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{fashioned florals} a spring wristlet …



We’re back with some wearable flowers! This time with a easily customizable bracelet that uses some leftover ribbon, a quick bloom or two, and—presto— you have an instant accessory! 


1. Gather up your supplies…including some ribbon strands {I made sure to keep one longer that will end up tying and securing the whole thing} that coordinate with your flowers. I included a spray rose, white rice flower, some greenery and lilac. 


2. Wire it all up…pull the greens, rice flower, and lilac together with a small piece of wire, while also wrapping the the spray rose individually with wire so that you can easily attach it where you want.


3. With the ribbon, make a little bracelet out of three strands to give it a bit more heft than a single strand. Quickly braiding it all together, I left the purple ribbon longest to become the tying pieces and trimmed each at their ends. 


4. A quick twist of the spray rose to the larger bunch, and then into the ribbon braid helps secure everything together, and we’re done! This would be so easy to adapt and be a great little addition to a girl’s brunch or a night out, yes? — Liz

{All photos by Liz for Oh Joy!}



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