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You know I'm a big fan of pie. So what's better than a candy bar that tastes like a pie? Liddabit has these two new pie bars—Lemon Moe-ringue and Janberrry Shortcake. While both are delightful, the lemon meringue has a mix of flavors and textures that just dance on my palate with the mix of tart lemon, layers of pie crust, lemon zest marshmallow—all coated in white chocolate…yum! — Joy

{photo by Oh Joy. Bars from Liddabit*}


  1. Joy! I live in LA, can u share with me where you bought the Lemon Moe-ringue PLEASE 😉 A particular Whole Foods?? THANK YOU!

  2. Oh my! Those are ridiculously adorable. And they look delicious too. I am such a weak’lin when it comes to desserts… I have to try these!


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