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{closet & casa} with elva fields…



who: Emily Wheat Maynard, jewelry designer & founder of Elva Fields

why emily rocks: Emily's necklaces are always at the top of my wishlist!

in her closet: My mother lived in Chicago in the 70's before three children came into her life, and this silk Valentino blouse was something she wore back then. She gave it to me before I moved to New York for graduate school. When I wore it there, I loved thinking about its many city adventures over four decades of style. Now very much entrenched in the slower paces of life in Kentucky, it's still a look I love for fun occasions…and I hope the blouse endures to enjoy adventures with my own little ladies wherever life takes them.

in her casa: My grandmother carried this sweet beaded purse as a little girl in Kentucky, and when my mother found it years later and its beads slowly beginning to unravel, my parents had it framed for her as a gift. Passing it along to me inspired my own collection of vintage and antique purses. Whenever I travel somewhere or want to commemorate a significant event, I add a find to my collection, hanging the purse in its shadowbox frame {each in a different frame} with the others in our house. It's become a growing wall of memories of particularly lovely times, places, and people.

Thanks Emily!

{photos by Emily}


  1. I would have never thought to frame something like a purse, but it is such a lovely idea. What a lovely way to remember someone.


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