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fancy cookie dough…



My new favorite snack to have on hand lately is really good pre-made cookie dough. As much as I would love to be the type of domestic goddess who could just whip up cookies from scratch on a whim, it's just not the way it all goes down. I'd much rather buy cookies from someone who is a better baker than me and know they'll satisfy my serious cookie cravings.


So, as a good compromise to myself, I've been stocking up fancy cookie dough. It's something I love having on hand in the fridge or freezer and can make a few at a time {or a whole dozen} when the mood strikes. And, it's way quicker than making them from scratch and guaranteed to be good if you're not a natural baker like me. One of my favorite options for dough available locally is from FarmShop in Brentwood. These chocolate chunk cookies are crazy good {dark chocolate cookie with dark, milk, and white chocolate chunks}. I defrosted the dough, followed the directions, and they came out perfect. I also love the Simply… Pillsbury and Immaculate Baking Co. ones for brands available at the grocery store. And, so good for last minute gifts to bring to a party or potluck! — Joy

{photos by Oh Joy. Bento box from Harabu House}


  1. Yum! I love slice up cookie dough instead of the big tubs of it. They remind of the roll cookies that would have little pictures in the middle for holidays!

  2. These look fantastic ! So dark…!
    I actually love eating cookie dough right out of the freezer !
    It doesn’t even need to be enveloped in vanilla ice cream, I just have the dough rolled in plastic wrap, I unwrap it, wait a few minutes and slice it… yum !!

  3. i love having pre-made cookie dough so that i can eat this specific combo:
    hot, chewy fresh-baked cookies with cold, creamy ice cream

  4. I wish we could buy cookie dough in the UK. These look soo yummy!
    Daisy Dayz
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