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my {power meeting} uniform…



Joy and I are both freelancers which means our meetings might be a 9am phone conference in our pajamas, a 12 noon brunch, or at 5:30pm for cocktails before sunset—no day is ever the same.

I like to show my personality when I first meet a client, so that means most likely I'll be wearing bright and punchy colors. My version of a power meeting outfit shows that you can still look professional while mixing colors and patterns in a fun, yet sophisticated way…  Bri

{Dinner (top to bottom): Michael Kors watch, H&M dress, Etsy iPad case, Kate Spade Heels. Brunch (top to bottom)Elva Fields necklace, J.crew t-shirt, Topshop blazer, Anthropologie colored denim, Shoemint flats.}


  1. i love this! i am a designer as well and i dress in patterns and bright punchy colors, even for client meetings. some people shy away from it but i think it’s important to dress the way you feel. so cute!

  2. I really love this column. I am a working mom and sometimes (a lot of times) I forget how to have style. 🙁 This is exactly the kind of guidance I need!

  3. love it. i love colourful pattern outfits. as a freelancer myself i get a little shy sometimes showing up in too colourful and POP-y for a first meeting. both joy and bri are a huge inspiration and give me confidence for outfits tho, thanks girls!


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