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{oh joy eats lunch with} james ransom…



Who James Ransom—still life, food, and interiors photographer and contributor to Food52

Where Inwood/Washington Heights, New York City

Time 1:45 pm

What's a typical lunch for you? I usually go for something light and easy, like a ham and cheese sandwich or a yogurt with fruit. If I'm lucky to be on a shoot that's catered, I always end up eating way too much of whatever they bring, but I'm trying to be more careful about that this year! Today I'm working from home, and I happen to have the ingredients and the time to cook {which is rare} so I made my favorite dish—linguini with alfredo sauce and steamed asparagus.

What's your dream/ideal lunch? A nice cut of Argentine steak cooked over a wood fire at a grill in Buenos Aires, a side of Ensalada Rusa {potato salad with carrots, peas, and hard boiled egg in mayonnaise}, and homemade flan.

Dessert with lunch? Most definitely. I could really go for a perfect piece of coconut cream pie, but I'll probably have to settle for a cup of mint tea with sugar.

Thanks James!
— Joanna

{photo of lunch by James, photo of James by Allison Sullivan}


  1. I love Food 52!!! Oh, and although there is nothing wrong with mint tea with sugar (sounds quite refreshing…) a perfect piece of coconut pie is simply perfection 😉


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