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you smell {again}…



A few years ago, I posted a school project turned real project by Megan Cummins called You Smell. It's so fun to hear from Megan again and see how much her line and company has grown since then…

You Smell is now in a ton of amazing stores and is available in additional scents and products {like paper soap}. I still love the beautiful packaging and the quirky message, and I'm so happy to see that something that started off as a student's idea turn into a real business! — Joy


  1. Very cool and inspiring. I’m LOVING her packaging and marketing. Very talented. It’s awesome you mentioned her on your blog too.
    – Sarah

  2. This is great! I saw when the soap was pitched on Shark Tank a couple weeks ago and I thought it was super cute then, and SO COOL now that it’s on your blog. YAY!


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