedding is a disaster of mismatched patterns and fabrics, so a new quilt and shams would be the inspiration point I desperately need to pull it all together!

  637. If I didn’t have to appease my DH, I’d pick the pink. So gray it is to go with our neutral colors!

  638. Ay! I’d love the grey with my vintage floral pattern. This is a real treat.

  639. I would pick the grey as it will match my wall color and go with my blue and white victorian floral comforter. Love it, they look so soft!

  640. These are beautiful! I’d choose the yellow to go with my green floral sheets. πŸ™‚

  641. my current bedding is a yellow and grey. A big modern floral, so I think the grey quilt or maybe even the blue would mix in well!

  642. Oh wow, the quilt and shams are beautiful! I had a hard time picking with colours I would love, but I just have to with a big splash of color for the quilt – ocean would would go lovely with my solid bed sheets I currently have. Then the sham the fern. πŸ™‚

  643. I would absolutely pick grey. I love my white linens, always making me feel clam and relaxed when I am in the bedroom. Neutrals are the only way to go in the bedroom!!!

  644. Just like Joy, I still have those brightly colorful special edition Dwell-for-Anthropologie Chinoiserie duvet and pillow shams, covered with dark grey branches, leaves, flowers, and bright green, pink, and yellow birds. I love this duvet and shams to death, and so does my cat (that will teach me to buy bed coverings with birds!). She likes to attack the branches and birds. It’s very cute, and she looks beautiful on top of the bed (she’s a black tortoiseshell). So I’ve painstakingly darned each little slash with white thread. At this point, the duvet is starting to look a little antique, but I still love it. My bedroom is a bright dark green with lots and lots of white trim around the tall baseboards, high mouldings, ceiling and bay window (it’s a Queen Anne house in Georgia). I normally pair my Chinoiserie bedding with a light pink or bright yellow fitted sheet and pillow-cases, so I would pick Auggie’s cross-stitch quilt and shams in pink.