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{everyday party} sweet sips for mom…



With Mother's Day this weekend, we thought it would be fun to share a little something you can make for mom to accent the brunch, lunch, or dinner you might be whipping up in her honor. We asked Courtney from Merriment Events put together this little how to for some sweet floral straws for mom…


You'll need:

Scrap-booking paper

Fine point scissors

Pinking shears {optional}

Hole punch


Clear glue


To make the flowers:

1. Begin with a square piece of paper that’s about 3 x 3”.

2. Fold square in half and cut paper a half moon shape on the fold.

3. Now that you have a half moon shape, fold paper in half two more times. 

4. Holding paper by the pointed side, cut petals. To create a rounded petal, cut the edges of your paper in a rounded shape, keeping in mind the deeper your cut on the sides, the more definition your petals will have. To create a pointed shape, cut the edges to a point.

5. Unfold and hole punch in the center. Slip over straw.

6. To create the fringe center of the flower, cut a strip of paper that’s about 2” long by 1⁄2” wide. Cut fringe into the paper by making slits in the paper with scissors. To make a pointed daffodil shape, cut “alligator teeth” into the paper using regular scissors or pinking shears. Cut the strip to measure around the straw, glue edges, and slip over straw. Pull the fringe or teeth away from the straw.

7. Cut the leaf free-form, hole punch, and slip under the flower. 


You can also make these for any type of spring or summer party or get-together. Have fun and Happy Mother's Day! — Courtney

{concept & styling by Merriment for Oh Joy, photography by Katie Stoops


  1. So sweet! I’m coming home from college the day before Mother’s Day & this would be such a quick and cute little surprise for her breakfast, etc. Thanks!


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