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{oh joy eats} sprinkles atm in beverly hills…



Last week, I talked about pie being the hot new kid on the dessert block. That may be true, but my heart will always have a sweet spot for cupcakes. One morning on the way to brunch, Bonnie, her 8-year-old daughter, Venise, and I made an impromptu visit to the new Sprinkles Cupcake ATM in Beverly Hills located right next to the very first Sprinkles store.


The Cupcake ATM is pretty genius if you ask me. 24-hour-a-day access to a cupcake at any time?!? It's not surprising that the folks who made cupcakes trendy also decided to invent a machine that dispenses them around the clock. Simply walk up to the machine, select your flavor, and pay with a credit card. Out comes a perfectly packaged box with cupcake that looks like it came fresh from the actual bakery. Amazing.


While you wait for the cupcake to come to the little door in front, some amazing cupcake-themed music blasts while you wait. Venise rocked out to the music {with her adorable mis-matched socks!}, and we had a ball dancing on the streets of Beverly Hills at 9am on a Sunday morning. It was so fun that we just had to do it all over again…


And if you're wondering how on earth my dress happens to match the ATM pretty perfectly, it must be fate. I don't normally match the places that I go to, but I picked out this dress from ASOS for a little blogger style feature, and it seemed perfect to wear for a sweet treat. I didn't realize just how perfect it would be till we got there. It was such a fun morning… — Joy

Sprinkles ATM / 9635 Santa Monica Blvd. / Beverly Hills, CA 90210

{photos by Bonnie Tsang for Oh Joy. My outfit: dress c/o ASOS, blazer from J.Crew, necklace from past season of J.Crew (similar), shoes from Liebling, hair clip from, clutch by Grace Design}


  1. Joy, will you please tell me if the dress runs true to size? I so want to order it after seeing it on you! xo.

  2. This posting is just too cute! I love that you match Sprinkles’ ATM machine, and your friend’s daughter is adorable. I too do a little song and dance whenever I bite into some deliciousness. 🙂
    Must stop by Sprinkles this weekend!

  3. I love that your dress matches that ATM perfectly! Too too cute. And I should send this to my boss who tends to wear mismatched socks on occasion (though not on purpose). He’s in good company w/Venise.

  4. You inspired my husband and I to head to the ATM after dinner tonight. It was the perfect dessert! LA’s the best, isn’t it?

  5. Oh, my! How genius?! I saw this on Pinterest and thought it was just a cute, regular ol’ ATM. But that is pops out little, tasty cups of magic… well, all the better! Thanks for sharing, Joy!

  6. Wow!! That is so awesome. My next trip to LA will most certainly have to involve a pit stop at the cupcake ATM. Love your dress as well!

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