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Until I became a mom myself, I never realized how hard it is to take care of another human while also working or having your own business. Both things are a ton of work in themselves, so to mix the two takes a lot of planning, organization, delegating, multi-tasking, and a whole bunch of other things that I have yet to figure out myself. My friend {and co-author of Creative, Inc.}, Meg Mateo Ilasco just released her third book in the Inc. series which she co-wrote with Cat Seto called Mom, Inc. I loved Meg's post the other day on Design*Sponge about motherhood and business…it's so honest and so true. And, I'm thrilled to share the news of their new book!

To me, it's a must for any mom, business owner, or anyone who eventually wants to be a mom and business owner. Mom, Inc. is full of interviews from other moms in the creative world and covers various types of businesses including: freelancing, having a shop, starting a blog, and more. Also, how cute is Cat in their book trailer above? If you're in LA or NY, you can see details on their next book signing right here… — Joy


  1. Sounds really interesting. And yes, it is hard! I’m going to tell my daughter and whomever she marries (years from now!) to factor parenthood into their career plans and do something that allows for flexibility. I was so naive! 🙂

  2. I am buying this RIGHT NOW. As a Mom to a one year old, and a shop owner/blogger, my life feels like it’s about 98% out of control most of the time, ha ha. I hope this helps me!!

  3. WHAT?!?! You are friends with her?!?! Amazing. I just ordered her book Creative, Inc, and am SOOOO anxious for it to arrive. Reccommended to me by my favorite graphic designer going freelance. Now Mom, Inc too?! I’ll have to order that as well. Thanks for the tip!

  4. I *just* bought it for Kindle! I can’t wait to start reading it (too bad naptime is almost over).
    I recently left my job to spend more time with my little man and freelance and start a design studio from home…I need real advice on finding the balance in it all!
    Thanks for the reco.

  5. But I didn’t see any kids in the movie clip. 🙂 I homeschool, so I have to get very creative in when I get business stuff done.

  6. The video didn’t have any kids in it! 🙁 I was hoping it would be geared around juggling kids and creativity.
    The book would be good for my sister who has great ideas and running around with two little ones.

  7. Thanks for the comments! About the kids…
    The story in this trailer is that Cat’s character has just come home from dropping her kids off at school. When she arrives back home, she’s cleaning up their morning breakfast mess and then has some free time to have some tea and ponder/daydream her entrepreneurial possibilities!

  8. A little late to the game but just stumbled on an excerpt of this book on google! I’m not a momma (have a few more years to go 🙂 but I found the reading very useful and motivating! I just started a home based business that is going well sales & marketing wise but business plans and management are always tough for me so it’s great to find a book that looks to have clearly explained methods and tips. Definitely buying this book and just recently bought the Craft Inc Biz Planner so hopefully I’ll have a stronger base for my budding business soon 😀
    P.s. the video is adorable! I’m obsessed with my turquoise Le Creuset pot so I loved its little cameo!


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